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My list of ED websites and links. Recently helped someone with one of them, so here's all of them

2020.09.14 22:40 Thepher My list of ED websites and links. Recently helped someone with one of them, so here's all of them Nearest material traders, nearest anything, engineer info, thargoid war overview, news, etc etc... Plan your ship build, and see which engineer and material needed for modifications ED shipyard. Another ship planner with different features Search systems, bodies, factions, with filters for size, rings, allegiance, etc. Also galaxy map with nebula, live commanders, deep space outposts including the DSSA, and much more Search systems, bodies, commodities, etc. Search single/multi/loop trade routes. And more.Using something like EDDiscovery is how EDDB and EDSM get their data, so... ... install that, or something like it, and be a contributing member of society. Also you get a map of your travels, which is pretty satisfying for explorers. Find overlapping hotspots and good sell stations near them Science, bitch! This is the home of it. They currently have a contest running, so check that out
Colonia Connection outposts The 6 outposts en route to Colonia
List of real nebulae found in Elite Old post but very neat. Has a picture of the real thing for each. Warning: might make you upset that FD hasn't handcrafted more nebulae Shows what the SRV scanner patterns mean Get a list anything cool in the game, like Barnacle sites, Guardian sites, crystalline shards, potato planets, canyon running planets, Brain trees, Gourds, Stellar Phenomena, etc. Also a curated list of "interesting star systems" with good descriptions
Tritium Pathway Network Map of tritium hotspot overlaps for carrier fueling in the deep. If you find a good one, submit it there
Engineering Material location list, by Down To Earth Astronomy All the mats and easiest way to get em. "EDFX adds FX graphics effects to games using ReShade Shader Framework and manage Hud color". I like the stars to throw more glare, I use this for that, with Ambient Light set to mid Create a video of your travel history, like the one by Malibu linked below
Youtubes: (there are so many excellent creators, it's a huge community, these are just some of my favs)
ObsidianAnt - All the latest news and happenings in Elite. Pretty much the only reason I keep up to date on this game The Yamiks - I don't know how to sum up this Latvian madman, go see for yourself Down To Earth Astronomy - for latest money making, various how-to's, builds, deep-dives, etc EDTutorials by Exigeous - Straight to the point, concise, no bullshit videos. New players with questions go here. CMDR Malibu - did this! Look at it. And a bunch of cool timelapses. Not recently active Thepher - this lazy slav makes exploration videos once per year or less, with timelapse, and music that probably no one likes.
So there. Hope something helps someone. Add more in comments o7
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2020.08.31 21:46 MapsofScreaming Peterson's weird (new?) essay on thinkspot, "Hell, One Step at a Time.": An EPS Exclusive!

Hell, One Step at a Time
[Dated Today, August 31]
In 1991, the American historian Christopher Browning wrote a book called Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and the Final Solution in Poland about the Ordnungspolizei (Order Police) Reserve Unit 101. The book detailed in a very psychologically plausible manner the terrible transformation of conventional and essentially well-socialized working men—most with families—into killers capable of taking naked pregnant women into the Polish countryside and executing them with a pistol shot to the back of the head. Such a book is best read with caution—and, more importantly (with that caution firmly in mind), read as a potential perpetrator, rather than as a hypothetical victim or, worse, hero.
The men of Police Battalion 101 were tasked with mopping up after the Nazis had marched through and subdued Poland. Their commander, Major Wilhelm Trapp, was by all accounts a decent man, considering the times. Furthermore, the men in the battalion were all middle-aged citizens of Hamburg with no military experience, drafted but found ineligible for regular duty, who had matured prior to the intense propagandizing of young people typifying the Hitler Youth. They were not abnormally cruel, nor were they were in the main ardent anti-Semites. No simple explanations (sadism; prejudice) were going to suffice as Browning attempted to account for their behavior. Within the unit were a few professionally trained SS men, cruel and psychopathic, who tended to regard their commander Trapp as weak, unmilitary, and prone to interfere inappropriately in the duties of his officers. A few others were reservists, rather than career policemen. The majority, however, were working-class men of the less professionalized sort, warehouse and construction workers, machine operators, waiters, and seamen, among others. They averaged almost forty years in age—too old for general conscription. They weren’t even particularly likely to be Nazi party members (about 25% percent). As Browning points out, “these men would not seem to have been a very promising group from which to recruit mass murderers on behalf of the Nazi vision of a racial utopia free of Jews.” Some of them, after being informed to a certain degree of the intensity of what they might be required to do in a now-subdued country, asked to be released from their work and placed elsewhere—and the option to leave appears to have been offered to them by their commander. Indeed, Browning even recounts the story of a police officer who requested and was granted his release, and who obtained a promotion on his return to Germany. Nonetheless, only 12 men in the 500-man strong battalion would choose to withdraw as they learned the true nature of the jobs. Furthermore, by all accounts, the majority of them would suffer terribly as they transformed themselves into the monsters they would soon become.
Ordinary Men is horrifying not least because of its graphic accounts of the actions undertaken by the now-policemen, once transported to Poland. But what makes it truly terrible is its aforementioned psychological plausibility. These men were indeed “ordinary.” They weren’t following orders under threat of punishment. With this firmly in mind, Browning confronts and articulates the moral conundrums associated with the study of history. It is all-too-tempting (and also something that provides a certain degree of naïve psychological security) to read the past and to cast the villains as all-villainous and the heroes as all-virtuous. But that’s propaganda, not history. Even in the literary world, the work of quality presents the ever-present moral battle not as raging between purely evil states and good, or purely evil people and good, but as a consequence of the complex and paradoxical forces of good and evil working themselves out in terrible conflict within each soul, between individuals, and in the battle between states. This is not to say that darker forces do not sometimes dominate at one or more of these levels. I’m not equating the Axis powers with the Allies, or the Soviet or Maoist communists with the free West. But the temptation toward deceit, arrogance, resentment, ideological possession, and the projection of all evil onto something conveniently other than a combination of self, compatriot, family, and state is dangerously alluring. At the very least, it interferes with the kind of introspection that might produce genuine moral progress—which is something still required, no matter how good the current state—on the part of individual and society alike.
The Order Police were placed under the auspices of four special mobile units of the SS known as Einsatzgruppen, described by Browning as “the thin cutting edge of German units that became involved in political and racial mass murder in Russia” and elsewhere. In 1941, after the staggering initial successes of the Nazi blitzkrieg, Hitler ordered an intensification of the pacification program behind advancing German lines—part of his desire to create a permanent “Garden of Eden” for the Aryan race east of Germany. The actions of Battalion 101 were to be part of that program, which involved, in Hitler’s own words, “shooting anyone who even looks askance at us.” The fundamental problem facing the giant bureaucracies overseeing the Final Solution was transport: the massive camps, equipped for mass murder, mostly in the form of poison gas, were set up in 1941 at Auschwitz/Birkenau, Chelmno, Birkenau (as well as Sobibor and Treblinka, a bit later). This raised the joint problems of staffing these enormous institutions, as well as moving those destined for work and death to the camps. There were 2,000,000 Jews under General Government command in what was once Poland, and 300,000 in the Lublin district alone.
Himmler himself provided no resources to implement these programs; the man charged with a leading role in the Polish extermination project, Austrian Odilo Globocnik, was therefore forced to raise private armies to undertake the task himself. He buttressed his thin quasi-professional resources with the Trawnikis, non-Polish “auxiliaries” drawn primarily from the Ukrainian, Latvian, and Lithuanian POWs who were screened for anti-communism, offered a reprieve from starvation, and promised that they would not be sent as front-line combatants against the Soviets. It was into this milieu, replete with an oversupply of Jewish transportees brought in from other areas to replace those who had already been deported, that the men of Battalion 101 arrived in Lublin. Their orders indicated they would be performing guard duty. As Browning points out, “there is no indication whatsoever that even the officers suspected the true nature of the duties that awaited them.” The Battalion men began by collecting Jews in smaller settlements and consolidating them in larger camps and ghettos, sometimes using trucks, sometimes on foot. None of this involved mass execution, although Jews who were frail, old, and sick were shot, at least in some instances. That might be considered the beginning (although even the mass deportations constituted a clear step down a bad road). However, Globocnik quickly realized that the speed of merely collecting people was insufficient, and determined to hasten the eradication process with onsite mass execution by firing squad. Things changed dramatically for the worse in Józefów, a small town in east central Poland, which had at that time a population of about 1800 Jews. Globocnik or someone close to him informed Trapp that these people were to be rounded up, as usual, but that only the males capable of working were to be transported. The elderly, women, and children were to be executed on the spot.
One Lieutenant Heinz Buchmann refused, forthrightly, stating that “he would in no case participate in such an action, in which defenseless women and children are shot.” Lieutenant Hagen, Trapp’s representative, agreed to reposition Buchmann and placed him in charge of the male Jews selected for work. This is a very telling episode, in my estimation. Buchmann made his move under very dire and dangerous personal circumstances, and was not punished for it: He was merely reassigned. Although there were undoubtedly times when moral objection to an unacceptable order (the massacre of unarmed women and children certainly topping the bill) would have resulted in extreme personal danger, and perhaps even danger to family members, we don’t know how common such retaliatory threats actually were, nor how often such malevolent orders could have been successfully refused.
It may be, after all, that under such circumstances the resistor has such a clear upper hand, morally speaking, that it is difficult to effectively criticize or to discipline him. In any case, the next morning, when the truck convoy arrived in Józefów, Trapp made another extraordinary offer: “any of the older men who did not feel up to the task that lay before them could step out.” A dozen men abandoned the operation, after facing some abuse from Hoffmann. Is it too much to point out that a decision of that sort, even when accompanied by accusations of betrayal and cowardice, appears far preferable to outright participation in mass murder of the most conscience-betraying sort? And to note also how tiny the minority of men was who stepped voluntarily aside, and how few followed in their footsteps, even after the example of resistance had been made?
The remaining men were ordered to surround the village, shoot any escapees, escort the Jews to the marketplace, and shoot all too resistant, sick, or frail to comply (as well as infants incapable of the journey). This meant the massacre of the weakest and least able to defend themselves. Something less in keeping with any sense of military honor could hardly be imagined. Trapp himself did not witness the executions: “Oh, God, why did I have to be given these orders,” he said, in a clearly heartfelt manner. His tears flowed copiously. He asked a subordinate if he felt that what was happening was in any manner justified. “No, Herr Major!” he replied. Most telling, perhaps, are the words he stated later to his driver, “If this Jewish business is ever avenged on Earth, then have mercy on us Germans.” There is every bit of evidence that Trapp—and not only Trapp—suffered dreadfully because he betrayed his conscience, despite undertaking his duty, showing full well that obedience to God, so to speak, transcends the duty placed even on conventionally disciplined men by their superiors (just as the later Nuremberg trials insisted).
Culture itself can become corrupt. Obeying its dictates under such circumstances is merely to participate in the corruption, as well as a genuine and serious dereliction of duty (even with regard to the culture itself, regardless of its collective opinion), given that the true duty of the patriot and citizen is revivification of the dead past, lost in chaos, and restoration of its vision. Under such circumstances, there are no zero-risk options: we can choose expedience and its illusory safety, or the great dangers of a long-running pathological game that degenerates into hell.
The evidence regarding the actual shooting of infants is mixed. Some claimed that there were bodies of very young children among the elderly and sick left lying in the doorways, houses, and streets. Others claimed that “almost tacitly everyone refrained from shooting infants and small children.” Nonetheless, once the Jewish inhabitants of Józefów were marched to the train tracks, the slaughter began in earnest. Workers were separated from their families, weeping as realization dawned among them. The Battalion men were instructed to place their bayonets on the backbone above the shoulder blades, and to fire, in unison on order. Excepting a short break, the shootings proceeded until nightfall. It is worthy of note that several additional men (but, again, not too many, refused to take part in this process, after its details had been outlined. These men were merely assigned to alternative duties). Others shot past their victims or hid in a local Catholic priest’s garden until they became afraid they might be noticed. Some spent undue time searching houses.
The executions were a bloody and horrific affair. Using fixed bayonets as aiming guides was of little use: “Through the point blank shot that was thus required, the bullet struck the head of the victim at such a trajectory that often the entire skull or at least the entire rear skullcap was torn off, and blood, bone splinters and brains sprayed everywhere and besmirched the shooters.” Many additional men, including Lieutenant Hergert, an officer overseeing the operation, simply had to—and were allowed to—stop, “I myself took part in some ten shootings, in which I had to shoot men and women. I simply could not shoot at people anymore, which became apparent to my sergeant, Hergert, because at the end I repeatedly shot past… Other comrades were also relieved sooner or later, because they simply could no longer continue.” Those who did refuse to partake in the process were showered with epithets but, as one non-participant indicated, “It was in no way the case that those who did not want to or could not carry out the shootings of human beings with their own hands could NOT keep themselves out of the task. No strict control was being carried out here.”
And here is an account of the response of several people who did follow orders, at least to some degree: One soldier, Franz Kastenbaum, had shot four victims: “The shooting of the men was so repugnant to me that I missed the fourth man. It was simply no longer possible for me to aim accurately. I suddenly felt nauseous and ran away from the shooting site…. I then ran into the woods, vomited, and sat down against a tree…. Today I can say that my nerves were total finished.” Could there be any clearer indication of violation of some inner sense of right and wrong? He then returned to the wood’s edge and rode an empty truck back to the marketplace, suffering no consequences for his actions. Perhaps 20-30% of men engaged in such covert avoidance—although the terrible corollary of that is that 70 to 80% complied. Browning states, “When the men arrived at the barracks in Bilgoraj, they were depressed, angered, embittered, and shaken.” They ate little, drank copiously, and listened as Trapp attempted to place the responsibility on those higher in the chain of command. But the horror remained, and the nightmares began, and the men agreed silently not to discuss what had taken place.
When the policemen were later interrogated about their participation in the events, many denied that they’d had any choice. A smaller fraction attributed their participation to outright cowardice or an unwillingness to lose face. Others rationalized their actions: “I made the effort, and it was possible for me, to only shoot children. It so happened that the mothers led the children by the hand. My neighbour then shot the mother and I shot the child that belonged to her, because I reasoned with myself that after all without its mother the children could not live any longer. It was supposed to be, so to speak, soothing to my conscience to release children unable to live without their mothers.” Browning also notes a remarkable dearth of any discussion whatsoever of anti-Semitism as a motivating factor. Furthermore, “politically and ethically motivated opposition, explicitly identified by the policemen in question, was relatively rare.” It was a matter of personal repugnance, by all appearances, motivated by conscience, often overridden, much to the detriment of not only the victims (with whom our fundamental sympathy should obviously lie) but the perpetrators themselves.
As the work undertaken by Police Battalion 101 continued, those in charge became more psychologically canny. They removed the men from the worst of the work, returning them to the rounding up of the Jews in question and assigning the actual killing to the POW Trawnikis. No doubt, by comparison, this was a great relief, allowing at least one step to be placed between the direct action and the inevitable consequences. The next time the Battalion men were called upon to act as executioners, the Trawniki did the dirtiest of work, drunkenly massacring women and men alike in shallow graves full of water, often after torturing and humiliating their victims, while the Battalion men were “overjoyed” that they “were not required to shoot this time.” Even the small proportion of policemen who were required to shoot did so firing-squad style, and did not have to directly face their victims. Over time, they became increasingly accustomed to the role they were playing in the Nazi actions between Polish lines as agents of massacre.
After such training, conducted at the very expense of the souls and the consciences of the men involved, the mere requirement to round up Jews for the death camps seemed very tame indeed, and this took place at towns such as Radzyń, Łuków, Parczew and Międzyrzecz. By this time, the training (and the self-deceit and self-betrayal) had proceeded to the point where many of the men retained as their cardinal memory the fact that they had to stand at Parczew in a swampy meadow and suffer wet feet. A newly recruited officer, one Captain Wohlauf, even brought his new bride, four months pregnant, to witness the events (specifically at Międzyrzecz), much to the shame and chagrin of the more seasoned men. Frau Wohlauf, now devoid of the military coat she had been wearing, evident to everyone in her dress, watched the events closely—and the military police were now in the thick of it, packing the transport railcars, using whips and guns when necessary and, once the loading had finished, nailing the doors shut. The ratio of deportees to deaths at Międzyrzecz was 10 to 1, compared to the much more well-known deportations at the Warsaw ghetto of 50 to 1.
As Browning reports, the Jews of Międzyrzecz did not march like “‘lambs to the slaughter.’ They were driven with an almost unimaginable ferocity and brutality that left a singular imprint on the memories of even the increasingly numbed and calloused participants of Reserve Police Battalion 101. This was no case of ‘out of sight, out of mind.’” And the situation only worsened from there. At Serokomla, in the northern Lublin district, under the command of Captain Wohlauf, the 200 to 300 Jews who had been gathered and cordoned were ordered, suddenly, to be shot. Each policeman directly faced the individual he was to execute. “Following each round, the next group of Jews was brought to the same spot and thus had to look down at the growing pile of corpses of their family and friends before they were shot in turn. Only after a number of rounds did the shooters change sites.” It is exactly that additional staggeringly callous cruelty that is the true sign that corruption has attained its ultimate victory.
By this time, the once compassionate Trapp appeared to have had little compunction about carrying out his duties. There is no reason to be triumphant about this, or to feel comparatively morally superior: it is an indication that even those who are not temperamentally or, shall we say, philosophically or theologically inclined to delight in mayhem can certainly train themselves to participate in it. This should be an object lesson to us all, given that it is far from obvious that the typical person would have been as merciful as Trapp was to begin with. To me, what the story of Trapp produces is excess and deeper horror, providing evidence as it does for the hell that can await anyone willing to move forward, despite themselves, one terrible step at a time.
Heinz Buchmann, however, continued with his refusal and, although he was not returned to Germany, he was given jobs that kept him isolated from the carnage, and was, indeed, promoted with some regularity during the remainder of his military career. Some made their disapproval of his actions known through curses and insults, but others followed his example. Was it the desire to cling to some sense of propriety, however residual and rationalized it may have been, that allowed Trapp to tolerate and to protect those unwilling to participate in the ordered destruction? It was not long after this that the gangland style of murdering women and children, kneeling or lying face down, became standard practice, often after the victims had been stripped to their underclothes in the cold autumn weather. This was following the orders of one officer, of whom a later witness testified, “To my regret, I must say that First Lieutenant Gnade gave me the impression that the entire business afforded him a great deal of pleasure.”
It might be apropos to close this section with some of the most chilling words that Browning penned. In the course of all this—let’s call it training—“many had become numbed, indifferent, and some eager killers; others limited their participation in the killing process, refraining when they could do so without great cost or inconvenience. Only a minority of nonconformists managed to preserve a beleaguered sense of moral autonomy that emboldened them to employ patterns of behavior and stratagems of evasion that kept them from becoming killers at all.” Indeed, as the slaughter progressed, and when volunteers were called to carry out the necessary actions, there quickly came a time when there were more available than needed, so that many were turned away.
How does hell emerge on Earth? First, because people act in spite of their conscience, even to their own detriment, even when they know it; second because hell arrives step by step, one action of betrayal after another. And it should be remembered that it is very rare for people to stand up against what they know to be wrong even when the consequences are comparatively very slight. And this is something to deeply consider, if you are concerned with leading a moral and careful life: if you don’t object when the transgressions against your conscience are (comparatively) minor, why would you possibly presume that you will not participate when asked to when things truly get out of hand? This is not to say (as we have noted) that everyone capitulates, and thank God for that: Consider the testimony of one Adolf Bittner, police battalion member: “I must emphasize that from the first days I left no doubt among my comrades that I disapproved of these measures and never volunteered for them. Thus, on one of the first searches for Jews, one of my comrades clubbed a Jewish woman in my presence, and I hit him in the face. A report was made, and in that way my attitude became known to my superiors. I was never officially punished. But anyone who knows how the system works knows that outside official punishment there is the possibility for chicanery that more than makes up for punishment. Thus I was assigned Sunday duties and special watches.” But, as Browning points out, no one assigned Bittner to a firing squad for his insubordination. Tyranny grows slowly, and asks us to retreat in comparatively tiny steps at a time. But each retreat increases the possibility of the next retreat. Each betrayal of conscience, each act of silence (despite the felt resentment), and each rationalization weakens resistance and increases the probability of the next tyrannical move forward. This is particularly the case when a certain percentage of those pushing forward truly delight in the irresponsible power they have now been granted—and such people are always to be found. Better to stand forward, awake, when the costs are relatively low—and, perhaps, when the potential rewards have not yet vanished. Better to stand forward before the ability to do so has been irretrievably compromised. This is the terrible lesson of the Holocaust and, I would say, of all the twentieth-century tyrannies.
How are men who were by all means ordinary and decent citizens of their type (or at least no worse than others, and somewhat randomly selected) transformed into the heartless wolves of destruction who obeyed the terrible orders they were delivered? The answer is not pretty. It’s far too personal, for those who think clearly and realistically while they read and reflect. It’s far too indicative of the terrible dangers of mere order, and the loss of soul and spirit that is the price for sacrificing conscience to the state. It’s far too frightening to consider the terrible places at which it is possible to arrive following one careless and willfully blind step at a time. But it’s necessary to contemplate, if we are to stop, once and for all, the catastrophe of the unconscionable social conformity that accompanies the sacrifice of the still small voice.
There are consequences for following the rules, as this sequence of stories clearly relates. There are consequences to adhering to the order established by social consensus when the social consensus and, therefore, the order, has become pathological. The consequences in this case involved the persecution and torture and death of thousands of people as well as the perversion of the souls of those who were involved in carrying out their unconscionable acts.
If you decide to stand up and refuse an order; if you do something that others disapprove of but you firmly believe to be correct, you must be in a position to trust yourself. This means that you must have attempted to live an honest, meaningful, productive life (of precisely the sort that might characterize someone else you would be inclined to trust). If you haven’t done that, you may not be able to trust yourself when push comes to shove. But if you have acted in an honorable manner, so that you are a trustworthy person, it will be your decision to refuse or to act in a manner contrary to public expectation that will help society itself maintain its footing. By doing so you can be part of the force of truth that stops order itself from becoming corrupt and tyrannical. It has always been so. The sovereign individual, awake and attending to his or her conscience, is the force that prevents the group, as the necessary structure guiding normative social relations, from becoming blind and deadly.
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2020.08.20 20:41 Changeling_Wil Greeks are just Baltic people wearing funny hats

Greetings badhistory!
So, long story short I had been discussing hyperborea with a friend. As in 'the classical myth' not the neo-pagan/neo-nazi/neo-fascist insanity.
Afterwards I thought to myself 'I don't actually know that much about how much the ancient Greeks knew about the baltic, I should google it'.
First thing google brings me is a site going on about 'the baltic greeks exposed'. It was wild. Anyway, I think 'oh I could make a badhistory post about this' but now the site doesn't exist/when you try to access it it just wants you to buy the domain.
Thankfully wayback is here to help
So first things first: They have no footnotes or bibliography. This is a big yikes.
Before I properly start this groundbreaking work off, I should mention that, in order to fully understand it, you should at the very least have a basic understanding of Felice Vinci’s earth shattering book, “The Baltic Origins of Homer’s Epic Tales”.
Now, annoyingly I couldn't find any reviews of this over on jstor so I'm forced to look elsewhere for reviews of the work .
But from looking around it seems the work tends to cherry pick and focus on evidence that supports its theory instead of actually judging the evidence and details offered by the source material.
So that's a big yikes there.
Circa 1800 BC, a large group of people from the modern day Baltic Sea, namely the states of Lithuania and Latvia, formed a mighty civilization. While they often fought, their technological advances were amazing. Eventually, the Balts moved southward through the Dnieper river, for reasons unknown. Eventually, they reached the Black Sea and the Aegean sea, forming what would eventually become Greece. They conquered and subjugated the locals, hereafter referred to as ethnic Greeks, and imposed their history on them. this The Finno-Korean Hyperwar?
I'll admit I'm no scholar of the Baltic in the classical/ancient period but as far as I'm aware, there was no 'grand technologically advanced baltic state' there as much as the Waring baltic tribes with the germanic ones to the west of them? Feel free to correct me.
Also, 1800bc? As in the 18th century BC? Before the Greek Dark Ages and the Dorian invasions? Weird place to put your population movement theory. I'm not sure on the exacts but aren't the Ionians and Aeolians fully moved in by the 16th century BC? Or at least settled there before the Dorians later punt them about.
The stories of the Balts, hereafter referred to as Baltic Greeks, eventually became legend, and the Baltic Greek caste partially forgot their ways, and believed that the stories that had been passed down to them had taken place in the Mediterranean, when they had actually taken place in the Baltic Sea. An author, Homer, eventually wrote these down circa 800 BC, confusing ancient Baltic cities such as Troy for places in the mediterranean, and believing that great Baltic Kings like Agamemnon were Greek. This is where I depart from Felice Vinci. I know that the priest subcaste of the Baltic Greeks never truly forgot their ancestral home. The priests were the last to agree to leave the ancient Baltic land, and their undying dream was to see their new home, Greece, joined in a mighty empire stretching to their ancient home in the Baltics.
Dude. Duuude. Citations. Please.
Like...where are you getting this? At all? You had one (sketchy and not using evidence correctly) book to support your first bit. But where are you getting any evidence for 'they were the last to leave'.
The Baltic Greek priests knew that powerful secrets existed in ancient Hyperborea, which they believed could help them rule the known world. They believed that Hyperborea was located either in the Baltics, or very close by.
I...if they didn't forget their history and used to live there, surely they'd know if it was or wasn't in the baltic?
So, the priests had to bide their time. Decades turned to centuries, and the Baltic Greek priests were still plotting as to how they would regain the Baltics, when a potential puppet came to power in what was now called Macedonia, namely king Amyntas III, in 393 BC. [...]Amyntas III presented a rare opportunity for the Baltic Greek priests: he was a Baltic Greek nationalist, and a strong military leader. [...] they would wait until the time was right, and Amyntas would share the knowledge of the Baltic homeland with his sons. One of them, or one of their descendants, was to retake the Baltics whenever possible.
What can be presented without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
This being said: No, Amyntas III was not a baltic-greek nationalist. Putting aside the issue of using the term nationalist for classical material...just no. The fuck.
Alexander was taught the Baltic Greek secrets as soon as he could talk, and he made their retaking his life’s goal. However, as Alexander and his father both grew older, they realized their problem: the other Greek states wished to invade Persia, and they would have never supported a seemingly haphazard expedition north, through completely uncharted territory. Alexander, Philip, and the priests were unwilling to tell the other major greek states about the ancient home in the Baltics, if they did, the ancillary Greek states may have attempted to get there first.
'The Greeks wouldn't want to march north if we didn't tell them because they want to invade rich Persia, if we told them they'd ignore persia and march into the frozen north on the off chance the land that clearly wasn't great because we moved from it exists'.
Philip II and Alexander both knew that the earth was round, but were unaware of the circumference of the earth, and they did not know of the large bodies of water and other continents. So, their plan was this: they would form a league, known as the league of Corinth, which was made of many Greek States. They would declare war on the Persian Empire, and defeat them, and would continue with their conquests until they eventually circled around the earth and reached the Baltics.
'People don't want to march far from home into the great unknown. We'll make them march far from home into the great unknown'.
Poison was placed in Alexander’s wine, and he died after 10 days of agony. Alexander’s reported last words were that his empire should go “to the strongest”, but this is not true. His real last words certified that his unborn son should take the throne. The Generals knew that allowing another Baltic Greek from the bloodline of Alexander would be disastrous. So, they themselves took over various parts of Alexander’s empire, knowing that, as seperate states, it’d be harder for the Baltic Greeks to take over all of their land.
If Alexander was poisoned, had fever, drank too much etc is still disputed.
50 years after this, ethnic Greeks in Italy finalized their complete victory over the native Etruscans. They formed a mighty Republic, eventually an empire, that was by and large free of Baltic Greek taint.
I'm sorry when the fuck did Rome become Greek. Rome, the great Latin power. Did this guy just hear that Greeks lived in Magna Gracia and went ham? Are the baltic greeks meant to be the 'proud wise rulers' or an 'evil taint'? Is this fascist doublethink or not? I'm confused.
As you all know, their empire degenerated badly, and eventually a Baltic Greek was allowed to take control of the Roman Empire, a man by the name of Tarasis Kodisa Rousombladadiotes, later to be known as the Emperor Zeno. By this time, almost all Baltic Greeks, who were then and are now about 10% of the total Greek population, knew of the ancient homeland in the Baltics. Under Zeno, the once great empire was Hellenized, and their unspoken goal was to take the Baltics. This was the true goal of what was now called the Byzantine Empire for nearly 1000 years. The Byzantines, however, were constantly rebuffed in their attempts by the heroic efforts of the Bulgarians, Germans, and Persians, among others.
Okay so first off:
Man the Byzantines must have really sucked at reading maps then, huh? Reclaiming north africa, Italy, bits of Spain, fighting off Persians and Turks in Anatolia, trying to keep the bulgarians and Balkans controlled. Not really a path to the baltic.
The only bright spot in Byzantine history, which was full of typical Baltic Greek atrocities and greed, was the Emperor Justinian, the final Ethnic Greek Emperor of Rome. 50 years after the hostile takeover of the Roman Empire by the Baltic Greeks, the Emperor Justinian ceased any foolish attempts to invade the north, instead regaining the Byzantine Empire’s rightful land in the Mediterranean.
I'm sorry what? An illyrian who spoke Latin natively is the 'last ethnic greek'?
there was not a single Ethnic Greek crowned Emperor from Justinian’s death in 565, to the final fall of the Byzantine Empire in 1453.
I mean... in the sense of 'they're Romans, not Greeks' he's not wrong.
A majorly important event, unbeknownst to the Baltic Greeks at large at the time, occurred in 1230 AD. [...]somehow, this insane priest walked 750 miles north, to Transylvania, which at the time was the home of the heavily Germanic Teutonic Knights.
Andrew II of Hungary expelled them from transylvania in 1225.
He again survived the perilous journey back home, and gave the texts personally to the Byzantine Emperor John III. Emperor John took these texts to his greatest alchemists, but they informed the Emperor that they would take 250 years to decipher.
That's now how translating texts works. That's not how it works at all!
The Empire would not last that long. The Turks from the east slowly but surely took Byzantine land from them, until the Baltic Greeks were left with only the city of Constantinople to call their own.
We just ignoring the Despotate of the Morea here? The one that didn't fall till 1460?
a Baltic Greek defector informed the Ottoman Turkish Emperor Mehmed II of the entire Baltic Greek history, and the maps that were nearly fully deciphered, that would lead to the Byzantines potentially taking over the known world. Mehmed could not allow this, and he decided to attack Constantinople.
Dude, you've made a massive deal about how hard it is to march from Greece to the Baltics. How the hell were the Byzantines going to do that in 1453? With or without maps?
Constantine XI, the final Byzantine emperor, would not allow the loss of the last possible aid for the Baltic Greeks. So, right before the city fell, Constantine left the city under cover of darkness, and fled to a cave, where Baltic Greeks believe he became a Marble Emperor, who will one day, when Greece and the Baltics are under the same Baltic Greek flag, arise and rule the world, providing the needed map to Hyperborea.
That's not how the marble emperor myth works. An angel stole him away and hid him in a cave as a statue till he'll one day return to unite the Greeks.
32 years later, in 1485, Christopher Columbus had an idea. A Baltic Greek himself, the descendant of the still-extant Italian Griko community, he knew that things were desperate. Columbus wished to help his people dominate the world, and he set out to do the only thing he could think of: like Alexander, he would set out to circumnavigate the world, and find a new route to the Baltics. He wished to find a route above Russia, that would lead him straight to the Baltics, which he planned to, at a later date, attempt to capture with a Baltic Greek force.
Man the people in his story really don't know how to go places do they. Does he have the same issue following directions? Does he end up in the bathroom when trying to get to the kitchen?
The Baltic Greeks came to view Columbus as a traitor, and they became stagnant for many years, secretly dominating the culture of other countries such as Italy and Russia, the latter of whom they had spread their Orthodox ‘Religion’ to.
The Rus started to convert to Orthodoxy in the 10th century. Officially. Unofficially it's older.
Also note that we've gone from 'baltic priests keep their old religion alive and it mingles with hellenic' [no shit they're both from indo-european roots] to 'baltic priests made the orthodox church'.
Sadly, Napoleon was defeated by the crafty tactics of the Baltic Greeks
[Confused British noises]
After 8 long years, the Greek forces had won, and a king was to be chosen. They chose a German, Otto, of House Wittelsbach. Many people then, and to this day, have asked why this was done. It’s obvious when you think about it. If a Baltic Greek was made King, just like the Byzantine emperors many years prior, he would have been obsessed with openly capturing the Baltics, which would have been potentially disastrous to Baltic Greek plans. So, a hapless German Royal was chosen, allowing the Baltic Greeks to operate in the shadows.
Honestly I'm expecting them to say that Baltic Greeks are lizardmen.
Otto was related (somewhat) to the Komnenos and Laskaris dynasties via his ancestor John II (John's maternal grandmother's mother's father's mother was Maria Laskarina whose mother was the daughter of Alexios III Angelos whose father was Andronikos Doukas Angelos whose mother was Theodora Komnene who was one of the daughters of Alexios I Komnenos). A Monarchy was decided upon and chosen without the input of Greeks.
[...] side note: similar to jewesses, Baltic Greek girls are trained from birth to use their looks and charms to try and ensnare powerful men in their trap)
Ah, it's a neo-nazi. Gotcha.
The Baltic Greeks also wanted Russia to lose, and they sent their Orthodox Christian lackey Grigori Rasputin to ensure that this would happen.
No conspiracy theory is complete without Rasputin, is it?
The Baltic Greeks would easily be able to dominate Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, as they are taught all three languages surreptitiously by their parents.
Knowing a language doesn't make you king of places. I'm not the bloody king of England just because my parents and schooling system taught me English. If I ran around saying I can dominate a small bit of France because I know some French, they'd call me a loony. Supreme executive power derives from a mandate from the masses not from linguistic expertise.
The Baltic Greeks were soundly defeated by 1922, and the 1,000,000 Greek interlopers in Turkey were finally kicked out for good.
...are we calling 'ethnic cleansing and population transfers' 'cleaning up interlopers' or am I misunderstanding this?
n the Jewish Communist state known as the Soviet Union
Why do these crazy people always end up being Nazis?
His plan was to make the Soviet Union into a death machine
Why hi there black book of communism.
Hitler knew about the Hyperborean magic that Baltic Greek Stalin wished to harness
Are we in an anime now? Is it magic hitler v technocrat mecha Stalin time? Is Cyborg FDR going to fight tentacle-girl Hirohito? Was WW2 a harem anime with Churchill as the star?
1939 came along, and Mussolini, although he was a great man, made a mistake.
'Great man' is a weird way to spell 'fascist that ended up dangling upside down after being torn to pieces by the people'.
That same year, Stalin invaded all three Baltic States, and the ancient Baltic Satellite state of Finland.
The fins aren't baltic and we're ignoring the Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact now?
Hitler’s attack on the Soviet Union seemed bound for success, and he soon took back the Baltics, and appointed Alfred Rosenberg to lead them. But, there was a menace far to the west: Franklin D. Roosevelt, himself a Baltic Greek
He sided with the Baltic Greeks Stalin and Roosevelt. Initially, he wished for peace after the German victory in France, but Stalin and Roosevelt blackmailed him with secrets involving his various affairs, and he was forced to stay in the war.
You're confusing Churchill with Halifax.
Enver Hoxha, the Heroic head of Albania, knew about the Baltic Greek menace. He split with the USSR when he found out about it, and afterwards he opposed them at every turn.
This guy is both pro Hoxha and pro-hitler.
I don't get it.
But they are still used. Young Albanian teens use them to make love in, often resulting in pregnancy. Hoxha’s spirit sees this, and smiles at the copulating couples, knowing that his dream is still alive, and that the great Albanian race will continue to exist.
Wait, it was Albanian nationalism all along?
As you may see, the Albanians are possibly the last great hope for us all. Someday, I hope to live there in peace, after my victory against the Baltic Greeks. That day may never come, but it is my dream, my desire, my very essence lives in Albania. [...] I have recently acquired a gorgeous Albanian bride, and she is currently pregnant with my first Albanian Son, who I shall name Adolf Enver. I have acquired multiple shirts with the Albanian flag on them, and I shall wear them exclusively until my last day.
Oh, so he's not even Albanian.
Also 'acquired' by the emperor they're your spouse not a potted plant.
Some of you may ask if my motto is still “88”, for Heil Hitler. The answer is yes and no. To me, 88 is still my motto, but it stands for something else: still H and H, but now it is Hitler and Hoxha.
Hitlerism with albanian characteristics? We must secure bunkers for the race to continue?
Baltic Greeks by and large blend in with the average Greek population, yet they are generally less Swarthy. There are two major strains of Baltic Greeks, the Latvian Baltic Greeks, and the Lithuanian Baltic Greeks.
Breaking news! Estonia doesn't real.
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2020.07.21 04:57 wallythewombat90 Latvian gambit win! Super aggressive black opening...

[Event "Rated Blitz game"] [Site ""] [Date "2020.07.21"] [White "Angelpro123"] [Black "chess_shire_cat"] [Result "0-1"] [UTCDate "2020.07.21"] [UTCTime "02:24:57"] [WhiteElo "1243"] [BlackElo "1177"] [WhiteRatingDiff "-6"] [BlackRatingDiff "+7"] [Variant "Standard"] [TimeControl "180+0"] [ECO "C40"] [Opening "Latvian Gambit Accepted"] [Termination "Normal"] [Annotator ""]
  1. e4 { [%clk 0:03:00] } e5 { [%clk 0:03:00] } 2. Nf3 { [%clk 0:03:00] } f5 { [%clk 0:02:58] } 3. exf5 { [%clk 0:02:58] } { C40 Latvian Gambit Accepted } Bc5 { [%clk 0:02:56] } 4. Nxe5 { [%clk 0:02:53] } Bxf2+ { [%clk 0:02:55] } 5. Kxf2 { [%clk 0:02:49] } Qh4+ { [%clk 0:02:54] } 6. g3 { [%clk 0:02:47] } Qd4+ { [%clk 0:02:49] } 7. Ke2 { [%clk 0:02:43] } Qxe5+ { [%clk 0:02:47] } 8. Kf2 { [%clk 0:02:40] } Qxf5+ { [%clk 0:02:43] } 9. Kg2 { [%clk 0:02:30] } Qe4+ { [%clk 0:02:36] } 10. Qf3 { [%clk 0:02:27] } Qxf3+ { [%clk 0:02:33] } 11. Kxf3 { [%clk 0:02:25] } Ne7 { [%clk 0:02:28] } 12. Be2 { [%clk 0:02:21] } b6 { [%clk 0:02:25] } 13. Kg2 { [%clk 0:02:20] } Bb7+ { [%clk 0:02:23] } 14. Kh3 { [%clk 0:02:15] } Bxh1 { [%clk 0:02:20] } 15. Bh5+ { [%clk 0:02:13] } g6 { [%clk 0:02:13] } { White resigns. } 0-1
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2020.07.21 04:56 wallythewombat90 Latvian gambit win! Super aggressive black opening...

[Event "Rated Blitz game"] [Site ""] [Date "2020.07.21"] [White "Angelpro123"] [Black "chess_shire_cat"] [Result "0-1"] [UTCDate "2020.07.21"] [UTCTime "02:24:57"] [WhiteElo "1243"] [BlackElo "1177"] [WhiteRatingDiff "-6"] [BlackRatingDiff "+7"] [Variant "Standard"] [TimeControl "180+0"] [ECO "C40"] [Opening "Latvian Gambit Accepted"] [Termination "Normal"] [Annotator ""]
  1. e4 { [%clk 0:03:00] } e5 { [%clk 0:03:00] } 2. Nf3 { [%clk 0:03:00] } f5 { [%clk 0:02:58] } 3. exf5 { [%clk 0:02:58] } { C40 Latvian Gambit Accepted } Bc5 { [%clk 0:02:56] } 4. Nxe5 { [%clk 0:02:53] } Bxf2+ { [%clk 0:02:55] } 5. Kxf2 { [%clk 0:02:49] } Qh4+ { [%clk 0:02:54] } 6. g3 { [%clk 0:02:47] } Qd4+ { [%clk 0:02:49] } 7. Ke2 { [%clk 0:02:43] } Qxe5+ { [%clk 0:02:47] } 8. Kf2 { [%clk 0:02:40] } Qxf5+ { [%clk 0:02:43] } 9. Kg2 { [%clk 0:02:30] } Qe4+ { [%clk 0:02:36] } 10. Qf3 { [%clk 0:02:27] } Qxf3+ { [%clk 0:02:33] } 11. Kxf3 { [%clk 0:02:25] } Ne7 { [%clk 0:02:28] } 12. Be2 { [%clk 0:02:21] } b6 { [%clk 0:02:25] } 13. Kg2 { [%clk 0:02:20] } Bb7+ { [%clk 0:02:23] } 14. Kh3 { [%clk 0:02:15] } Bxh1 { [%clk 0:02:20] } 15. Bh5+ { [%clk 0:02:13] } g6 { [%clk 0:02:13] } { White resigns. } 0-1
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2020.04.22 09:15 Peerkons The general state of things here

Welcome everyone,
I wanted to do an introduction post and give some insight as to why I believed this was necessary. I dived into some form of non-monogamy a relatively short while back and realized that the community here in Latvia is not as strong, and I did not find any relatively decent places for holding a discussion that would not be completely dry of users. As I saw it,
- Forums and listing sites were filled with advertisements and commercial listings;
- Chat groups and pretty much all online locations were filled with memes and were heavily biased towards Russian/Latvian language;
- The Fetlife community here in the Baltics was also very inactive;
- and Tinder (or other dating sites) were full of people with a more traditional mindset and anything outside of the realm of monogamy is relatively frowned upon, which leads people to not approach it ethically (i.e. lying about their relationship status, etc.).
Due to this, I hope this can be a place where likeminded people can find each other as well as have a civilized discussion, that would be open to everyone regardless of their orientation, wants/needs, gender, and available to non-native speakers.
Bare with me and I hope we can make this a decent place in a couple of months. :)
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2020.03.01 19:16 rubbishbailey [EVENT] Construction of Joint Military Bases Begins

The USSR will begin the construction over several facilities of states within the Warsaw Pact Defence Treaty. In order to contain and protect our land and our territories, the construction of these locations will begin in order of operations with the funding mostly fronted by the USSR. Due to the nature of our funds being allocated primarily (until 1956) towards foreign aid and foreign assistance, our budgets push us to limit our projects in order of priority as follows.
Construction time and monetary value of the total estimated costs (excluding maintenance and upkeep) will be added and edited as costs come aware to us. We would appreciate these states as well as other states contributing to this project to honor the sanctity and main objective of these facilities - a joint operated Warsaw Pact wide base with the desire for protection and defence in these regions of Eurasia, staffed and manned by a coalition of Socialists For A Better Future.
Each base will house a medical facility for all major and serious casualties, not only allowing operation on our own soldiers but also, in emergencies, the care and treatment of allies. If a number of these bases do not house an expected construction date or monetary value, it is due to the fact that these are out of 'feasible schedule range' at this current time budget wise unless others contribute more directly.
  1. Lapraka Airfield [To become D-Lapraka Air Base 'Dpraka' (Albania) This facility will house 9,500 total units at the time of 1955. It's construction will begin immediately and will be concluded by 1957 with large airstrips capable of housing heavy bombers and other vessels. It will total $138 million.
  2. Ulaanbaatar Air Base (Mongolia) A large Aerial Complex within Mongolia will also be constructed that will house 8,500 soldiers will operate throughout the Eastern Asian region. It will, much akin to Dpraka Air Base, be prepared to house and carry heavy lift equipment. It will cost $145 million due to the terrain and several other measures that could house some issues for its construction. It is anticipated to be completed by 1957 as well.
  3. Warsaw Military Complex (Poland) will house a united joint linguistic institute for EU nations and foreign nations and will be constructed to house 3,000 Warsaw Pact soldiers. Warsaw Pact Officers will be encouraged to learn one foreign language of an "aggressor" nation including French, English, Australian (very verbose and dangerous tongue to learn as it includes the dialect of 'cunt' instead of 'Comrade') and other Western European Languages including but not limited to pp It will cost $76 million.
  4. Leipzig Air Base (Germany) will be expanded to house 5,650 soldiers. This will cost $88 million to construct and will be constructed by 1956. It's construction, although higher on the list by priority, will be easier to construct with German assistance on existing locations and grounds. The cost will primarily be the High-Care Medical Facility to go with the site that will, again, act as a trauma center. With German permission, we hope to house also the best intelligence equipment here. Of course, everyone else in the Warsaw Pact can see this as well.
  5. Shtraklevo Air Base [To become D-Shtraklevo D-Shtrak Air Base (Bulgaria) to be expanded to house 2,800 soldiers. It will cost $66 million and will be completed by 1958.
  6. Riga Air Base [To become D-Riga/Driga Complex (Latvian SSR, Access Permitted by the USSR)
  7. Deveselu (Aegis Ashore) (Romania)
  8. Hradčany Air Base [To become D-Hradcany Complex] (Czechoslovakia)
  9. Taszár Air Base (Hungary) Same reason as Czechoslovakia
  10. Ashgabat Air Base (Turkmen Soviet Socialist Republic) $32 million, 1,600 personnel.
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2019.08.30 02:44 Pickup_your_nuts Today in History 30/08

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2019.01.11 17:35 yeknom02 Online game: Fighting against poor play [Analysis][Low-rated]

So, I have returned to playing and studying chess after about 4 years, and this subreddit definitely feels different; the discussion in the recent meta post highlights that for me. I never see self-analyzed games here, so even though I don't have a great rating (1600 on Lichess) I thought I would post an annotated game I played online last night. I had had a bit of wine and the game is very off-the-wall, but I think it's still worthwhile to put forth some effort and share something. I've always had problems figuring out the best way to play against "weird" moves, so this was instructive for me. Hopefully you find it interesting or have more to offer. I definitely got more out of the analysis and annotation than I did playing, so I'd encourage others to do the same and post here.
[pgn] [Event "Rated Classical game"] [Site ""] [Date "2019.01.11"] [Round "-"] [White "yeknom2002"] [Black "NN"] [Result "1-0"] [BlackElo "1602"] [ECO "B00"] [Opening "Duras Gambit"] [TimeControl "900+15"] [UTCDate "2019.01.11"] [WhiteElo "1598"]
  1. e4 f5? { This is the point where I would pause the clock, get a tournament director, and complain that my opponent is not playing the openings we all agreed aren't stupid. But that's not an option online. I don't know, maybe my opponent is hoping I'm trying to go for a Scholar's Mate? Both 2.Bc4 and 2. Qh5 look bad, according to the engine, and also aren't even on my list of candidate moves. Interestingly Lichess's implementation of Stockfish says the best move for black was 1... e6, the French Defense.} 2. exf5 { Let's see if Steinitz lied to me. "The best way to refute a gambit is to accept it." At the time I thought I was stepping into some sort of Latvian Gambit trap, but turns out the Latvian occurs after 1... e5 2. Nf3 f5, so we're in uncharted waters, which turns out to be a kiddie pool.} 2... Nf6 3. Nc3 d5 4. d4 Bxf5 5. Bd3 Bc8? { Although I have given up my central pawn for a flank pawn, it is the weaker flank for Black. Black oddly chooses to undevelop their bishop, but the following variation looks OK for me mid-opening.} ( 5... Bxd3 6. Qxd3 Nc6 7. Nf3 e6 8. O-O Bb4 )6. Nf3 e6 7. O-O Bd6 8. Ne5 O-O { I really thought that you wouldn't dream of castling kingside with no f-pawn, but queenside castling wouldn't be an option for a long time.} 9. f4? { Probably a mistake, although I thought a rook lift with additional knight support was a good idea. Black can counterattack my d-pawn for some counterplay, but I don't see this. Fortunately, neither do they.} 9... Nbd7 ( 9... c5 10. dxc5 Bxc5+ 11. Kh1 ) 10. Rf3 c6 11. Rh3 h6 12. Be3 { My idea here is that I want to get the bishop over to the h4 square via e3 and f2. It takes some time, but Black is actively decimating their kingside, so I figure that's where my pieces should go.} 12... Qe8?? { Stockfish calls this a blunder but I'm totally ignorant of the idea of pushing my pawn to g4.} 13. Bf2 ( 13. g4 Nxe5 14. fxe5 Be7 15. g5 )13... Be7 14. Bh4 Nxe5 15. dxe5 { I capture with the d-pawn because I don't want to fully open the f-file for Black.} 15... Nd7 16. Qg4? { It is preferable to exchange dark squared bishops here. If my opponent wants to try the counterattack played in the game, they would therefore have to use the queen, which should probably stay where it is to assist in defense.} ( 16. Bxe7 Qxe7 17. Qg4 Qc5+ 18. Kh1 )16... Bc5+ 17. Kh1 Be3 18. Bg6? { I am totally ignorant of the free bishop, instead seeing that the Black queen is out of safe squares. Note to self: work on your tunnel vision problem.} ( 18. Rxe3 d4 19. Rg3 )18... Rxf4 19. Qh5?? { Totally throwing away my advantage by playing via instinct. This move protects my queen while adding pressure to Black's. My thought process never went beyond the fact that the rook was protected by the bishop, even though the double attack on the Black queen was the whole point. I might have even seen that that I could recapture the queen, in the following variation, but my idiot brain forgot that the initial material gain of the first capture. I'd be up a full rook.} ( 19. Qxf4 Bxf4 20. Bxe8 Nxe5 )19... Qf8 { Of course, with the rook attack, the queen finally has a safe square. The next few moves are me scrambling to defend.} 20. Rf3 { The engine prefers 20. Bd3} 20... Rxf3 21. gxf3 { The engine prefers I recapture with the queen. The variation shown would seemingly make it difficult to bring Black's undeveloped pieces to the kingside due to my bishop duo on the h-file.} ( 21. Qxf3 Qxf3 22. gxf3 Nxe5 23. Bh5 )21... Nxe5 22. Rf1 Nxg6 23. Qxg6 d4 24. Ne4 e5?? { Dumb luck that Black doesn't see the treat due to the pinned g-pawn. As such there's a Mate in 4. 24... Qf7 is forced as it is the only way to maintain an advantage as Black. 24... Bg5 has the potential to lead to a draw by perpetual check.} ( 24... Qf7 25. Qxf7+ Kxf7 26. Nd6+ Kg6 )( 24... Bg5 25. Bxg5 hxg5 26. Nxg5 Qf5 27. Qe8+ Qf8 28. Qh5 Qf5 29. Qe8+ Qf8 )25. Nf6+ Kh8 { Simply loses faster.} ( 25... Qxf6 26. Bxf6 Kf8 27. Qxg7+ Ke8 28. Qe7# )26. Qh7# 1-0[/pgn]
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2018.10.24 19:40 Zyvik123 Deciphering the names.

I noticed today that I accidentally deleted my previous "Deciphering the names" thread, so I'm reposting it, while also adding some new names to make it less redundant.
Geralt: From Germanic elements gar, ger, ‘spear’ +wald, walt, ‘rule’ or ‘wield’; thus, ‘spear-wielder’, a good, solid name for a warrior.
Vesemir: possibly Germanic-Slavic, composed of an initial element meaning ‘warrior’ or ‘war’, + meri, or mar, meaning ‘famous’ or ‘renowned’.
Eskel: Scandinavian, from Old Norse, ass (which becomes es-, as- or os- in names), ‘divine’, or ‘godly’ + ketill, a sacrificial cauldron, or ‘kettle’; thus, ‘godly sacrifice’, or ‘divine offering’.
Lambert: Germanic, land (meaning same) + beorht, or bert, ‘bright’, ‘brilliant’, or ‘famous’; thus, ‘land-bright’, or ‘widely renowned’.
Coen: Dutch for 'bold advisor'.
Brehen: derived from the Gaelic 'Mac an Bhreitheamhnaigh', meaning 'son of the judge'.
Yennefer: Variant of Jennifer, from Guinevere, Old French, from Welsh Gwenhwyfar: gwen, ‘white’, +hwyfar, ‘smooth’, ‘soft’, ‘holy’, or ‘fair’ (beautiful); certainly a reference to the Arthurian myth.
Philippa Eilhart: Feminine form of Philip, from Greek philippos, from verb philein, ‘to love’ + hippos, ‘horse’ – ‘horse-lover’. No apparent literal intention in use, although it is a generic name of power, dating to Ancient Greek times. Amusingly, although unlikely, Eilhart may be a play on the German word Eule, owl + hart (hard), 'strong, hardy.'
Sheala de Tancarville: Sheala - derived from Sanskrit 'Shila' meaning 'conduct, disposition, character' or from Latin Cecilia, which is a feminine form of the Roman clan name Caelius, meaning heavenly, or of the heavens. Tancarville: a commune in France, translates to 'Tancred's farm.' Tancred: Germanic thank, 'thought' + rad ,'counsel, advice'. Also the name of the Kovirian prince.
Margarita Laux-Antille: Margarita - derived from Persian 'Morvared' meaninn 'pearl' or 'cluster of blossoms'. The flower 'Daisy' is called Margarita in Spanish, Greek and other languages. Laux might be a form of Lucas wich means 'a patient person'. Antille is the name of the islands in the Caribbean Sea.
Sabrina Glevissig: Sabrina - Latinized form of Habren, the original Welsh name of the River Severn. According to Geoffrey of Monmouth (one of the major figures in the development of British historiography and the popularity of tales of King Arthur), Sabrina was the name of a princess who was drowned in the Severn. Supposedly the river was named for her, but it is more likely that her name was actually derived from that of the river, which is of unknown meaning. Might be a reference to "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" wich popularised it as a witch name. Glevissig (Glywising) was, from the sub-Roman period to the Early Middle Ages, a kingdom in south-east Wales. It appears in the Arthurian legend.
Triss Merigold: Triss - derived from the Latin beatrix (she who makes happy, she who brings happiness), which is from beātus (happy, blessed). Or it may be related to the Latin tristis, 'sad, unhappy'. There are a number of superstitions connected with the marigold flower. The most interesting of these is its association with unrequited love, pain, sorrow, and misfortune.
Keira Metz: Likely from Celtic Kieran, from Ciaran, a diminutive form of a Gaelic word for black, thus, ‘Blacky’. Metz could be from German Metze, a complex, but now obscure term for a ‘strumpet’ or ‘harlot’. Also a city in France.
Assire var Anahid: Assire - might be a derivative of assay, a French word which as assayer, described an early chemist, one responsible for establishing the purity of metals, and specifically gold and silver. Anahid is an Avestan (an ancient Persian language) name that means 'pure', 'unblemished'. Anahid is a goddess of fertility and healing, wisdom and water in Armenian mythology.
Fringilla Vigo: Fringilla is Latin for a 'songbird', or 'chaffinch'. Vigo may be Germanic (wig, vig) for 'warrior', or 'war'. It could also be a reference to Vigo, town in Galicia, Spain (a region known for its production of white wine).
Artorius Vigo: according to the linguist Stephan Zimmer, it is possible that Artorius has a Celtic origin, being a Latinization of the hypothetical name *Artorījos, derived from the patronym *Arto-rīg-ios, meaning 'Son of the BeaWarrior-King'.
Tissaia de Vries: Couldn't find anything on 'Tissaia', but 'De Vries' is one of the most common Dutch surnames. It indicates a geographical origin: 'Vriesland' is an old spelling of the Dutch province of Friesland. Hence, 'de Vries' means 'the Frisian'.
Marti Sodergren: Marti - in Latin 'warlike' or 'warrior of Mars'. Probably used ironically, since Marti was a healer, not a warrior. Södergren is a Swedish ornamental surname, which means 'south branch', from the element ssöder ('south') and gren ('branch').
Lydia van Bredevoort: Lydia - derives from the Greek Λυδία, Ludía, from λυδία (ludludía 'beautiful one', 'noble one'). Bredevoort is a city in Netherlands.
Astrid Lyttneyd Ásgeirrfinnbjornsdottir (Coral): Astrid - a Scandinavian name. meaning 'godly strength'. Derived from Germanic compounds meaning divine strength, or divine beauty. Astrid has been used by Norway's royal families for hundreds of years. Lita - Norwegian liten, lita = 'little'. If we break apart her surname we get: Asgeir - Danish for 'spear of God', Finn - derived from Irish, meaning "white" or "fair", Bjorn - Germanic for 'bear', Dottir - Icelandic for 'daughter'.
Biruta Icarti: Biruta or Birutė is a Latvian and Lithuanian feminine given name, which means 'snow', derived from the Lithuanian word byrančiu.
Condwiramurs Tilly: Condwiramurs is a wife of Percival from Arthurian myth. Tilly is a name of German origin meaning 'battle-mighty'. Tilly is also the name of a small castle in Belguim.
Nimue verch Wledyr ap Gwyn: The name is believed to come from the Greek 'mneme' (μνήμη), which means memory. Her name can be translated from Welsh language as 'Nimue, daughter of Wledyr, son of Gwyn'. There is interesting fact, Gwyn ap Nudd is the King of the Wild Hunt in Welsh mythology. Technically, this format doesn't follow traditional Welsh: 'verch' is only used for daughters while 'ap' for sons, such that it should be 'Nimue verch Wledyr' without the 'ap Gwyn'. In Arthurian legends this is the name of a sorceress, also known as the Lady of the Lake, Vivien, or Niniane.
Tiziana Frevi: has its origins in the Latin language. It is used largely in German and Italian. The meaning of Tiziana is 'honored'. It is derived from the word titulus with the meaning 'title of honor'.
Val (Istredd's real name): in Old English 'strong', 'brave', 'valiant'.
Rience: Rience of Wales - one of King Arthur's enemies.
Cregennan: a lake in Wales.
Artaud Terranova: Artaud - a french name of unknown origin. Terranova - from Latin 'terra' + 'nova' = 'new earth'.
Zavist: Russian for 'envy'.
Gorazd: derives from the Slavic 'gora (Гора)', meaning 'the man from the mountains, highlander, experienced, skilful'.
Ortolan: a bird in the bunting family Emberizidae.
Sorel Degerlund: Sorel - a male fallow deer in the third year. Degerlund - a Swedish surname of unknown origin.
Geoffrey Monck: the Old Frankish name Godefrid itself is from the Germanic elements god- and frid-. The Middle Latin form is Godefridus (whence also Godfrey). The second element is widely used in Germanic names, and has a meaning of 'peace, protection'. Monck - probably from Late Latin monachus 'monk,' originally 'religious hermit,' from Ecclesiastical Greek monakhos 'monk,' noun use of a classical Greek adjective meaning 'solitary,' from monos 'alone'.
Emhyr var Emreis: almost certainly from Welsh Emyr, ‘ruler, king, lord’, and Emrys, a Welsh form of the Latin name Ambrose, from Greek ambrosios, ‘immortal’ (as in ambrosia, the food of the gods). Emrys is also one of the names of the legendary wizard Merlin.
Calanthe: in Greek 'beautiful flower'.
Pavetta: a genus of tropical Old World shrubs (family Rubiaceae).
Cirilla (Ciri): Probably linked to Cyrille, from Cyril, from Greek kyrillos, from kyrius, ‘lord’, thus Ciri’s name could mean ‘lady’, which is quite fitting, given her title.
Demavend: a volcano in Iran. Also a mountain for the witches' sabbaths in Arabia.
Meve: likely derived from Mebd, the semi-divine queen of Connacht, who figures prominently in the mediaeval Irish epic, The Táin ('The Cattle Raid of Cooley'). Her name appears to mean 'intoxicator', or 'the one who makes drunk', similar to English mead. In The Táin, Mebd is a powerful, if rather ruthless, queen, and war-leader. Her figure there is possibly a remnant of a pre-Christian, Celtic sovereign goddess.
Adda: in Welsh 'of the red earth'.
Radovid: Croatian for 'delight to see'.
Agloval: prince Agloval is a character from the Arthurian legend.
Esterad: the name of Arabic origin, meaning 'import'.
Zuleyka: also Arabic, meaning 'fair. brilliant and lovely'.
Ida Emean: a name occurring independently in several cultures. In Germany, Ida is a female name derived from a Germanic word id, meaning 'labor, work'. Alternately, it may be related to the name of the Old Norse goddess Iðunn. Ida also occurs as an anglicisation of the Irish girl's given name Íde. Not sure about Emean. Amen? It means 'truth', so it's kinda fitting for a Sage.
Enid an Gleanna (Francesca Findabair): Enid is a name of Welsh origin meaning 'life, spirit'. Gleanna - derived from the Gaelic 'gleana', meaning valley, or from the glen. Francesca is of Italian origin meaning 'from France' or 'free one'. Findabair is the daughter of Queen Meadbh in Irish mythology. She was considered to be the most beautiful woman in Ireland. The meaning of the name is 'white phantom' in Welsh.
Dana Meadbh: Dana means 'knowledgeable" in Persian, 'the most perfectly sized, valuable and beautiful pearl' in Arabic, 'arbiter' or 'God is my judge' in Hebrew, 'generosity' in Sanskrit. Meadhbh is queen of Connacht in the Ulster Cycle of Irish mythology.
Lara Dorren: Lara - in Greek 'cheerful', 'happy'; variant of Larissa, Laura, and Laraine. Latin: 'famous', 'shining'; Lara was a mythological Roman nymph who betrayed the love affair of Jupiter and Juturna, and was struck speechless as a result. Dorren - possibly 'gift' from Greek doron.
Avallac'h: Welsh for Avalon.
Auberon: Related to the name Oberon (see Shakespeare, who, in turn lifted the name from a late mediaeval French heroic romance), ultimately believed to derive from Germanic, alb, ‘elf’, + ric, ‘power, etc.’ Also found as Albrich (a name used for one the Nilfgaardian mages).
Iorveth (Iorweth): Likely from Welsh Iorwerth; ior, ‘lord’ + a modified form of berth, ‘handsome’. Also a character in the Arthurian legend.
Isengrim: of Anglo-Saxon origin and comes from isen meaning 'iron' and grim meaning 'fierce'. Hence the Iron Wolf.
The Hansa:
Julian Alfred Pankratz: Julian - Latin origin meaning 'youthful, downy'. Alfred - Ælfræd in Old English, composed of the elements ælf 'elf' and ræd 'counsel'. Quite neat, since he sometimes gets mistaken for an elf and is also Geralt's main counsel-giver. Pankratz - from the medieval personal name Pankratz, the vernacular form of Latin Pancratius (Greek Pankratios, from pankrates 'all-in wrestler', from pan 'all', 'every' + kratein 'to conquer, subdue'.
Maria 'Milva' Barring: Maria - Latin form of Mary, which is derived from the Hebrew Miryām, a name of debated meaning. Many believe it to mean 'sea of bitterness" or "sea of sorrow.' However, some sources cite the alternative definitions of 'rebellion,' 'wished-for child,' and 'mistress or lady of the sea.' Barring - late 14c., 'act of fastening with a bar.' Milva - a combination of 'Maria' and 'Ilva' (iron).
Cahir Mawr Dyffryn aep Ceallach: Cahir - Irish for 'warrior'. Mawr - Welsh for 'big'. Ceallach- Irish name of uncertain origin, traditionally said to mean 'bright-headed'. Alternatively it could be derived from Old Irish ceallach 'war, strife'.
Emiel Regis: Emiel - rom German Emil, from Latin Aemilius, a Roman family name from aemulus (rival). Regis - French, from Old Provençal, ultimately from Latin, for ‘ruler’ or ‘king’.
Angouleme: a city in France
Hjalmar: from Old Norse Hjalmarr, from hjalmr ('helmet') + herr ('army').
Sigrdrifa: Old Norse for 'driver to victory'.
Freya: the Norse Goddess of earth and fertility.
Ragh nar Roog: Ragnarok is the end of the world in Norse Mythology.
Nenneke: in Kashubian 'Nenka' means 'Mother'.
Iola: a name of Greek origin meaning 'violet'.
Shani: a Welsh form (Siani, from Siân, Sean) of Jane, which is itself the feminine of John, from Hebrew, ‘God is gracious.’
Essi Daven: Essi - a Finnish name. Essi is abbreviation from Persian name Esther, which means star. Daven - a Scandinavian name, meaning 'bright'.
Sheenaz: a name mainly popular in Muslim religion and its main origin is Arabic. Its meaning is 'beauty'.
Sigismund Dijkstra: Sigismund (variants: Sigmund, Siegmund) is a German proper name, meaning 'protection through victory', from Old High German sigu 'victory" + munt 'hand, protection'. Dijkstra is a Dutch family name of West Frisian origin. It most commonly refers to: Edsger W. Dijkstra (1930–2002), Dutch computer scientist.
Ori Reuven: Ori - a Hebrew given name, for males and females which means 'my light'. Reuven - appears to derive from the given name of biblical times 'Reuven', meaning 'behold my son', but it may equally share roots with the German word 'rubin' meaning the ruby, and a derivative of the Latin 'rubeus' - red.
Zoltan Chivay: Hungarian origin, possibly from Turkic title ‘sultan’, from Arabic, ‘power’, ‘ruler’, or ‘king’. Chivay is a town in the Colca valley, capital of the Caylloma province in the Arequipa region, Peru.
Mistle: possibly from 'mistletoe'.
Iskra: Russian for 'spark'.
Eithne: a name of Irish origin. The meaning is 'kernel' or 'grain'.
Torque: from Latin torquere 'to twist, turn, turn about, twist awry, distort, torture.'
Kelpie: the Scots name given to a shape-shifting water spirit inhabiting the pools of Scotland.
Gwent: a medieval Welsh kingdom.
Aretuza: In Greek Mythology Arethusa was a nymph and daughter of Nereus (making her a Nereid). It's a neat coincidence that Margarita's (the headmistress of Aretuza) figure was described as superior to the statues of nymphs.
Garstang: possibly signifying the site of a meeting-space. The Old Norse derivation being 'geiri', a gore, from 'geirr', with 'stang' or 'stong', meaning 'pole' or 'boundary marker'.
Rivia: the Rivia (Hebrew: רְבִיעַ‬, also sometimes called Rivi'i, with other variant English spellings) is a cantillation mark commonly found in the Torah, Haftarah, and other biblical texts.
Brugge: a city in Belgium.
Maribor: a city in Slovenia.
Novigrad: a city in Croatia.
Verden: a city in France.
Cintra: Sintra is a city in Portugal.
Oxenfurt: an obvious reference to Oxford.
Cidaris: a genus of pencil sea urchins.
Ard Carraigh: Ard - from Old French, from German -hard ‘hard, hardy’. Carraigh - might be from Scottish Gaelic carragh 'rock'.
Rinde - Old English rinde 'bark, crust,' later 'peel of a fruit or vegetable'.
Roggeveen: 'rye field' in Dutch.
Poviss: Powys was a small Welsh kingdom.
Creyden: possibly derived from Crayden, wich means 'gift of God' in Old English.
Lan Exeter: Exete - Old English Exanceaster, Escanceaster, from Latin Isca (c.150), from Celtic river name Exe 'the water' + Old English ceaster 'Roman town'.
Pont Vanice: Pont - 'bridge; in french. Vanice - probably derived from Venice.
Attre: a village in France.
Toussaint: a commune in France.
Beauclair: another commune in France.
Brokilon: most likely inspired by Broceliande, an enchated forest, wich appears in the Arthurian legend.
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2018.09.19 14:28 Anonymous_1-2-3-4-5 MCU Movies Behind the Scenes Facts *Wanted to do this for fun* Day 8: Thor: The Dark World

So i'm going to go on IMDB and look at each MCU movies behind the scenes facts and POST THE MOST INTERESTING ONES here, I will post each movie a day instead of what I did before where I did 10 posts, I will start with the first Iron Man and each day will be the next MCU movie after it, ending with Guardians 3, I will also do the Netflix Shows, Agents of Shield and Agent Carter


1. Tom Hiddleston wore a Captain America suit, and did an impression of Chris Evans. Evans later showed up on-set and shot his cameo, imitating Hiddleston's impression.

2. (At around one hour and twenty-three minutes) Chris Hemsworth improvised hanging Mjölnir (his Hammer) on a coat hook in a polite manner, after playing with it between takes.

3. Chris Hemsworth grew out his hair for over a year to have more authentic long hair, rather than use a wig, like he had to do in Thor (2011).

4. The prologue was filmed in a blend of live-action and CGI, as the Asgardian/Dark Elf costumes were too constrictive, in which to fight effectively and convincingly. There are only three characters played by human actors in the entire scene, Malekith, Kurse, and Bor. All other characters are CGI.

5. This is the last film written by Don Payne (who also wrote Thor (2011)). He died from bone cancer before the film was released.

6. According to Natalie Portman, she was not available to film the post-credit scene where Thor and Jane Foster finally kiss. Instead it was shot with Chris Hemsworth's wife Elsa Pataky.

7. (At around one hour and five minutes) Thor accidentally destroys a statue of his grandfather Bor, and Loki wisecracks that he killed him. In the Marvel comics, Thor ended up killing his grandfather, as part of a deception by Loki.

8. The filmmakers chose Iceland as the setting for the dark world of Svartalfheim, for its black volcanic landscapes. The name itself, "Svartalfheim", literally means "Home of the Black Elves" in Old Norse (Icelandic).

9. Because of the height difference between the two, a box, and later a ramp, had to be used in some of the close-up, and kissing scenes between Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth.

10. Loki was originally not going to appear at all, and there was going to be a much greater focus on Malekith and the Dark Elves. Following his popularity in The Avengers (2012), the script was re-written to give him a big role.

11. (At around twenty-six minutes) The scene where Dr. Jane Foster slaps Thor, had to be shot several times, because Natalie Portman kept "fake-slapping" Chris Hemsworth to avoid hurting him. After about thirty takes, she was slapping him for real. (At around one hour and two minutes) Later on, where Dr. Jane Foster first meets Loki and punches him, Portman actually did hit Tom Hiddleston. This time around, it only took her five takes to get to that point.

12. Director Alan Taylor was so impressed by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje's performance as Kurse, he made Adewale do all of his stunts, because the stuntmen did not move the same way as he did.

13. (At around one hour and one minute) Chris Evans spoke of Loki's Captain America impersonation: "I spent over two years trying to not play Steve Rogers that over-the-top!"

14. A new language was created specifically for the Dark Elves. Christopher Eccleston (Malekith) and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje (Kurse) had to memorize some of their dialogue in this alien script.

15. There were about thirty hammers made for Thor of various weights for different uses. The main hammer was made from aluminum, but it is replicated in different materials and weights, including a "soft" version for stunts. Of the thirty, five versions were used most often, including the "lit hammer", that emits light when lightning strikes.

16. Joss Whedon was brought in to do uncredited re-writes for a few scenes, including the extremely brief encounter with Kronan (which was originally a much longer scene) and Loki briefly masquerading as Captain America in a hallway conversation with Thor.

17. The Asgardian waterfalls were based on the Dettifoss waterfall in Iceland, Europe's most powerful waterfall. An aerial camera crew flew to Iceland to film the Dettifoss waterfall from every angle to use as a base for developing the visual.

18. The mid-credits scene was directed by James Gunn, and ties into Guardians of the Galaxy (2014).

19. (At around eighteen minutes) The shot of the levitating truck was achieved with a large hydraulic rig, which could be programmed to change speed and movement.

20. Josh Dallas was supposed to return as Fandral, but commitment with Once Upon a Time (2011) prevented him from returning. He was replaced with Zachary Levi, who was the original choice for the role.

21. Filming at the famous Stonehenge historical site proved to be a challenge. After finally getting permission from English Heritage, the filmmakers found out that there were lots of rules and regulations associated with filming there. They could only be in amongst the stones outside of the normal visiting hours. So shooting had to take place early in the morning before opening, which only gave the film crew about three hours before they had to pull back for wider shots, once the stones were opened to the public. Being a heritage site, no one was allowed to touch the stones, nor walk on any of them, so a lot of logistics had to be applied to the filming there.

22. It took six hours of make-up to complete Malekith's look.

23. At the end of September, Jaimie Alexander was injured on the London film set: "It was raining, it was dark outside, it was like five in the morning, and I went down a metal staircase and slipped and slipped a disc in my thoracic spine, and chipped eleven of my vertebrae. I knocked my left shoulder out of place, and tore my rhomboid on my right side. It took me out of filming for a month!"

24. (At around fifty-two minutes) The diagrams seen on Dr. Erik Selvig's (Stellan Skarsgård's) board contain homages to elements in Marvel Comics: The number "616" is a designation given to a specific Marvel universe (the original one that started in the 1960s, the Marvel Cinematic Universe is designated 199999). Simonson's Theory of Relativity is an homage to Thor comic Writer Walter Simonson. The Nexus of All Reality is a location in the Florida Everglades, where dimensions intersect, which is guarded by the hero Man-Thing. The Crossroads is an intersection for routes to different worlds. The Fault is a tear in the fabric of the universe, attended to by The Guardians of the Galaxy.

25. Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje described Kurse as "an amalgamation of a bull and a lava-like creature". For his role as Kurse, he underwent a daily three hours of make-up, and forty-pound prosthetics: "I'm sure there will be a certain amount of CGI, but a good eighty percent was me in that suit."

26. Alan Taylor was unhappy with how the movie turned out. Although he had received full creative freedom while the movie was shot, he stated that the studio had turned it into a different movie during post-production; a situation he "(hoped) never to repeat, and (doesn't) wish upon anybody else".

27. Tom Hiddleston describes Loki as a "firework" in this film: "Well, where next? What's he going to do? What level of remorse does he have? If he does have any remorse or regret, why? Who does he feel guilty in front of, and who does he laugh in the face of? What's his motivation? If he stands to win, what does he stand to win? As a character, you have all of these new motivations, but as an actor, I am absolved from playing hero or villain, I'm just the live wire, and that was more fun than I can possibly tell you."

28. (At around eight minutes) The stone creature Thor fights is a Kronan, an alien being that appeared in Thor's first comic, "Journey Into Mystery" #83.

29. An abandoned plotline was to have Dr. Jane Foster turned into a villain by the Aether, and destroy Svartalfheim, as a show of her power before going to Earth. It was dropped in favor of keeping the focus on Malekith, and not introducing a third villain before the finale.

30. The stuntmen and extras, playing the Dark Elves, had to go through a training period where they practiced standing tall and proud, since the dark elves are envisioned to be a noble people. Prosthetics Designer David White helped out too, by designing the helmet so that the eye line was slightly pulled down, forcing the actors to tilt their heads slightly up and back, which gave them a very proud, strong feel.

31. (At around fourteen minutes) A fair amount of improvisation was allowed on-set. Kat Dennings (Darcy Lewis) calling Stellan Skarsgård (Dr. Erik Selvig) "banana balls", was made up on the spot.

32. In the Marvel Comics, the Svartalfar (beings of Svartalfheim) are Dark Elves. In Norse Mythology, it literally means black elf.

33. (At around one hour and forty minutes) The Aether is identified by the Collector to be an Infinity Gem. Its red color identifies it as the Gem of Power. However, according to James Gunn, the Gem of Power is the one that appears in Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) (The Orb).

34. (At around forty-eight minutes) Malekith's thunder burned face is an homage to the classic Walt Simonson design of the character, whose face was half-purple in the comics. The starburst on his chest armor was also a nod to the original comic design.

35. In the Marvel Comics and actual Norse mythology, the Einherjar are the souls of the glorious dead feasting in Valhalla. In this film, they are Asgard's city guards.

36. Jaimie Alexander returned as Lady Sif in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (2013) Season One, Episode Fifteen, "Yes Men".

37. Jake Morrison redefined Thor's flight ability in the film: "He's jumping to attack somebody, it should be more of a lift and land, rather than necessarily a straight-line drive. The thinking behind that is that he can control the weather, so the wind can keep him aloft to allow him to have that kind of profile."

38. In late 2011, Patty Jenkins was officially announced as the director for this film. In December 2011, she backed out of the project, due to "creative differences". Natalie Portman was publicly upset that talks between Marvel and Patty Jenkins broke down, some sources even claim she threatened to not take part in the film with another director, but couldn't get out of her contract. Jenkins directed Wonder Woman (2017).

39. Up to eleven thousand weapons were used for this film. A team of up to twenty technicians worked to build new props, or transform some of the props from the first film, with more wear and tear.

40. Tom Hiddleston half-jokingly offered to direct, but was turned down, because of a lack of previous experience.

41. Director Alan Taylor has said that he's "very happy to not take responsibility" for the mid-credits scene, which featured The Collector, and was directed by James Gunn. He has since apologized for this, and to James Gunn.

42. Visual Effects Supervisor Jake Morrison described the final battle as Time Toffee: "As you punch through from one realm to another it's almost like a slightly gelatinous membrane you have to pass through. It bends a little bit then rips and spits the person out."

43. The black hole grenade effects were based on depth charges. To capture this effect, the visual effects experts built a water tank, where they observed how depth charges operate, and their effects: "The depth charge was used for the initial blast, and it ended up adding the first part of the one-two punch, a depth charge for the expansion, and the crush as a pay-off!"

44. In this film, the substance the Dark Elves are after, is called Aether. Aether is the mythological personification of the sky in Greek mythology, and later in alchemy and medieval science, as the material that fills the region of the universe above the terrestrial sphere. A reason of the use of the word "aether" can be because of its connection to dark energy, to which the Dark Elves are connected, in this film.

45. Idris Elba has said he disliked working on the film, as the constant re-shoots were exhausting, and time-consuming. He even referred to working on the film as "torture".

46. Mads Mikkelsen was considered for the role of Malekith, but he dropped out, due to scheduling conflicts with the concurrently filming Hannibal (2013) (a role portrayed by Sir Anthony Hopkins in three films, and who plays Odin in this film). Christopher Eccleston was cast instead. Mikkelsen appeared in Marvel's Doctor Strange (2016).

47. Despite being the main villain (and even being on the poster), Christopher Eccleston's name doesn't appear in most of the promotional material, including the poster.

48. The filmmakers planned to use Thor's antagonist, the fire demon Surtur in this film. They were going to feature Surtur's realm Muspelheim in the film, and had scouted for fire dancers to cast as fire giants. The filmmakers eventually decided not to use Surtur in the film, and instead featured a second look at Jotunheim from the first film. A glimpse of a volcanic realm (Muspelheim) is visible during the Convergence. Surtur appears in Thor: Ragnarok (2017).

49. Kenneth Branagh turned down directing this film, as he felt that the locked release date didn't give him enough pre-production time, that he decided to work on Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (2014) instead.

50. This is the first Marvel Studios film to start with just the Marvel Studios logo. Aptly enough, starting with this film, the logo has been given an update, as well as a fanfare, written by Composer Brian Tyler.

51. (At around eight minutes) A Kronan (stone creature from Saturn) faces off against Thor. This was the first person that Thor faced in the comics.

52. Valkyrie was set to appear at one point, and concept art of her costume was even drawn up. The character later appeared in Thor: Ragnarok (2017).

53. Carter Burwell was to write the score, but left the film over creative differences, and was replaced by Iron Man 3 (2013) Composer Brian Tyler.

54. Loki, in Norse Mythology, is the God of Mischief, Evil, and at one time, also the God of Firesides and Hearth. In this film, he is the God of Mischief, and we see a hint of evil, perhaps edging towards the God of Evil side. "Loki" is additionally Old Norse for "Mischief" ( "Lokki" is Finnish for "seagull" and Latvian for "spring onion"). In Norse Mythology, Loki also had four children: Hel, the ruler of Hel, Sleipnir, an eight legged horse (we see him in the first Thor film), Jormagund/Jormungandr, a giant sea serpent, and Fenrir, a giant wolf who will devour the sun at Ragnarok.

55. At only one hour and fifty-two minutes, this is the shortest Marvel movie to date. (It is tied with The Incredible Hulk (2008).)

56. Chapter Two of Phase Two in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

57. One action scene involved one hundred forty marauders, an assortment of weapons, some from the aliens in The Avengers (2012), a mix of Roman, medieval, and nearly every Earth culture. The idea is that the gang of space pirates would have taken possession of an assortment of many types of weapons from their adventures. They use axes, swords, spears, morning stars, whips, and guns.

58. About ten different designs for alien guns were created for the film. The guns in this movie work mostly with lasers. There was a choice to avoid cartridges or ballistic weapons.

59. Multiple people on the production kept referring to the dark elves as like "stormtroopers".

60. The prologue was directed by Tim Miller.

61. (At around fifty-two minutes) In Stellan Skarsgård's first dialogue scene in this movie, he is wearing blue and yellow pants. These are the shade and color of his native country's flag: Sweden.

62. Odin's throne room set was built on stage H at Shepperton Studios, the same stage where the ceremony scene was shot for Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977). It also housed the moon set for 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968). Disney purchased Lucasfilm, Ltd. Stage H is very large, the biggest at Shepperton.

63. In the comics, Dr. Jane Foster took over the mantle of Thor for a bit, replacing the original character in his monthly comic book title.

64. Producer Kevin Feige described this film as "the Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back (1980) of Marvel's Thor saga."

65. The twelfth biggest grossing film of 2013.

66. Brian Kirk had entered into early negotiations to direct, but later dropped out. Patty Jenkins was later confirmed to direct, but dropped out citing creative differences between her and Marvel. Alan Taylor and Daniel Minahan were on the final shortlist to direct, until finally Taylor got the job.

67. To gain the muscle required for his role, Chris Hemsworth adopted a high protein diet, and his intense workout regiment had to constantly be changed, because of the filming schedule and filming locations.

68. This film features three of seven Doctor Who stars to have roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Christopher Eccleston appeared as one of the incarnations of the Doctor, Talulah Riley appeared in two episodes and Tony Curran appeared in one. Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy (2014) and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (2017)), Peter Serafinowicz (Guardians of the Galaxy (2014)), Toby Jones (Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) and Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)) and Jenna Coleman & David Bradley (Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)) have all had supporting roles in various seasons of the series.

69. This is the only Marvel film (besides Avengers: Infinity War (2018)) where Loki does not wear his horned helmet.

70. CAMEO: Stan Lee: (At around fifty-two minutes) As the man who asks Dr. Erik Selvig (Stellan Skarsgård) for his shoe back, when Dr. Selvig is in the mental ward explaining the Convergence theory.

71. The mid-credits scene of handing over the Aether to the Collector can be a reference to the comics, where he had the reality Infinity Stone, but unaware of its true power. In the scene however, he is fully aware that it is an Infinity Stone.

72. Possibly the only film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where H.Y.D.R.A. (or H.Y.D.R.A. as S.H.I.E.L.D.) does not influence the plot, even in the end credits scenes.

73. The first non-Iron Man MCU film in which the lead villain is killed off by the end of the film.
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2018.02.18 15:01 AutoModerator Weekly Roundup

News roundup for the previous week.
In International news
  1. Second Taiwan businessman questioned over North Korea oil sales
  2. #Sweden ‘using me as chess piece’ says detained Hong Kong bookseller Gui Minhai. : “I have seen through the Swedish government. If they continue to create troubles, I may consider giving up my Swedish citizenship.”
  3. London's Heathrow Airport Under Fire For Discriminating Against Chinese Travelers
  4. Canada win gold in team event after Chan, Daleman shine: Canada took gold in the team figure skating event after stellar performances by Gabrielle Daleman and Patrick Chan, who landed two quads early in his free skate on his way to finally earn an Olympic gold
  5. Monroe Doctrine well past its use-by date... For US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to play up the policy in South America is like Britain praising the Opium War as it tries to improve relations with China
  6. Taiwan lied about Japanese rescue team
  7. China-led tsunami warning center for South China Sea region launched
  8. Don’t use Huawei phones, say heads of FBI, CIA, and NSA
  9. Six U.S. intelligence agencies warn against using Huawei phones
  10. India Suspects China of Disrupting River Sutlej Flow: Sutlej and its 27 tributaries are solely dependent on water flow from the Chinese side and any untoward action by China would have the potential to dry up these tributaries, many of which sustain India's agrarian and hydro-power projects
  11. A pastor suspected of sexually assaulting two Chinese exchange students at a Southern California motel has surrendered to authorities
  12. Difference in bilingual apology shows insincerity of Heathrow duty free shop: "the Chinese public," "the emotion of indignation and doubts about this company," "there will be no recurrence of this kind of incident in the future." Their equivalents cannot be found in the English version
  13. China doesn't understand U.S. "feeling of insecurity"
  14. FBI director calls Chinese students part of ‘whole-of-society’ threat to the US
  15. A Nearly Invisible Oil Spill Threatens Some of Asia’s Richest Fisheries
  16. Revival of McCarthyism. All ethnic Chinese in America or abroad to be seen as a threat to American status
  17. More Chinese Graduates from Foreign universities Returning Home: due to factors including the strength of the Chinese economy, especially in the technology industry
  18. Watch Hong Kong’s dancing Kim Jong-un impersonator get ejected by police at Winter Olympics – again. Told by police he had broken a rule against making political statements. “I just showed up with my flag and my face, If you don’t like my face there’s nothing you can do about it. I was born this way
  19. Young Chinese American coder Emma Yang sparks "Timeless" memories for people with Alzheimer's: app using facial recognition technology to remind people with Alzheimer's who they are looking at when sent a picture. It also shows whether they just called someone they are about to redial
  20. Chinese consumers urged to stop buying foreign goods in wake of Heathrow duty free ‘insult’: In its article, headlined “Heathrow airport has apologised, but the questioning of it shall not stop”, the party mouthpiece urged Chinese consumers to fight back against discrimination
  21. Nathan Chen: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me. I am a first-generation American of Chinese descent. My parents were both born and raised in China and moved to the U.S. in their twenties. My Chinese name is Chen Wei
  22. China sees an opening as Trump loses confidence of Latin America
  23. Partygoer at museum accused of taking thumb off statue
  24. China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ is threat to US in Latin America – US commander
  25. Philippines in Talks With China for Joint Sea Exploration
  26. Nathan Chen Lands Historic 6 Quadruple Jumps in His Last 2018 Olympic Competition: Gold medalist Tara Lipinski “He’s superhuman.” Bronze medalist Tim Goebel “He has defined the current limit of the sport.” “For the time being,” “he’s set the standard.”
  27. China's U.S. envoy says 'dangerous to advocate confrontation': “It would be wishful thinking to believe that some political or cultural genetic engineering could be done to change China’s DNA.”
  28. Peter Wang, Florida school shooting victim: Brave teen seen holding door open for others during shooting
  29. China and Latin America set new priorities at major Chile meet
  30. China urges US to get tough on man who stole thumb from US$4.5 million terracotta warrior on display in a Philadelphia museum
In Domestic news
  1. Hong Kong actor Shawn Yue apologises after his clothing brand website lists Taiwan and Hong Kong as separate countries
  2. China's former chief of internet regulator expelled from Communist Party
  3. China to boost broadband internet speeds in rural areas to narrow education gap
  4. Chinese oracle bone inscriptions current with modern popularity: a series of stickers for smartphone inspired with ancient Chinese oracle bone inscriptions named “The oracle has expression” became the "new favorite" of Chinese social media users
  5. Xi Jinping’s anti-graft drive has caught so many officials that Beijing’s elite prison is running out of cells
  6. Much of Asia is about to shut down for several days
  7. About the CCTV Spring Festival Gala’s ‘Racist’ Africa Comedy Sketch
  8. PLA lends brain and brawn for China’s New Year travel rush. The military helps run the country's powerful ticketing platform, capable of 700 transactions per second, and also sends troops to guard stations.
  9. China reassigns 60,000 soldiers to plant trees in bid to fight pollution
  10. Fireworks bans in Beijing, Tianjin keep air pollution in check
In SciTech news
  1. China is rapidly closing the US’s lead in #AI research: 23% of the authors of papers presented at the 2017 AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence were Chinese, compared to just 10% in 2012. At the same time, the share of US authors fell from 41% to 34%
  2. China's cancer researcher Zhu Chen won The Sjoberg Prize 2018, together with French researchers Anne Dejean and Hugues de The, for the unique treatment that cures a once fatal cancer
  3. Chinese scientists succeed in world's first stem-cell-regenerated healthy lung tissue
  4. Drone Startup Takes Guangzhou Deputy Mayor to the Skies: In the video, about 40 passengers, including Guangzhou’s deputy mayor and Hu Huazhi, Ehang’s founder and CEO, take turns flying in the vehicle over rural and urban areas in a variety of weather conditions
  5. Robocops guard Spring Festival travelers: They can aid their human colleagues in duties, such as asking passengers passengers not to smoke and searching for suspects. Passengers can also get in touch with the human policemen through the video conversation systems on the robots' faces
  6. The West should take note: China's tech revolution is only just starting. We are witnessing the ascendance of a superpower through prodigious mercantile and technological influence.
  7. Chinese search engine operator and AI powerhouse Baidu said it has developed a model that can predict store sales for the next day. After cashiers, supermarket managers may be next to lose jobs.
  8. New system developed to boost China’s earthquake prediction ability: AETA is able to capture earthquake precursors, record signs before and after a quake, and discover patterns to predict earthquakes
  9. Is China the future of high-performance computing?
  10. Beijing opens first road test center for self-driving cars: Companies including Baidu Inc., Baic Motor, and HiRain Technologies have already started testing their self-driving car technology at the new center
  11. Chinese scientists develop heat-resistant memristor: Traditionally, memristors running at high temperatures need a cooling system to guarantee smooth operations, but that increases the cost and energy consumption and lowers reliability
  12. At China’s new smart gas stations, no cash, cards, or smartphone apps will be required
  13. How #acupuncture helped Chinese and US researchers pinpoint a new asthma drug: amount of a certain protein metallothionein-2 in blood serum increased after acupuncture but decreased following asthma attacks. Suggested that the protein, which smooths muscle cells, helps to prevent or treat attacks
  14. China Tech Industry to Reach Parity w/US by 2030, By Some Measures is Already a Match
  15. Chinese farmers are using AI to help rear the world’s biggest pig population
  16. China's great leap forward in science
  17. As China marches forward on AI, the White House is silent
In Economic news
  1. China disillusioned with Central Asian gas; switches to Russian gas... Article in Global Times complains of irregular deliveries of gas from Central Asia; hinting at preference for Russian gas
  2. Electric Buses Will Take Over Half the World Fleet by 2025. The number of electric buses will triple within seven years, and virtually all of them will be in China.
  3. Could the Renminbi Challenge the Dollar?
  4. China lifted 68.53 million people out of poverty over the past five years, as it made impressive progress in poverty reduction.
  5. Check out what Alibaba and are doing in ecommerce and logistics
  6. China about to throw down the gauntlet to the petrodollar
  7. China Signs First Long-Term Deal for U.S. Natural Gas: Under the deal, China National Petroleum will receive 1.2 million tons of LNG a year through 2043. A portion of that supply will ship this year and the rest will begin in 2023
  8. Trump spars with GOP lawmakers on steel tariffs (Trump is unconvinced by HISTORY of tariffs not working for US)
  9. China Imposes Anti-Dumping Measure Amid Trade Tensions (A preliminary ruling by the Ministry of Commerce said styrene monomer from the United States, South Korea and Taiwan is being sold at prices 5 to 10.7 percent below the proper level)
  10. Tesla’s China Dream Threatened by Standoff Over Shanghai Factory
  11. Despite rising wages, China's role as a global manufacturing power will continue. Ironically enough, thanks to technologies such as automation.
  12. Beijing and Shanghai: the 5th and 6th Wealthiest Cities in the World according to 2018 Report
  13. What happened in China business last week?
  14. America's nominal GDP is around 18 trillion and China's is around 11 trillion. Why does China have a relatively larger government revenue and expenditure? Is it possible that China's GDP is under reported or is the US's over reported?
  15. SEC kills Chinese-linked takeover of Chicago Stock Exchange
  16. Chinese bike-sharing firms gear up to launch in Mexico
  17. China Warns It May Retaliate If U.S. Imposes Metal Tariffs
In Military news
  1. China's Big Plans to Win Its Next War
  2. China's J-20 stealth jet put into air force combat service
  3. More support bases to be built to assist PLA Navy: analyst
  4. China shot down another missile in space
  5. [Emerging risks for US] Pulling Back the Curtain on China’s Rocket Force
  6. China's J-20 stealth fighters and Su-35 jets in combat training
  7. China will soon have air power rivalling the West’s
Other Notables
  1. Instant Pot a Chinese Canadian success story
  2. Chinadaily Cartoon: Japan's pacifist constitution
  3. Can this ancient Chinese philosophy save us from global chaos? The rationality of tianxia
  4. How To Embrace the Chinese Language
  5. In addition to many, many other self-righteous, judgemental, and prejudicial demonization efforts, West demonizes China-Africa cooperation.
  6. Africa will disdain responding to West’s China smears
  7. How are China's high-speed trains guaranteed to run safely
  8. China unveils new four-legged robot that gallops like a horse
  9. A side to Xi Jinping you probably haven’t seen before
  10. Opinion: Heritage is Hip With Chinese Millennials
  11. Does anyone know where I can get a live feed of cctv 5 that's not on their official site?
  12. Chinese architecture - Symmetry by 理想主义设计
  13. The myths that shaped China: Developed and passed orally at first, Chinese myths were later collected and recorded throughout the history in books such as “The Classic of Mountains and Seas” and “Huainanzi” (The Writings of the Masters South of the Huai)
  14. China - the new world power
  15. Unearthing the Islamic Relics of China’s Medieval Port City
  16. Hypothetical Flag of a Taiwan Special Administrative Region
  17. rising anti-China sentiment in the US is not constructive
  18. Protect A Rare Hanzi Web Promo
  19. Winter Olympics meets Valentine's Day: Figure skating pair Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo. Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo announced their engagement after the 2007 World Figure Skating Championships and married shortly after
  20. Winter Olympics meets Valentine's Day: Figure skating pair Pang Qing and Tong Jian. They partnered from 1993 and got married on June 18, 2016
  21. Winter Olympics meets Valentine's Day: Curlers from South Korea and China Kim Ji-sun and Xu Xiaoming. Kim Ji-sun is a South Korean curler and she was captain of the 2014 South Korean Olympic curling team. She married Chinese curler Xu Xiaoming in November 2011
  22. Spring Festival Gala Live Broadcast
  23. Europe Raiders (欧洲攻略, 2018) film trailer
  24. Russian girl vs American girl on Chinese tv show
  25. Latvian capital holds Chinese New Year celebration
  26. International landmarks lit up for #ChineseNewYear #SpringFestival2018
  27. Happy Lunar New Year!!
  28. Public security turns the tables on traditional family feasting: Lin Xinhui, 33, and Zhu Yanjun, 35, a married couple who both work as police officers, face another year having to forfeit the traditional Chinese Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner with their two children and other family members
  29. About the SCMP's article on the racist Chinese New Year skit. I got to say, China's internet nationalists should start using better arguments against the Western trolls and Hong Kongers.
  30. Mexico City rings in the #ChineseNewYear
  31. Lanterns light up Yuyuan Garden for Spring Festival
  32. Feliz ano nuevo ! 新年快乐!
  33. In what ways is China benefiting from the Trump Presidency?
  34. Looking for input on what can be improved on Chinese healthcare processes
  35. State Department unclassified CIA's Tibetan activity in the 60s
  36. China's High Speed Trains
  37. Chinese Animation ‘Big Fish & Begonia’ Set for April U.S. Release
  38. Why is western media increasingly pro-China?
  39. China Xinhua News on Twitter: "Stunning! A fleet of self-driving vehicles travel on world's longest sea bridge on Lunar New Year's Eve, in celebration of Chinese New Year. Hong Kong…
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2018.01.27 01:33 randomj77 A Very Late Half Season Prospect Report

Hi all.
Firstly apologies for the lateness of this write-up. I've been pretty busy with life and school so I could not make my original deadline for game 41. If you haven't seen my first prospect check-in you can find it here although it obviously out of date now.
I feel it is important to add as a disclaimer that obviously I am far from a professional scout, nor have I really seen any of these players in action outside of a few games here or there. This means that the basis of my analysis is points which obviously don't always paint the full picture for a player, but its all I have to go on.
Anyway without further ado, let's take a look at some prospects.


It has not been smooth sledding for the Comets, as the team has been more or less buried under a mountain of injuries. It seems like half the team at any given time is made up of players on tryout contracts. Despite this adversity, the Comets have managed to keep their heads above water, thanks in part to some excellent goaltending, and stellar play from the players still in the lineup. The Comets sit 4th in the Northern Division.
Guillaume Brisebois (D 66th overall 2015)
Height: 6’3 Weight: 190 Hometown: St. Hilaire, Quebec
Age: 20
GP G A Pts
40 1 6 7
It has been a pretty promising campaign for Guilamme Brisebois. The first year pro has added 5 more assists since our last check-in and leads the Comets in games played with 40. Brisebois has been thrown directly into the deep-end, partially out of necessity, and he's performed admirably given the circumstances.
Michael Carcone (RW undrafted, signed 2016)
Height: 5’10 Weight: 170 Hometown: Ajax, Ontario
Age: 21
GP G A Pts
35 9 7 16
After a sluggish start, Michael Carcone has really picked up the pace. He's added 8 goals and 6 assists since the last check-in. As one of the few healthy Comets through the wave of injury, Carcone's improved play is definitely a part of why the Comets have managed to hold a positive record despite their bad luck. Carcone has provided the Comets with some solid secondary scoring, and he's shown some good growth in his game.
Cole Cassels (C 85th overall 2013)
Height: 6’1 Weight: 180 Hometown: Dublin, Ohio
Age: 22
GP G A Pts
36 4 11 15
Are we finally seeing the emergence of Cole Cassels? At the time of the last write-up, Cassels had one solitary point, and I questioned whether he even had a future in the organization after this season. Since then, he's put up 4 goals and 10 assists in 28 games. The third-year pro has struggled to adapt to the American League after ending his junior career with a Memorial Cup win, but his 14 points are already a career best for Cassels. This hot streak is a long time coming for the Hartford native and it's really nice to see some signs of life at least from Cassels. If you remember the son of former Canuck Andrew Cassels missed the start of his season with an upper-body injury sustained during pre-season. I'm not getting my hopes too high yet for Cassels, but this improvement is an exciting development, to say the least.
Jalen Chatfield (D Undrafted, Signed 2017)
Height: 6’0 Weight: 188 Hometown: Ypsilanti, Michigan
Age: 21
GP G A Pts
39 0 5 5
Without access to any real advanced stats, it's very difficult for me to discuss a player like Chatfield, since he plays a very defensively sound game and doesn't make much noise in the offensive zone. The first year pro left the pre-season with much fan-fair after playing a stretch of very excellent games. If not for a very crowded blueline, I wouldn't have been surprised if Chatfield would have been given a few NHL games at the start of the season. He's still looking for his first pro-goal, but if the Comets official Twitter is to be believed, Chatfield has been starting on the top pairing along with veteran blue-liner Patrick Weircoch for the past while which obviously is a very good look for the young defender. Chatfield is an attractive option for the team going forward on the blueline, especially if Chris Tanev gets moved out of town since they play a very similar style of game. Overall a very promising start for the young Michiganian.
Thatcher Demko (G 36th overall 2014)
Height: 6’4 Weight: 195 Hometown: San Diego, California
Age: 21
28 16 7 3 0.929 2.28
If you ask me, Thatcher Demko has been the Canucks' prospect MVP this season, and yes I know Kole Lind and Elias Pettersson exist. The second-year pro has been the deciding factor in keeping the Comets afloat despite all their struggles. Demko's save percentage and goals-against average sparkle, especially when compared to his pipes partner Richard Bachman's rather ghastly 3.34 GAA and 3.34 SV%. Demko is top ten in SV% (4th), GAA (7th) and wins (5th) in the AHL, and it's just recently been announced that he, along with Reid Boucher, will be Utica's representatives at the AHL all-star game this coming Sunday and Monday. Utica is actually the host city of the game this year, so that should be extra fun for Demko to play in front of home fans. I think most people expected Demko to be good, being such a high rated goalie, but I'd bet that few expected him to be this good this early. Demko is developing at an extremely fast rate, and it is honestly not that far outside the realm of possibility that he ends up as Vancouver's starting goaltender by the end of next season. Everyone should be very exciting for this young man's future.
Nikolay Goldobin (RW/LW 27th overall 2014, Acquired 2017)
Height: 5’11 Weight: 185 Hometown: Moscow, Russia
Age: 21
With Utica:
GP G A Pts
22 7 18 25
With Vancouver:
GP G A Pts
14 2 2 4
Probably one of the most debated players in the Canucks or.nganization, the middle frame of the season certainly had its ups and downs for Goldobin. Not long after the last check-in, the injury bug hit Vancouver even worse, and Goldobin was called up. There were some good things and bad things that I saw during Goldy's 14 game stint in the NHL, which is a career high for him in terms of games played. The young Russian's talent is obvious, he's got great hands and clear offensive instincts. One needs to look no further for an example of Goldobin's offensive talents than his absolute beauty of a goal against the Kings, where he had Norris winner Drew Doughty searching for his jockstrap in the rafters after Goldobin walked him. That goal is going to be on end of season highlight reels across the country and was definitely the best moment of Goldobin's last NHL stint. There were definitely problems with Goldobin's stint as well. He still struggles defensively, he can tend to look invisible sometimes, and he certainly took a shift or two off here and there. Coach Green certainly didn't mince his words when he commented on Goldobin's poor practice habits early into his call-up. Speaking of, Travis clearly doesn't have a very long leash on Goldobin and he frequently found himself watching the game from the press box or riding the pine in the third period. While this is certainly frustrating for many fans, who see his tantalizing offensive game and want to see what he could do with a lot of ice time, in my opinion at least the tough love is good for Goldobin's game. Consistency has been Goldobin's biggest problem and he needs to learn to round out his game if he wants to be a full-time NHL player. Coming into the bye week with a lot of injured players returning to the lineup, Goldobin was sent back down to Utica, in order both to make room and to keep getting Goldobin ice time during the week-long break. I imagine that once some roster moves are made during the trade deadline period, Goldobin will find himself back up with the big club, but in the meantime, he needs to keep working at his game in Utica. Since returning to the Comets, Goldobin has factored in 4 of the 5 games he's played, so clearly, he's got a fire under him.
Joe Labate (LW 101st overall 2014)
Height: 6’5 Weight: 205 Hometown: Eagan, Minnesota
Age: 24
GP G A Pts
31 6 5 11
It's been an up and down season for Joe Labate. The oldest Canucks draft pick left in the system, at age 24, Labate probably is what he is at this point. What Joe Labate is, in my mind at least is a big bodied, gritty forward, who will probably, unfortunately, remain an AHL/NHL tweener. Labate suffered an injury much like seemingly everyone else on the Comets earlier in the season. Labate's 6 goals tie him with his goal total from last season in a few fewer games, and he is on pace to pass his last season's point totals, although he only played about half the season due to his extended stay with the Canucks. Labate's biggest attribute, however, is his, well... bigness. Labate leads the Comets in penalty minutes by quite a considerable margin, and he's clearly using his physicality and size to his advantage. I don't know what the future holds for Labate, his age is quickly fazing him out of the "prospect" classification, but due to his size and toughness, he might be a decent piece to hold onto as a depth player.
Yan-Pavel LaPlante (LW 62nd overall 2013, signed 2016)
Height: 6’0 Weight: 183 Hometown: Chateauguay, Quebec
Age: 22
GP G A Pts
5 0 1 1
Things have gone from bad to worse for Laplante, as he actually has not played a single game since our last check-in. According to this tweet by Comets play by play voice Andy Zilch, Laplante has suffered an upper-body injury and is out for an indefinite amount of time. Laplante has one more year under contract with the Canucks after this one, hopefully, it will one where he can actually play.
Zack MacEwen (C Undrafted, Signed 2017)
Height: 6’4 Weight: 202 Hometown: Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
Age: 21
GP G A Pts
37 4 16 20
While Demko may be my MVP, Zack MacEwan gets my vote for the biggest surprise of the season. The hulking centre from PEI was a big question mark heading into the season, having just been signed along with Jalen Chatfield as an overger out of the Q. So far though, MacEwan has been one of the Comets best players, and as one of the Comets few healthy players during the injury-pocolypse that was the month of December, he played a major role in keeping the team in the hunt. Due to the injuries, MacEwan found himself playing a pivotal role on the team, anchoring the first line. MacEwan has been on the first line since late December with a revolving door of linemates, although with Michael Chaput returning to the Comets, I imagine MacEwan will be bumped down to the second line. MacEwan could actually have a few more goals than he currently does as well, he's fourth on the team in shots on goal, and is shooting currently at a very low 6.1 percent, meaning that if his shooting percentage averaged out, you'd see a few more goals from MacEwan at least. All in all, a very impressive showing from the rookie, who's quickly proving the naysayers wrong.
Evan McEneny (D Undrafted, Signed 2014)
Height: 6’2 Weight: 201 Hometown: Hamilton, Ontario
Age: 23
GP G A Pts
11 2 5 7
It's a tough time for Evan McEneny right now as just one season removed from his break-out year he's suffered a knee injury that will keep him on the sidelines for five months. This means that his season is effectively over. The Ontarian has one more year left on his contract, so hope is not lost for the young defender. This is now the second season that McEneny will likely lose to injury as his 2011-12 season with Kitchener lasted just two games before injuring this very same knee. Some bad luck for sure.
Griffen Molino (C Undrafted, Signed 2017)
Height: 6’0 Weight: 185 Hometown: Trenton, Michigan
Age: 23
GP G A Pts
25 2 3 5
Yet another Comet affected by injury, Molino has just recently gotten back from a lower-body injury after missing a few weeks. The speedy winger has not really factored on the point sheet too much picking up a goal and 3 assists since our last check-in. Molino has never been a very prolific scorer even back in college, so his somewhat poor counting stats aren't super surprising. Molino is one of the few Comets prospects with NHL experience, so even though he is a first-year AHL player his experience with the Canucks last season will likely help him. Thanks to his 5 game audition last season, Molino's only got this year left on his contract, although he will still be an RFA. I don't think Molino's overall ceiling is that high, however, it's never a bad thing to have a player with his kind of speed in the organization, especially in the new speed orientated NHL.
Ashton Sautner (D Undrafted, signed 2015)
Height: 6’0 Weight: 195 Hometown: Flaxdale, Saskatchewan
Age: 23
GP G A Pts
36 2 8 10
Now in his third AHL season, Ashton Sautner is on pace for his best statistical season. The defender was actually once a fairly decent scorer in the WHL with Edmonton, although you'd never know it by looking at his AHL numbers so far. Sautner was one of the many Comets to go down with an injury in December, but I believe he is back now, although it can be hard to figure out since the Comets don't tweet anything outside of their starting lineup. It's always good to see an improvement from a player, hopefully, Sautner can keep it up.


There aren't many prospects on the Canucks' ECHL affiliate, just the two defenders. In Kalamazoo's first season back affiliated with the Canucks after only one year away, the team is doing okay. They are above 500 and currently sit fourth in the central division.
Anton Cederholm (D 145th overall 2013)
Height 6’2 Weight: 210 Hometown: Helsingborg, Sweden
Age: 22
GP G A Pts
12 0 0 0
GP G A Pts
11 1 2 3
Due to the mountain of injuries with Utica, Cederholm made his AHL debut in November. The big Swede went pointless in his 12 games, and was reassigned back down to Kalamazoo on the 19th. Cederholm has never been anything close to an offensive defenseman, and scouts have wondered if his footspeed is good enough for today's game. I keep the tone of these write-ups mostly positive, since I like any good fan want all of our prospects to succeed but after so much time since being drafted with such little real successes, I have to wonder if Cederholm doesn't just pack it up and go back to home to Europe after this season ends. He has previously played in the SHL last season after being loaned there by the team.
Mackenze Stewart (D 186th overall 2014)
Height: 6’4 Weight: 215 Hometown: Calgary, Alberta
Age: 22
GP G A Pts
2 0 0 0
GP G A Pts
26 3 6 9
Perhaps one of the most unique prospects in the Canucks system, the seventh round pick has intrigued and confused Canucks fans since his draft day. I say this both because of his incredibly unlikely personal journey to being drafted, and because despite his very low numbers and perceived little upside he was given an ELC. Indeed Mackenze Stewart, who's name's lack of an I confuses even further, has a very scrutinzed figure in Canucks prospect watchers. For those who are unaware of Stewart's story, he was deaf until getting a life-altering surgery to restore his hearing later on in his childhood. Because of his impairment, Stewart didn't begin playing organized hockey until the age of 12, much later than almost anyone who has made it as far as he had. In that way, the fact that Mackenze Stewart is a professional hockey player at all is nothing short of remarkable and a great example of what perseverance and hard work can do. Stewart's story gets even more intriguing when you consider that his last season's point totals were a career high for him, not just for the ECHL but for as long as his statistics have been recorded. This means that Stewart recorded more points his first season in the ECHL last year than he ever did throughout his entire junior career. Not only that, but Stewart is on pace to beat his last season's point totals. This is a very interesting trend, throughout his career Stewart continued on a slow but steady path of improvement. The Calgarian is still a very long shot from ever suiting up for an NHL game, but his continued progression is very fascinating to see. If Stewart does continue to defy the odds and somehow makes it, I think he'll be one of the greatest stories in recent memory.


Matt Brassard (D 188th overall 2017)
Height: 6’2 Weight: 197 Hometown: Barrie, Ontario
Age: 19
Playing with: Oshawa Generals (OHL)
GP G A Pts
45 11 19 30
Matt Brassard is having a pretty good season. The seventh rounder from this most recent draft is on pace to pass his last season point total. The Barrie native has been extremely solid for the Generals, leading the team in defensive scoring and being second in plus/minus. Brassard's 30 points are actually good for 11th in scoring among defensemen in the OHL. So far its been a very optimistic start for Brassard, especially for a seventh round pick. Since Brassard will be 20 by the end of the year, he will be eligible for the Comets next season should the Canucks want to sign him
Cole Candella (D 140th overall 2016)
Height: 6’1 Weight: 196 Hometown: Mississauga, Ontario
Age: 19
Playing with: Sudbury Wolves (OHL)
GP G A Pts
46 3 23 26
After an injury shortened draft season, and an adismal draft +1 year, Candella was a struggling prospect coming into this season. In the offseason he found himself dealt from the Hamiliton Bulldogs to the Sudbury Wolves, which was predictied to be a better team before the season began. It seems that the Wolves have been a pretty good fit for the Mississauga native, he's already put up a career high in points this season, despite the fact that his team is one of the worst in the OHL. Nice to see some improvement from the 19 year old.
Michael DiPietro (G 64th overall 2017)
Height: 6’0 Weight: 200 Hometown: Amherst, Ontario
Age: 18
Playing with: Windsor Spitfires (OHL)
36 21 12 1 0.920 2.59
Michael DiPietro is following up a storybook season with an even better season. The Spitfires starter has put up his best save percentage so far, and is almost certainly going to surpass his number of games won this season as well. DiPietro's absurdly good 9.20 save percentage is tied for first among goalies who have played in at least 20 games and his goals-against average is also good for third in the OHL. The reigning Memorial cup winners have lost a lot of the talent from last season so they are not likely to be as competitive, as Windsor currently sits fourth in the West Division. This actually more impressive for DiPietro as he has less support from the team in front of him. Most assumed that DiPietro would be one of the goalies for Team Canada at the World Juniors, although unfortunately he was cut. Luckily, DiPietro is still eligible for the team next year, and he is much more likely to make the team now that Carter Hart, who played spectacularly for Canada will no longer be eligible.
Jonah Gadjovich (LW 55th overall 2017)
Height: 6’2 Weight: 209 Hometown: Whitby, Ontario
Age: 19
Playing with: Owen Sound Attack (OHL)
GP G A Pts
22 15 11 26
Canada (WJC):
GP G A Pts
7 2 1 3
It's been a very good season for Gadjovich. He's been signed to his first NHL contract, got to represent his country, and continued to play very well for Owen Sound. The big winger has missed quite a few games, first with an injury early in the season, then due to the World Juniors, and now because of an illness. Because of these missed games, it's unlikely that he will catch his lofty point totals from last season, but with how many milestones Gadjovich has achieved this year, I'm sure it doesn't bother him too much. As I mentioned before, Gadjovich got the chance to wear the red and white this winter, he was the only Canucks draft pick that made the team out of the three that were invited. He played a mostly defensive role for Canada, although he did manage to put up three points and help bring the gold back home to Canada. With Jonah being signed to an ELC, don't be surprised to see him in the AHL as soon as next season.
Kole Lind (C/RW 33rd overall 2017)
Height: 6’1 Weight: 178 Hometown: Shaunavon, Saskatchewan
Age: 19
Playing with: Kelowna Rockets (WHL)
GP G A Pts
38 24 42 66
Kole Lind is having a monster season, although if you're reading this you're probably well aware as Lind has been the 1talk of the Canucks corner of the internet. The Saskatchewan native is currently tied for 10th in league scoring and is riding a 16 game point streak. Not surprisingly Lind leads the Rockets, who are also first in the BC division in scoring. Lind's point totals would likely be even higher if not for a bought of mono he faced earlier in the season. Lind was a hopeful for Team Canada, but unfortunately, he was cut from the team. While surely disappointing for Lind, the cut just seemed to piss him off. Lind play picked up considerably since being cut, in fact, he scored a hat trick his first game back since training camp. That's the kind of push back you want to see.
Brett McKenzie (C 194th overall 2016)
Height: 6’1 Weight: 194 Hometown: Vars, Ontario
Age: 20
Playing with: Owen Sound Attack (OHL)
With North Bay (OHL)
GP G A Pts
31 9 14 23
With Owen Sound (OHL):
GP G A Pts
9 2 3 5
A runner-up for the OHL MVP award, some were assuming that McKenzie would be playing in Utica this season so it was a bit of a surprise when the centre was sent back to the OHL. This season has been a regression for McKenzie, after scoring at a point per game pace last season for North Bay. McKenzie was recently traded from the struggling North Bay to Owen Sound, and he was for a time at least playing on a line with fellow Canucks prospect Jonah Gadjovich as well as with Vegas first-rounder Nick Suzuki. It's a bit disappointing to see that McKenzie has been regressing, especially considering he's in his last year of junior when most players have their statistically best years.
Jakob Stukel (LW 154th overall 2016)
Height: 6’0 Weight: 192 Hometown: Surrey, British Columbia
Age: 20
Playing with: Calgary Hitmen (WHL)
GP G A Pts
47 22 15 37
It's been an average season so far for Jakob Stukel. The Surrey native is seemingly a very streaky scorer, although he has been trending downwards pointwise since his draft year, which obviously isn't a promising sign. Calgary is not a very good team this season, currently sitting third last in the league. One good thing for Stukel is that he is leading his team in scoring, meaning that both of our prospects in the WHL are leading their respective teams in scoring.


Adam Gaudette (C 149th overall 2014)
Height: 6’1 Weight: 182 Hometown: Braintree, Massachusetts
Age: 20
Playing with: Northeastern University (NCAA)
GP G A Pts
24 17 19 36
There have been a lot of prospects to get excitied about this season, and it's lead Adam Gaudette to maybe take a step out of the spotlight in the minds of the collective Nucks fans consciousness. While Pettersson, Lind, and Demko's performances have left us floating on a cloud of optimism never felt in this city before, Gaudette has still continued to do his thing. The Massachusetts native has shot up the depth chart since being drafted in the 5th round back in 2015. Now in his third collegiate season, he's been one of the best players in the NCAA. Gaudette leads both his team Northeastern, and the entire NCAA in scoring and is currently a candidate and presumably is going to be a finalist for the Hobey Baker award for the best colligate player. Gaudette was a strong consideration for USA hockey to play on the Olympic team in South Korea although he ultimately was not chosen. With Gaudette now in his third year, the team really needs to try to sign the centre now, to avoid the possibility that he could depart the organization through free agency after his fourth season.Of course, nothing is official until the ink is dry, but Gaudette's recent comments on TSN 1040 should put any major fears of Gaudette leaving to bed as Gaudette repeatedly mentions his desire to play for the team that drafted him, and even went so far as to say that he would be open to signing a contract this season. Meaning that we could see Adam in a Canucks jersey before the end of the season.
William Lockwood (RW 64th overall 2015)
Height: 5’11 Weight: 172 Hometown: Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
Age: 19
Playing with: University of Michigan (NCAA)
GP G A Pts
16 4 7 11
GP G A Pts
3 0 0 0
It was a great start to the season for Will Lockwood, he was leading his university in scoring, and then he was selected to the US world junior team. He was getting some attention at the tournament as well, until in the outdoor game against Canada Lockwood went down hard and looked to be hurt. Lockwood wouldn't play again in the tournament, and then was diagnosed with a seperated shoulder shortly after the tournament ended. He had previously injured his shoulder and thus couldn't play during the Young Stars tournament. This is a tough blow for Lockwood, who was performing quite well this season. His shoulder injury is expected to end his season.
Jack Rathbone (D 95th overall 2017)
Height: 5’10 Weight: 177 Hometown: West Roxbury, Massachusetts
Age: 18
Playing with: Dexter School (USHS)
GP G A Pts
0 0 0 0
Cape Cod Whalers U18 (MHSL)
GP G A Pts
8 4 0 4
Rathbone's high school season has yet to begin, so he's returned to his midget team. Rathbone's situation does confuse me a little bit. He's decided to stay at home one more year in part to remain close to his little brother with autism, and thus I guess his high school team has allowed him to play for them again, despite the fact that I'm almost certain he's no longer in high school. 4 goals in 8 games is alright, he's playing major midget which is probably the lowest calibre of the leagues that all the Canucks prospects are in. Rathbone will be attending Harvard next season, so that will give us a much better picture of the kind of player that he is.


Rodrigo Abols (C 184th overall 2016)
Height: 6’5 Weight: 192 lbs Hometown: Riga, Latvia
Age: 22
Playing with BIK Karlskoga (Allsvenskan)
GP G A Pts
7 2 3 5
with Orebro HK (SHL)
GP G A Pts
26 0 0 0
After 26 games of being a non-factor for Orebro, Abols was reassigned down to the Allsvenskan. He's faired quite a bit better down there than he was up in Orebro. He's tied a career high in points in a men's league with 5, although the last time he played in a men's league it was for Dynamo Riga in the KHL, so the calibre was probably a bit higher. Abols, who was a standout at Canucks training camp three years ago has certainly struggled to adapt to the pro game, after coming over from the QMJHL. The Latvian currently plays on the worst team in the Allsvenskan.
Jonathan Dahlen (C 42nd overall 2016, Acquired 2017)
Height: 5’11 Weight: 176 Hometown: Ostersund, Sweden
Age: 20
Playing with Timra IK (Allsvenskan)
GP G A Pts
31 20 17 37
We go from the worst team in the Allsvenskan to the best as Jonathan Dahlen's Timra IK is dominating Sweden's second tier and is looking likely to be promoted back to the SHL next season. The person spearheading this domination has been Dahlen, who despite missing seven games due to mono leads his team scoring by a fair margin. Dahlen was reportley given multiple offers to sign with SHL teams but he's chosen to remain in Timra. It's more than understandible why he would chose to do this, as he surely wants to see how far this team can go. The former Senators draft pick was traded to Vancouver for Alex Burrows and has been a very solid player in his native Sweden. Look for Dahlen to make his North American debut next season.
Kristoffer Gunnarsson (D 135th overall 2017)
Height: 6’1 Weight: 205 Hometown: Boras, Sweden
Age: 20
Playing with: Frolunda HC (SHL)
GP G A Pts
38 0 0 0
If you came expecting points this entry and Kristoffer Gunnarsson are not for you. His career professional points total in 2, which he recorded last season in the Allsvenskan. Despite his total lack of offense, the big bodied Swede is clearly doing something right as he 's managed to stick with Frolunda without being sent down, something he's struggled to do at other points in his career. Gunnarsson is far away from the spotlight in Frolunda as he shares the blueline with likely 1st overall pick (and possible future Canuck) Rasmus Dahlin.
Lukas Jasek (RW 174th overall 2015)
Height: 6’00 Weight: 165 Hometown: Trinec, Czech Republic
Age: 20
Playing with: HC Liberec Bili Tygri (Czech)
GP G A Pts
38 7 9 16
With HC Benatky nad Jizerou (Czech 2)
GP G A Pts
4 1 3 4
Lukas Jasek has just kept on chugging. The Czech forward did have a bit of a slip, and was sent down to the Czech second league, but has since been called back up to his top league team. According to key Canucks prospect watcher Ryan Biech, Jasek has looked like a completely different player this season, much more improved. Jasek was one of Canucks Army and other advanced stat sites favourite prospects so it is interesting to see that he is slowly improving. Jasek could still very much be a hidden gem.
Olli Juolevi (D 5th overall 2016)
Height: 6’2 Weight: 182 Hometown: Helsinki, Finland
Age: 19
Playing with TPS Turku (Liiga)
GP G A Pts
25 6 11 17
With Finland (WJC)
GP G A Pts
5 1 3 4
After a difficult start to the season, the 2016 5th overall pick has made big strides in his first year playing against men. Juolevi is currently third in defensive scoring for TPS, and thanks to his late start as well as the World Juniors has played some 20 games less than some of his teammates. The rookie is currently being coached by former Canuck Sami Salo, who recently appeared on Vancouver radio and was optimistic about Juolevi's progress this season. As mentioned, Juolevi also represented Finland at the World Juniors in Buffalo where he finished (hehe) tied for third in scoring and looked good alongside Finland's very stacked blueline. The World Junior tournament has been a Jekyll and Hyde situation for Juolevi, in his first tournament he played incredibly well, and his performance helped to raise his draft stock. In his second tournament, he served as the captain for Finland, however both he and his country had an absolutely disastrous tourney, finishing at the bottom of their division and having to play to avoid being relegated to the second tier. After that national embarrassment, Juolevi came into this year's tournament with mixed expectations, he'd been stripped of the captaincy and didn't even wear a letter for Finland, which is disappointing but not surprising as surely the Finnish team wanted to distance themselves from their last performance. From what I saw of Juolevi, he didn't play as well as his first tournament, nor as poorly as his second. I think this performance is more indicative of Juolevi as a player. He looked confident and poised, he was steady in his own end and was effective on the breakout. While there were a few glairing defensive errors, all in all I thought he was one of Finland's better players. Juolevi was in consideration to make Finland's Olympic team as well, although he was ultimately not selected.
Petrus Palmu (RW 181st 2017)
Height: 5’6 Weight: 179 Hometown: Joensuu, Finland
Age: 20
Playing with: TPS Turku (Liiga)
GP G A Pts
44 11 13 24
Petrus Palmu is having a pretty decent season, especially as a rookie. As I mentioned, Salo recently discussed both Juolevi and Palmu on the radio, and while he did have some good things to say about Palmu, he also mentioned that he needs to work on consistency. Palmu is top 5 in scoring in the Liiga and is seventh in scoring on TPS. So all in all, really not a bad season thus far for the Finn.
Elias Pettersson (C 5th overall 2017)
Height: 6’2 Weight 161 Hometown: Ange, Sweden
Age: 19
Playing with: Vaxjo Lakers (SHL)
GP G A Pts
31 13 25 38
With Sweden (WJC)
GP G A Pts
7 5 2 7
There isn't much I can possibly say about Elias Pettersson that hasn't already been said. Petterssson has been one of the most discussed topic in the collective Canucks zeitgeist. The Swedish centre has absolutely tore up the Swedish league, and he's scoring at a historic pace for a rookie. Before the World Juniors, Pettersson was actually leading the SHL in scoring, but obviously since he's missed so many games because of the tournament he's no longer leading the league. He's still however fifth in scoring despite missing some games. Pettersson also plays for an incredibly stacked team, as Vaxjo is first place in the SHL with a considerable 16 point lead over the second place team. Pettersson also looked incredible for Sweden at the World Juniors. Playing on the top line with Rangers prospect Lias Andersson and Buffalo prospect Alex Nylander, the three of them pulled team Sweden all the way to the Gold medal game where they ended up losing in a heartbreaker to a last minute goal by team Canada. That top line lead the way in scoring, and all three finished with 7 points in 7 games, which lead the team. Like Gaudette and Juolevi, Pettersson was considered but not selected for the Olympics. Couldn't ask for a better season so far from the 2017 5th overall pick, and it's going to be very exciting to see what the future holds for this young man.
Nikita Tryamkin (D 66th Overall 2014)
Height: 6’7 Weight: 265 Hometown: Yekaterinburg, Russia
Age: 23
Playing with: Yekaterinburg Avtomobilist (KHL)
GP G A Pts
49 9 16 25
In his first season back home after leaving the Canucks, Nikita Tryamkin has been having an amazing season. The mammoth Russian defender left many fans heartbroken after he decided to return to his native Yekaterinburg instead of re-signing in Vancouver. Tryamkin has found a new level to his game, exploding offensively like he never has before. He leads his club in defensive scoring and also wears the A for the team. Funny enough, one of the things that Vancouver was criticized for was trying to make Tryamkin a meaner more physical player and that was pointed to as a reason why he left, however he leads his team in penalty minutes by a massive margin, already having over 100 PIM. In fact, he leads the entire KHL in penalty minutes. This is an aspect of his game that has never been there before, and it must be a little frustrating for management to see that he has seemingly found his meanness after being so critical of the team for trying to make him this type of player. Tryamkin played in the KHL all-star game and was a consideration for the Russian err excuse me.... Neutral Athlete from Russia Olympic team but was not selected. Now you may be thinking, well randomj77 this is great for Tryamkin but what does it have to do with the Canucks outside of making me feel sad? Well, hope is apparently not all lost as Tryamkin's agent and KHL manager has stated that he would possibly have an interest in returning to Vancouver someday. Additionally many perceptive fans have noticed that Tryamkin does keep tabs on the Canucks on Instragram, and will like a post or two occasionally. It's far from a sure thing, but I along with many fans hold hope that our big Russian baby will return to us someday.
Dmitry Zhukenov (C 114th overall 2015)
Height: 6’00 Weight: 178 Hometown: Omsk, Russia
Age: 20
Playing with: Omsky Yasterby (MHL)
GP G A Pts
17 4 12 16
With Avangard Omsk (KHL)
GP G A Pts
10 1 0 1
Since being sent down, Dmitry Zhukenov has been an extremely effective offensive player. The Omsk native was a QMJHL star last season but opted to return home rather than remain in North America. He struggled to find his footing with Avangard but since being sent down to the MHL (the Russian AHL) he has gone nearly a PPG. It's good to see that Zhukenov has been able to perform at a professional level, although only time will tell if the team will be able to convince him to come to North America.
Hope you enjoy my write-up, it took a little longer than expected to finish, but hey hopefully it provides a bit of extra Canucks content during the lull of the All-star break. Please note that I wrote this over multiple days so I think the AHL stats are already 2 games old, but I didn't want to wait any longer to post. I believe all other stats are up to date as of 4:30 PST on January 26th.
Thank you so much for reading if you made it this far!
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2017.12.13 08:32 AnInfiniteAmount Historical Accuracy of Weapons List (updated TuTi)

Updated: 12/14/17
I once made a list of all the primary and secondary weapons in BF1 and ranked their historical appropriateness for a WW1 game. One of my discord buddies asked me to update it for Turning Tides, so I figured I'd post it here so other people can take a look as well. Most of the sources come from Wikipedia,, CNRsenal and a couple of more esoteric sites, so if you notice any inaccuracies, please tell me. Help me make a more accurate list!
This is a list of all the primary weapons and side arms in the game. I rated them on a 5 point scale for historical accuracy.
The key goes:
  1. 5/5: "Unarguably appropriate". The weapon saw combat during WW1 and there exist multiple sources that prove it did. Ex. The Lewis Gun.
  2. 4/5 "Existent But Not Used In Combat". There is solid proof that the weapon existed in numbers during the war, but no proof that it saw combat, or there is proof that it was not used. Ex. 1903 Hammerless.
  3. 3/5 "Prototype - Probable". The weapon did not see service, but there were plans to use it if the war lasted until 1919 or 1920. Ex. Huot Automatic
  4. 2/5 "Commercial/Non-Military". This weapon was a commercial weapon that either was not used or was not suitable for military use. Ex. Kolibri
  5. 1/5 "Rejected Prototype" The weapon was built or designed before the waduring the war but was rejected for military adoption prior to the end of the war" Ex. Hellriegel 1915
There is a little flexibility with definitions. Some weapons that did see limited or unusual service, such as air rifles or "guard duty", are not counted towards "frontline service" as they are not able to be used in their historical role in game.
The List of Guns
Submachine Guns
  • MP18: A German submachine gun, commonly used in the later part of the war. 5/5
  • Automatico M1918: An Italian submachine gun, uncommon during the war but was used significantly in the later part. 5/5
  • Hellriegel 1915: An Austrian pistol caliber machine gun. Only 1 built and never adopted. 1/5
  • Ribeyrolles 1918: A French prototype automatic carbine. The French army didn't really know what they had and were expecting it to function as more of an automatic rifle than as a submachine gun. It was constantly being redesigned to improve its accuracy and range as it was "only" accurate up to 300 meters, and the project was abandoned after the end of the war. 3/5
  • SMG 08/18: Not much is known about the weapon, but it was probably German. 1/5
  • M1917 Trench Carbine: An adaptation of the C96, but was not adopted for stormtrooper use because it was too expensive and would have taken production away from more needed Mauser weapons. 40 were made, but it's unknown if they saw service. 1/5
  • Maschinenpistole M1912/P.16: An automatic version of the Austrian Repieterspistol M1912. Developed in 1916, anywhere from a few hundred up to ten thousand were used by the Austro-Hungarian military (depends on the source), sometimes carried by officers or strangely with two P.16s twin mounted on a tripod. 5/5
  • M97 Trench Gun: An American military shotgun. standard issue. The Winchester 1897 Trench gun was only used by the American army leading to the German Government lodging a formal complaint over use of combat shotguns, arguing that their use constituted a war crime. The American response was: "so?" 5/5
  • Model 10-A: An American commercial shotgun. A militarized version of the Remington Model 10-A was substitute standard issue for the M97 and actually was better suited for the trenches as the receiver was better sealed from mud. 5/5
  • 12g Automatic: An American commercial automatic shotgun. The Browning Auto-5 was less common than the M97 but still saw combat. 5/5
  • Sjogren Inertial: A Swedish automatic shotgun. A similar rifle based on the same action was evaluated by the French and British, but I have found no evidence that any European military, at the time, was interested in a military shotgun. Strangely, I had found a source that says the Sjogren shotgun was used by the Central Powers in WW1 and later the Axis Powers in WW2, but I can find no other verification. 2/5
  • Model 1900: An American commercial hunting shotgun made by Winchester. it was possibly used by the British to fire explosive slugs at Zeppelins, but no evidence of it being brought to the front (in an official capacity). 2/5
  • Sawed Off Shogun: It's a Model 1900.
Self-Loading Rifles
  • Cei-Rigotti: A Italian prototype self-loading rifle, evaluated by many militaries, most notably the British who was deemed to fragile for military use. 1/5
  • Selbstlader M1916: A German self-loading rifle. A very accurate but incredibly finicky rifle, it's extreme vulnerability to dust (not to meantion dirt or mud) meant this weapon had no chance of ever being adopted for frontline use. An infantry version was made, but it still did not overcome the major faults in the design. It was used as an air rifle for a short time, but was replaced by the Mondragon. 4/5
  • M1907 SL: An American commercial self-loading rifle. Used by the French, British and Russians in various roles, mostly as an air rifle and to equip runners, and would've been used by the Americans (as an air rifle) if the war lasted until 1919. 5/5
  • Mondragon: A Mexican service rifle. Used by Germany on the front for a short time but were withdrawn to because they couldn't deal with the mud and repurposed as an air rifle. 4/5
  • Autoloading 8: An American commercial self-loading rifle. The Remington Model 8 was not quite rugged enough for military use but was still used by the French as an air rifle in extremely low numbers. 2/5
  • Selbstlader 1906: A German prototype self-loading rifle. Very few were made (if more than one was), and we really only know about this weapon because it showed up in an auction a few years ago, and the corresponding patent was found dated to 1906. 1/5
  • RSC 1917: A French self-loading rifle. Standard issue later in the war. Billed as a semi auto conversion of the Lebel 1886, the only shared part was the buttstock. Like the Lebel, the RSC 1917 was huge and heavy and a lightened version, the RSC 1918 was developed. The Armistice ended further development of the RSC, as the French army began (leisurely) developing an all new self-loading rifle that used something beside the 8mm lebel cartridge, eventually becoming the MAS-49 thirty years later. 5/5
  • Fedorov Avtomat: A Russian proto-assault rifle. Designed during the war, but only about a hundred were built before the Russians tapped out of the war. Unknown if it actually saw combat as the Russian government collapsed during trials. 3/5
  • General Liu Rifle: An American-built Chinese Rifle. Few were built and was very unlikely that this weapon would have ever seen action in the war. 1/5
  • Farquhar-Hill Rifle: A British self-loading rifle. It was adopted as the .303" Pattern 1918 Rifle, but ultimately cancelled when the war ended. Modern analyses of the Farquhar-Hill tend to say that it probably would not have been a very successful infantry weapon. 3/5
Light Machine Guns and Automatic Rifles
  • Lewis Gun: An American light machine gun. Standard issue for the British, Belgians, Canadians and other Commonwealth forces. Ignored by the Americans. 5/5
  • M1909 Benet-Mercie: A French machine gun. Used by the French, Americans, British, Italian, Ottoman, ANZAC and Belgian Armies. Funnily enough, the version in the game (The .30-06 American one) did not see action and were kept in the US as training weapons. 4/5
  • Madsen MG: A Danish Machine Gun. The Madsen gun was the first mass produced LMG and was mostly associated with the Central Powers, but it was used by all sides. Some are still in service today. 5/5
  • MG15 n.A.: A German machine gun. Less common than the MG08, this weapon has kind of faded into obscurity as none were kept after the war. Mostly saw service in the Eastern Front and in the Middle East. 5/5
  • BAR 1918: An American automatic rifle. Actually adopted in 1917, the BAR was designated the M1918 to differentiate it from the M1917 lower in this list. Standard issue later in the war. 5/5
  • Huot Automatic: A Canadian experimental automatic rifle, converted from the Canadian Ross Rifle MkIII. It was about to enter mass production when the war ended. 3/5
  • Chauchat: A French automatic rifle. Standard issue for both the French and Americans. The American .30-06 conversion (not in game) was one of the worst military weapons ever adopted, and American use usually stuck with the original 8mm Lebel versions. 5/5
  • Perino Model 1908: An Italian heavy machine gun. Completely unrelated to the visually similar Maxim gun, when this gun was developed in 1901, it was probably one of the most advanced weapons in the world. The Italians thought very highly of this gun and were very protective of how it worked. Because of this, testing and trials took slowly and by the time Italy entered WW1, it was largely outdated by a new generation of MG. Though quite a few were built, it never truly entered mass production as it was obsolete before it was officially adopted. A more portable M1910 model was designed but never adopted. Some sources say the Austrians used captured Perinos during the battles of the Isonzo. 5/5
  • Parabellum MG14/17: A German aircraft gun repurposed for infantry use. 5/5
  • M1917: An American machine gun. Standard issue, but not very many reached the front before the war ended. Weighing in at 21kg (47lbs), heavier than MG 08/15, how this thing is considered an LMG is beyond me. 5/5
Single Action Rifles
  • SMLE MKIII: A standard issue British rifle. Also saw service with the Canadians post-1916. With a 10rd magazine and a relatively fast rate of fire for a bolt action, the Short Magazine Lee Enfield was one of the most popular weapons of the war. 5/5
  • Gewehr 98: A standard issue German rifle. Also saw service with the Austrian and Ottoman Empires. The G98 would serve as the template for German rifles up until WW2. 5/5
  • Russian 1895: An American lever action rifle. The Winchester 1895 was one of the few military-sized lever-action rifles, it was the most advanced lever action ever built at the time. Unfortunately, it was also a lever-action and was basically ignored by every military that could afford new guns. The war gave the 1895 a new purpose as it was easily adapted to use the standard Russian 7.65x54R ammo and the standard Mosin-Nagant stripper clip. The desperate Russians bought hundreds of thousands, and the 1895 most famously saw combat with the Latvian Rifles. 5/5
  • Gewehr M.95: A standard issue Austrian rifle. The Mannlicher M.95 served as the front-line Austrian rifle through WW2 (though most were shortened after WW1). 5/5
  • M1903: A standard issue American rifle. After the Spanish-America War, the Americans replaced their relatively new Krag-Jorgensens with the Mauser derived M1903. With the fast, powerful .30-06 Cartridge, the M1903 was one of the most accurate standard service rifles of the war. 5/5
  • M1903 Experimental: The Pistol, Caliber .30, Model of 1918 "Pederson Device" was a drop in conversion system of the M1903 which switched the weapon into a pistol-caliber semi automatic rifle within a minute. The Pederson Device not ready in large enough numbers for widespread use, but was planned to be widely issued for the 1919 Offensive. For secrecy reasons the device was referred to as a .30 Caliber Pistol, but the American military had just adopted the .45 caliber M1911 because the previous .38LC pistol wasn't powerful enough. This caused something of a controversy and the officers that knew of the device's true purpose had to defend the adoption of a fictional ".30 Pistol" to congress, many of whom were the same officers who had argued that any caliber smaller than .45 was not a suitable military cartridge a few years before. 3/5
  • Martini Henry: A British single shot, black powder rifle. Was used by British colonial auxiliaries. (It was not used by the Ottoman Empire, they used the similar Peabody-Martini) 4/5
  • Lebel Model 1886: A French rifle. The Lebel was the first smokeless powder rifle and revolutionize the way the wars were fought. It was standard issue for the French, but also saw some service in the Italian army. 5/5
  • Mosin Nagant M91: A standard issue Russian rifle. The Mosin has been done to death and I don't have anything to add really. 5/5
  • Vetterli-Vitali 1870/87: A second-line Italian Rifle but saw significant front line service, especially when rechambered to 6.5mm Carcano. 5/5
  • Carcano M91 Carbine: A carbine version of the standard issue Italian Rifle. Unlike most other armies, where carbines were issued to mostly cavalry and auxiliaries, the Carcano M91 Carbine were issued to light infantry and sometimes even standard "line troops". 5/5
  • Type 38 Arisaka: A standard issue Japanese rifle. In addition to Japanese service, the Type 38 was used by the British in second line and naval service and it was used by the Russians where ever possible. 5/5
  • M1911: A standard issue American pistol, although the game depicts it with an ahistorical mishmash of 1911 and 1911A1 features. Also saw service with the British Army, in both .45 Automatic Colt Pistol, and .455 Webley Auto. Unlike European armies, the US Army believed in the value of a side arm and this pistol was one of the first general issued service pistols, which meant that it was issued to every soldier, regardless of rank or role. It replaced about a half dozen different revolvers in US service. 5/5
  • P08: A German pistol. The Luger saw at least limited service with every Central Power, and some Entent Powers. A lot can be said about the Luger, and it is one of the most iconic weapons of all time, really. 5/5
  • Mle 1903: An American-designed, Belgian-made automatic pistol. This gun is more commonly known as the FN M1903 and was really only used by Sweden and the Ottoman Empire. Although, this gun was the basis of the French Ruby pistol which was ubiquitous. 5/5
  • No. 3 Revolver: An American-designed revolver. Used by the Russians ("Russian Model" not in game) and the British ("Pistol, Old Style," the in-game version), and limited service with the Ottoman Empire. 5/5
  • C93: A German automatic pistol. The C93 Borchardt was first mass produced automatic pistol, but never adopted by any military but at least one saw combat (probably as an officer's personal sidearm). This pistol would be reworked into the P08 Luger. 4/5
  • Kolibri: A Swiss novelty. I'm hesitant to even call this a weapon. 2/5
  • Gasser M1870: An absolutely massive Austrian black powder revolver was one of the most powerful handguns in the world at time of adoption. This weapon was extremely outdated by the time of the first World War, but it did see limited service, especially with Austrian storm and mountain troops due to its ridiculous stopping power. 5/5
  • 1903 Hammerless: An American automatic pistol. Only used by the Americans as a staff officer's sidearm, though, not at the frontline. Every nation had at least one model of .32 ACP pistol in service by the time the war started (it was a ridiculously popular commercial cartridge, kind of like the 9mm Parabellum of the 1900s to 1910s) so it really couldn't compete on the export market, and the Americans didn't really believe in the .32 ACP as a military round. They already thought the larger, more powerful .38 Long Cold as too underpowered for military work. For the Americans .45 was the smallest caliber that a service pistol round could be effective. 4/5
  • Howdah: This is a type of gun, not a model of gun. Howdahs were designed for protection against animal attacks and therefore prioritized rate of fire and caliber size. They were not adopted as military weapons and were not really considered an officer's sidearm (because they were fucking huge!). Howdahs fell out of fashion once large caliber revolvers got more reliable. However, the "Howdah" in game is actually a Lancaster pistol, and not a true Howdah although they are sometimes classified as a Howdah because of their similarity. The Lancaster Pistol actually did see service in WW1 as an officer's sidearm. 2/5 for Howdah. 5/5 for Lancaster Pistol (actually in game).
  • Auto Revolver: More commonly known as the Webley-Fosbery, this advanced British revolver was not adopted by any military but was known to have been carried by British officers. 5/5
  • Taschenpistole M1914: A German police/pocket pistol, it was pressed into service to supplement larger 9mm and 7.65 military pistols, and actually was fairly popular. The M1914 was more common in the German navies, and was retained by the German military after the war because it met the restrictions placed by the Treaty of Versailles and actually served through the Second World War and beyond. 5/5
  • C96: A German automatic pistol. The Mauser C96 "Broomhandle" was one of the most ubiquitous automatic pistols of the time. It saw combat with the armies of nearly every belligerent nation as a personal weapon, but only the German and Austrian armies and the Italian navy purchased any significant amount. 5/5
  • Bull Dog Revolver: An outdated British revolver by the time of the war, the in game "Bull Dog" is actually a Webley Royal Irish Constabulary Revolver, not a Webley Bull Dog. This commercial/police revolver was over 50 years old by the time of the Great War, and it was unlikely that these revolvers saw any kind of service anywhere after the 1880s. 4/5
  • Modello 1915: An Italian automatic pistol. The Beretta M1915 saw service through WW2. 5/5
  • Repetierpistole M1912: A standard issue Austrian pistol. Also saw some service with Germany in WW1 (and a lot more service with Germany in WW2). 5/5
  • Bodeo 1889: An older Italian revolver. Officially replaced before the Great War, it re-entered production to keep up with war demands. 5/5
  • Frommer Stop: A Hungarian pistol. It saw service with Austria-Hungary, and Hungary after the war. This pistol would be continued to be used well into the 20th Century. Saw limited service with Ottomans. 5/5
  • Mars Automatic: A British prototype automatic pistol. It was unwieldy and awkward and was in no way superior to contemporary military revolvers and no one was interested in using this thing, much less issuing them to troops. Few were made. 1/5
  • Nagant Revolver: A mass-produced Russian service revolver, ubiquitous even today. 5/5
  • Obrez Pistol: A cut-down version of the Russian M91 Mosin Nagant. Dealing strictly with WW1, this weapon would be non-military, but considering BF1 covers the Russian civil war, it is appropriate for that time frame. 2/5, 5/5 for the Russian Civil War.
  • C96 Carbine: Carbine version of the C96. Was not adopted or used by any nation and went out of production prior to the beginning of the war. Most C96 pistols could optionally mount a shoulder stock, so a dedicated carbine version was not appealing to the few militaries that were interested in the C96. What few C96 Carbines that existed were used for commercial/sporting uses only. Additionally, no production model carbines had twenty round magazines, only pistol versions of the C96 had such large capacity and I have no idea where the aperture sight came from so the C96 Carbine in game is sort of a hodge-podge of different C96 models. 2/5
  • Frommer Stop Auto: A Hungarian machine pistol. Actually one half of a M.17 "pistol machine gun," this weapon has been "pistolized" by adding sights in a more traditional location. Seriously though, this thing was originally a double-barreled tripod mounted machine gun (think the Villar Perosa). 4/5 for the machine pistol version (possibly anachronistic though), 5/5 for the pistol mg version.
  • M1911 Extended: A carbine version of the M1911 was not known to be adopted by any military, although a wooden shoulder stock would be much more common (similar to the Mle 1903 Extended's stock). 4/5
  • Pieper M1893: A Belgian carbine, only adopted by the Mexican Federal Police. 4/5
  • P08 Artillerie: A carbine version of the P08. Used by German artillerymen and air crews. 5/5
  • Mle 1903 Extended: A carbine version of the Mle 1903. It was not known to be adopted by any military, but was used by Russian police forces. 4/5
  • C93 Carbine: A carbine version of the C93. Again, it was not adopted by any military. Also, it was unlikely that any were ever suppressed. 4/5
Heavy Weapons
  • MG 08/15: A German machine gun. Modified from the heavy MG 08 to be man-portable, this was the most common German machine gun of the war. 5/5
  • Tankgewehr M1918: A German Anti-Tank Rifle. The world's first production anti-tank rifle, the T-Gewehr was actually a stopgap weapon while a Machine Gun that fired the massive 13.2mm (.520 caliber) TuF round could be developed. 5/5
  • Villar Perosa: An Italian 9mm Anti-aircraft gun. This early AA gun was repurposed as a submachine gun after the Italians realized that a 9mm AA gun was not the best idea. Would later be redesigned into the Beretta M1918 (Automatico M1918). Interestingly, the game does not depict a true Villar Perosa. The in game weapon is actually based on a mock-up movie prop built from a pair of WW2-era M38 SMGs. The actual infantry Villar Perosa was usually tripod mounted, and had no provision for firing while carried (both hands were required to fire, similar to a Vickers or Maxim gun). While the actual Villar Perosa would be historically accurate, the one depicted in game is pretty much an entirely fictional weapon with a similar name. 5/5 (but technically 0/5 because it is an ahistorical representation)
  • Wex: A German Flamethrower. Widely copied after the war either indirectly or directly, the Wechselapparat M1917 was the most common flamethrower of World War One. 5/5
  • Martini-Henry Grenade Launcher: A British Grenade Launcher. Not much is known about this except that it probably was a private venture, as neither the standard mills bomb, nor the No.3 Rifle Grenade could be loaded into the thing. It was never adopted and only one is known to exist (a conversion bearing a Martini-Henry serial number). 1/5
Stationary Weapons
  • Heavy Machine Gun: The Maxim MG. Maxims were used by every nation that fought in WW1 (and many that didn't). The in-game version is a Russian M1910, with a Vickers-Maxim style steel water jacket instead of bronze. 5/5
  • FK 96 n.A.: The German 7.7cm FK 96 n.A. The gun shield flips down for ease of transport. The FK 96 n.A. was also used by the Ottomans (the Austrians had their own 8cm FeldKanone M.5). The comparable Entente weapons would be the French 75, or the 75mm Mle 1897, and the British QF 13pdr. 5/5
  • QF 1 AA: The Maxim-Nordenfelt Pom-Pom, a.k.a. the British QF 1pdr. A scaled up Maxim gun firing dual fuse (impact/timed) explosive rounds. While British designed, these things were used by literally everyone because they were commercially available since the 1880s. Originally marketed as an anti-torpedo boat naval gun, the Maxim-Nordenfelt Pom-pom was easily converted to an anti-aircraft gun by using a high-angle mounting. 5/5
  • BL 9.2 Siege Gun: A British heavy howitzer. Used as a counter battery howitzer and siege weapon by the British and Commonwealth, the Americans and the Russians. It was one of the largest and most powerful modern heavy artillery pieces at the start of the war, but was only available in small numbers until 1916. 5/5
  • Fortress Gun: These appear to be based on the French fortress turrets used during the Battle of Verdun. The thing about fortress guns was that the turrets were usually custom built, while the guns inside were usually the standard field artillery for that army. It's not really a model of gun, but a type of gun. 5/5
  • 305/52 O Coastal Artillery: The Russian 12"/52 Pattern 1907 gun. Built by the Obukhovskii design bureau (where the "O" comes from in the name) these were originally naval guns for the Gangut-class Battleships, but the design was repurposed as a coastal artillery. They did not actually see action in Operation Albion, but are likely used by DICE to represent other models of Coastal Artillery. 5/5
  • HE Autocannon: The German Becker M2 20mm Cannon. Only found on the Giant's Shadow map, this gun is identical to the Auto Cannon on the Airship Behemoth and on the Bomber, and on the Squad support landship and on the M.A.S. boat. 5/5
  • 4/4: Device was used during the war and is (relatively) correctly depicted in game. Ex. Frag Grenade.
  • 3/4: Device was used during the war, its in-game effect is similar to reality but altered for gameplay reasons. Ex. Sniper Decoy
  • 2/4: Device was used during the war, but its in-game effect is unrelated to its real effect. Ex. Heliograph
  • 1/4: Device was not used during the war. Ex. Limpet Charge
  • Frag: Mills Bomb (Entente), M15 Stielhadgranate, though possibly M16 or M17, it's impossible to tell the difference (Central Powers), M1914 (Russians). 4/4
  • Gas: I could find no mention of a poison gas grenade used during World War One (or any other war for that matter) however, it appears the in game grenade is that of the American Mk II CN Gas Grenade, an early Tear Gas grenade. 3/4
  • Impact: The German Discushandgranate 1915, also known as the Crab Grenade or Turtle Grenades. It was an early attempt at an impact grenade. 4/4
  • Incendiary: The British No. 27 WP Grenade. The in-game model very much depicts a No.27 Grenade, but the No.27 is a phosphorous grenade, which create a lot of white smoke while burning and should burn white hot, instead of the red flames and black smoke in game. 3/4
  • Light Anti-Tank: The British Hales Pattern No.2 Mk2. Actually an anti-personnel rifle grenade, the Hales Pattern was modified for hand grenade use by attaching a handle over the launching rod. 3/4
  • Mini Grenade: The German Eierhandgranate Mle.1917. 4/4
  • Smoke: Unknown model of smoke grenade. Smoke Grenades were known to exist (technically the No. 27 was one) during the war, but I cannot find any grenade, smoke or otherwise that matches the silhouette of the in-game gadget. 4/4
  • Anti-Tank Grenade: The Geballte Ladung was just the explosive charges of regular stick grenades bundled together to make one giant grenade to fight tanks. 4/4
Other Explosives
  • AT Mine: The German Flachmine 17. 4/4
  • AT Rocket Gun: The British 1.59 Inch Breech-Loading Vickers Q.F. Gun Mk.II, also known as the Crayford Rocket Gun. Technically more of an anti-bunkemachine gun nest weapon rather than an AT weapon, so it matches what most assault players use it for. The Crayford Rocket gun saw at least a brief stint of service with the British army in its intended role, but probably didn't see combat. It was withdrawn in favor of trench mortars. However, the Crayford gun was based off of the very similar French 37mm Mle.1916 cannon, which did see service in the infantry support role with the French and the Americans. 4/4
  • Dynamite: Dynamite. 4/4
  • Mortar: The German Granatenwerfer 16 Trench Mortar. 4/4
  • Crossbow: Improvised Crossbow. While we do know that crossbows were used as grenade launchers, they were usually quite large crew served weapons. 3/4
  • Tripwire Bomb: Booby trapped shells were used by all sides during the Great War. 4/4
  • Limpet Charge: The British Mk.I Limpet Mine wouldn't be invented until 1940. It's addition to a WW1 game was probably based on a misunderstanding of the sinking of the Austro-Hungarian Dreadnought SMS Viribus Unitis, which was sunk by Italian frogmen who attached underwater explosives to the hull of the ship. However, these explosive charges were both four hundred pound charges that were attached physically, not magnetically, and not the lightweight charges that can be carried by a sprinting soldier. 1/4
  • Rifle Grenades: The British Enfield Grenade launcher. 4/4
Non-Explosive Gadets
  • Bandage Pouch/Medical Crate/Medical Syringe: I'm not going to seriously explain why standing next to a box full of medical supplies didn't heal soldiers during WW1. 3/4
  • Ammo Pouch/Ammo Crate: See above 3/4
  • Repair Tool: See above. 3/4
  • Sniper Decoy: See above. 3/4
  • Trench Periscope: Self explanatory, but in real life it doesn't highlight targets. 3/4
  • Flare Gun: Webley & Scott Mark III flare pistol. Both Spot and Flash 3/4. Artillery. 4/4
  • Heliograph: The British Mance Mark V Heliograph. 2/4
  • K Bullets: German K Bullets, the first armor piercing bullet. Funnily enough, by the time they were developed the more heavily armored Mk IV tank had been deployed, rendering them useless. 4/4
  • Sniper Shield: Actually used by more than snipers. 4/4
submitted by AnInfiniteAmount to battlefield_one [link] [comments]

2017.08.25 23:00 Tonixman Know Your Redditor - Anonim97 Interview


Hey there! This was a project that I've been working on for these past few weeks. The title is pretty straight forward, but reasoning behind it is this: As I've browsed through this subreddit and met many unique users, I've always wanted to know more about them, as a person.
So I (along with some other users) came up with some interview questions. These questions are meant to answer basic facts and characteristics about each person that partakes in this interview. These questions are divided into four categories: Personal Questions (What they're like IRL). Subreddit Questions (These are questions about what the person does on the SVTFOE subbreddit, other subreddits, and on the internet in general). SVTFOE Questions (These questions asks the person's views on the show we all know and love). and MISC. QUESTIONS (These questions I couldn't categorize in any of the ones above, but were still fun/important to ask).
Now, these questions only touch on the BASIC facts about the interviewee. I'd love to know everything and ask every possible question about the person, but time wouldn't allow that. My goal is to do these posts with as many users here as possible! With that said, it is highly encouraged to ask any additional questions in the comments!!!. Especially if it wasn't covered in the questions I asked.
I will post information at the bottom if YOU TOO are interested in being interviewed! EDIT: Slots are currently filled.
So without further ado, here's an interview with Anonim97


As an added bonus: Each person I interview will also get a profile drawn by yours truly!
DISCLAIMER! I'm not what most would call a... "good" artist (just warning you now). But, that's kind of the added charm of these interviews ;)
Anyway, here's Anonim97's profile!


I like to start with an ice-breaker. Let's play 2-truths-and-a-lie. Tell us three quick facts about yourself, two of which are TRUE and one being a LIE (we’ll find out what’s the lie at the end of the interview).
I love music, I'm amateurish writer, I'm lazy; (Too easy, right?)
In Professor Oak’s voice “Are you a boy or a girl?”
I'm a man.
How old are you?
Well, the answer is in my nickname. I'm the 97 year old man. . Not really, I'm almost 20, but my behaviour says otherwise. Sometimes I'm acting like an old prick, sometimes I act like a child. To this very day I'm watching Smurfs and I genuinely enjoy Them. I guess all in all I'm still a kid.
What style/type of clothing do you like to wear? (ex. Conservative, outlandish, sweatpants and band shirts, naturist, etc.)
Whatever there is in my warderobe. I need to like the clothes, feel comfortable in them. Also I hate going to clothing shops. So most of the time I'm wearing jeans and shirt. I'm only buying new clothes once They're too small for them, so once every 2-4 years I'm waiting for a promotion and then buy en masse (like some time ago I had bought 12 T-shirts each for 12$ (if we go by 1:1 exchange rate).
Tell us a bit about where you live and what you like/don’t like about it.
Europe, Poland. Wrocław (Breslau for Germans) is my university town. I could say my birth town, but I'm not feeling comfortable enough. I can say only that we were considered part of Russia (let's see if StardustFromReinmuth will guess right. Send it through PM Stardust).
Favorite place(s) to travel? And/or are there any places you WISH to travel?
I visited many places in my country. Like a lot. I also visited Czech Republic many times, went from the borders to Dvur Hralove (wonderful zoo with safari experience) to Prague thrice or more. I (also was in Germany (only briefly, not visited), in Bulgary at Golden Sands resort (summer camp), in Italy (Venetia, Padwa, Werona) and Paris. And of course the most beautiful city: Amsterdam. Like seriously. Venetia is overrated, full of people, it looks ugly (nothing is taken care about, every building is neglected and in ruin), Paris is eeehhh, could be better. Montrmartre is beautiful plac, the rest is meh. That being said I went on Eiffel Tower by stairs. But man. AMSTERDAM. If You'll ever think about going to Europe on a trip, forget everything. Just go to Amsterdam. It's the most beautiful city I've ever been. People are incredibely friendly, staff at restaurants are offering discounts, one of the waiters invited me and my friends for a karaoke night (unfortunately we couldn't have went as we had to go back to bus soon), others were photobombing groups, offering joints but were cool if You didn't want it. Like seriously. It's was the most beautiful and friendly place. Also a lot of bicycles. If I remember our tour guide said that every year city "fishes" 500 of them from the river.
As for the places I would love to visit: Canada (in which I would love to live), USA, Australia (I really want to see Steve Irwin's Zoo), St Petersburg, Moscow (Red Square is beautiful), Siberia (preferably summer as it's really beautiful on summer, but I would like to see Siberian Winter). Also I would love to travel by Trans-Siberian Railway. I would also love to work in Serengeti National Park with lions. But unfortunately I can't be vet because I don't have the heart to cut animals (You need to open them to perform the operation). Like I could open people fairly easy, no hard feelings (I watched corpse sections on TV while eating dinner) no blockade at all. But when I would have to open animal I would break down and cry, and would be unable to do it. Poor thing. Also I love big cats and crocodiles.
Do you speak any other language? And/or are there any languages you’d WISH to learn?
I speak English . I was learning German and French but since it was mandatory second language (third if You count native language) I (and many others) weren't focusing on it and it was "mandatory evil" for everyone. As for the language I would want to learn... Probably Spanish. But on my own in my free time. Not in school. I would sing all the Latino songs!
Any siblings or any other family member that also watch SVTFOE?
None. I'm only child (sort-of) and no. I'm not watching it with the rest of my family. Only recently (like 3-4 months ago) we started watching old cartoons together (Smurfs, Tabaluga, Gummy Bears if we can find them on TV).
Chocolate or fruit-flavored candies?
Depends. If chocolate then dark chocolate. Milk one is too sweet. Most of the time fruit-flavored. But sometimes you just need to eat chocolate.
Favorite food/group of foods?
Italian foods probably. I love pizza. I love pasta. I hate mushrooms.
Do you have any hobbies you’d like to share?
Writing, reading, cartoons, listening to music. I play chess. Unfortunately not in tournaments anymore. Bad life choices :/. Also I would try my best at voice acting now. And making jewelry. I made one beaded crocodile in the past. It looks great (it's not the one on the photo here).
I also love to watch wrestling and travel! When I was younger every week we were going to another mine, castle, landscape part and every possible landscape. Basically I have seen it all what's possible in 100 km radius around my city. One of my dreams is to during one summer to travel around the country by foot. Without cash. Just go by foot, sometimes taking the ride. I would ask peope who I know from another cities if I could sleep at their houses for a day, take a shower, eat normal breakfast.
What is your most valuable possession(s)?
I know it's not exactly an answer to your question but, the most valuable thing to me is my family. If it weren't for them (mostly my mom and my great grandmother) I would've already committed suicide (especially if I had to live with that piece of sh*t that is my so called "father". He is the only person I would wish bad luck upon). There are only 4-5 of us. I already said to myself in the past, that if something happened to them, I lose all the reasons to live. I just want to find a well-paid job to somehow help them and repay for all these years. Maybe later the plans would change.
If You want answer to Your question then it would be probably a phone. I have 3 GB of music on it, 300 notes I have created (including Fan Fics and more) and photos. Also internet connection.
Got any pets? :3 If so, what are they?
I have a cat! European Shorthair called Mickey! I named Him like that after I watched Disney version of Three Musketeers. I had 2 dogs (one after another one) in the past. German Shepherd (I'm still sad) and boxer mixed with rottweiler.
What's your current occupation?
Student of Biomedical Engineering. University of Engineering Wrocław. Second year now. I would be looking for the part-time job now for the August/September.
How do you get around town?
I have a driving license, but I prefer walking or using public transport. Fortunately we have great public transport compared to America (or so I heard). Check it out! You can go anywhere (by the bus or a tram) for the low prize of $1.5 (if we go by 1:1 conventer. If not then it's 0,42 dollar. Also trains were incorporated into city public transport, but they have different prizes. You can buy 4-month ticket for all lines (including trains) for 300PLN (83 USD).
Any hidden/special talents you’d wish to share?
Ehhh... I don't think I have secret talents. Unless they're so secret that I don't know about them. Unless You want to count that I can roll my tongue into letter "U" or the fact that I can lick my own nose. It's true, no tricks. Oh. I was also learning how to throw cards for a month out of boredom.
Tell us something embarrassing about yourself! ;)
I'm overweight. I learned how to tie my shoes when I was 12/13. I'm physically weak (really weak, I have no strength in the upper part of my body, all is gathered in my legs), I had my first and only girlfriend when I was 17 and only because she "chose" me (but I don't think it's something embarrassing, as I was never interested in getting one. Strangely there was some girls earlier which had a crush on me.)
What’s a weakness/character flaw you’d like to improve on?
Laziness. Flash in the pan/short-lived enthusiasm/quitter. Dangerous mix that stops me from self-improvement.
Favorite Season? (the fall/wintesummespring type of season)
Winter. I love snow. I love mountains. Why is winter better than summer? Easily? If it's too cold You can put more clothes on yourself. If it's too hot you can't pull of anymore clothes.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
I don't really know. I'm only studying because I want to emigrate and this course is supposed to help me with it. My dream job would be in WWE (I don't care, I can be referee or backstage crew even). Or maybe traveler. My most hated job would be in the office. I hate suits and ties. I feel enslaved in them.
What were/are you like in school?
In primary school I was one of the more talented ones. Teachers were calling me "talented, but lazy". I was studying for test for 5 minutes and I was passing with a, 4+ to 5. Explanation: In my country "rating" system is from 1 (the worst rate, You haven't passed) through 2 (barely passed) to 5 and sometimes 6 (100% or You made a special exercise that requires extended knowledge. It depends on a teacher what requirement for 6 will be [or if He will even give 6]). So I was getting best rates without learning much.
In 5-6th class in primary school I had problems with my presence on the lessons (in short: I was ditching school), so it showed on my grades that were lowered by teachers.
In gymnasium situation was similar with the exception, that I was almost kicked out because my presence was under 50% (mandatory one). I get the "red belt" (special distinction for having high notes at the end of the year) in the last year of gymnasium. My average was 4.94. If one of the 4's was 5 I would have 5.0. So it was great.
In high school I was one of the many. In the middle. I required more time to study for the tests, but as always my sh*tty luck was giving me a run for the money (one point before next grade, I've did the exercise for 6 perfectly but I haven't met requirements for it). Also some teachers were too strict and really bad (looking at YOU my biology teacher, where 40% of the bio-chemistry class ditched matura exam from biology because of Her).
At the University unfortunately I'm the one of the worse ones, because I'm learning two days before the test. I really need to change my bad habits this semester.
Early bird or night owl?
Night owl. I sleep till 10-11 am. After midnight is the time when my brain is most creative (I remember staying alive till 3 am just because I had a idea for FanFiction and I was typing it all on my phone), where I'm the most active and all that.
Do you have a real life nickname?
I had two or three, which were shortened form of my name. I hated the first one with passion.
Anything else you’d like to share with us?
I once traveled 5 kilometers by a sled. If I would go by the other side of a hillock I would be shot by a border guards. I'm really proud of it as it was really small hillock on which dog teams were racing. I was the best when it came to the sledding. The fastest, I always went the furthest distance... I miss my sleds. :(


Overall, what do you like best about this Subreddit?
Community. At this point I care more about community and users here than the show.
What do you contribute to the subreddit? Or are you a humble lurker?
Yeah I'm totally a lurker . I contributed over 230 fanarts, Mod Day, new RHC, RHC flairs, paintbrushes for artists... I mean I wrote a whole speech about it. There are way too many things to say.
What’s your favorite flair to browse through?
Recently I browsed less than usual (as of the 8th of August). The same thing happened after the movie. In the past I went through all tags, so I don't have favorite tag. But if I had to say... fanworks. I love seeing works of talented people. Don't matter the ship (or not ship), as long as art is beautiful, cute, has this special feeling or something I'm a fan of it. I still have this fanart as my wallpaper.
How often do you visit this subreddit?
Way too often . Everyday. 10-12 hours with breaks. I need a therapy . Fortunately I'm not addicted and I can live without looking at this sub. I just like spending my time here and talking to people.
What do you mostly use to access this subreddit? (PC, Mac, Mobile, Library Computer, etc.)
PC and phone browser (I'm big enemy of apps, Google Play and all these sh*tty "stores"). You already invigilate me at every point of my life. I'm not okay with giving stupid app access to my contacts or messages. They still use microphones and record everything You say. Someone should burn it all down and start from the scratch.
What’s the origin of your username?
As for origin of my username... Two of them. First is the fact that there is no anonymity on the internet. You're inspected from every side. Your network provider, police, government, hacker behind the wall, everyone knows which websites You access and what you're doing. Second is I think I had a history lesson and at that time we were talking about Gall Anonim (anonymous author of first chronicles about Poland). History teacher was so cool that we played many games with Him (middle school) including many online games. In one of them my usual nicknames were taken so I had to come up with new one and bam! Anonim97 was born.
Do you go by any other usernames?
Yes. matrix97. Sometimes with part of my name. I don't want to give the second one as the first google results is my blog I had to set-up for Computer science lessons in High School. Also friends on the forum said if you google my usernames you can see all sites I had an accounts on (and some others I haven't had). Fortunately (or unfortunately, I was enjoying seeing these ancient relics of internet) it's no longer a case and looking for me just gives my reddit profile.
Do you have a favorite user? Are there users you’re already friends with?
Yes. In fact I treat most of the other active users as friends. Also I have a penpal now from this sub! Yay! I can't wait to exchange postcards!
Favorite fan-artist (or artist in general)?
Favorite fan-artist? Oh man, this question is totally not fair! There are many wonderful artists on our sub. There are also more artists outside. I have seen way too many of them. But if I had to make a list on the names that came first to my mind: eavf92 (His works are really beautiful/cute/funny. I really enjoy the way He is drawing), mmmshortbread (I really love "It's Tradition"), and I need to say Raico ("IF" made me a big fan. While I'm not high for NSFW fanarts [they still were funny], the story of IF was everything I wanted and more). Gargolazo for my shipping needs (from what I have talked with Raico He had his works published! Good for Him!). Also who could've forget Malthus? Like I said there are way too many artists.
Do you read fanfiction? If so, what’s your favorite author and/or story in particular (You can include long-running comics as well)?
No. I don't read fan-fictions, aside the one in comics form published on the sub and RK128 work. Also the other users work I have asked for and my friends works. I was burned by the forum where the FF I was a fan (I have read) were never finished and take months to update.
What do you want to see more of in the SVTFOE subreddit?
More friendly discussion about everything. From Your real life stuff to crazy/interesting theories or discussions.
How long have you been with this Subreddit?
Since the beginning of my account. So since February 2017. I think I made an account 2 days after Running with Scissors.
What made you want to join the SVTFOE reddit?
I don't really know. I was lurking on reddit 4-5 years ago. Mainly on /polandball. In 2014 I have taken a break. In 2015 I returned and lurked on /squaredcircle (wrestling sub) regularly. Then I watched GF and looked at older discussion threads on /gravityfalls. Why have I finally made an accounts? I guess I had some ideas for jokes on /starvs I wanted to share. And here I am.
What other subreddits do you partake in?
/squaredcircle (mostly lurking), /polandball (mostly lurking, but I recently tried to gain approval rights with a cheap pun. It didn't went well. Drawings were ok, but the idea wasn't original). /StevenUniverse but I haven't catched up since The Zoo or one of these episodes from that bomb. I also enjoy: /40klore (posts on Meme Virus Fridays and comments), /grimdank (lurking), /mountandblade (lurking), /civ (lurking). And /kotor (for the game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic). I was high on that subreddit year and a half ago. Or maybe two. I loved reading how these two games (and one I have played) really made Star Wars feel more real and less black and white. Seriously. Kreia is the best. Her views on the force and everything else are something.
In the end, what do you want to be known for in this subreddit (and/or the internet in general)?
For ruling with my iron fist! But seriously, I don't know. Do I want to be famous on the sub? Eh, I'm not doing it for it. But if I had to choose: I would be like to be known as a friend. Someone people can talk with about everything, someone You can share secrets, someone You could look when You need help/advice. This great guy all around, who is enjoyable to be with. Maybe go as far as being the glue of community? Sorry, my egomaniac side is showing :P


How did you find out about the show?
Many ways. Advertisements on DisneyXD (forget about it), thread for GF: Weirdmageddon (Eh, I'll watch that later) and soon enough Between Friends. Someone there said that the show is similar so I gave it a try. I'm not ashamed to say it.
Why do you like the show and/or What made you keep watching it?
Curiosity, boredom, likeable characters, graphic side of the show. It's all around great show after all.
Favorite character(s)?
Buff Frog. No questions. I don't know who is #2 (probably Toffee), but I need to give Honorary Mention to Oskar. I identify with that guy. I'm also dreamer with my own plans for life. F*ck Society! If I want to live on the road between two cities bringing entertainment to people, you are damn sure I'm going to do it! But first I need to pay debts to my family. First family, then my own personal life.
Favorite episode(s)?
Probably Bon Bon and Just Friends. Wait, scrap that. Definitely Ludo in the Wild. That one episode made me go "Holy cow!" and made it #2 show for me (Gumball is still untouchable).
How would you rate the show? (aka, what’s your OBJECTIVE opinion?)
On a scale from 0 to 10... Before BfM - 9 after it 7/8.
Favorite moment(s)?
"Would You go on a date with me?" My heart still melts.
What did you think of the movie? Did you survive?
I didn't liked the movie. There was great moments (the bunker in which Star and Mother were, Buff Frog, Ruberiot, Toffee's scenes, music [OMG! BHK just made love to my ear]) but there was many stinkers (Marco was not needed and ruined possible great plot/action in which He looks for Star with all His friends, everything with River, most of the scenes with Ludo, killing Toffee...) 4/10.
If there was ONE thing you could change about the show, what would it be? (something NON-shipping related)
Less focus on Star and Marco (and StarCo but that's not the part of question). You could give one line to Alfonso and Ferguson like "See You tomorrow Marco", more Janna on screen, more Jackie, more character development (and screentime) for these characters. Right now Marco feels like a loner without friends. Now imagine how would He looked like/felt if Disney haven't decided to put Ferguson and Alfonso in the show. Why would They make episodes for secondary characters? See Ludo in the Wild and "On the job"
Which crew member(s) behind the show would you like to meet and what would you have them do? (autograph something, say a line, reenact a scene, a simple high-five, etc.)
I don't really know. I'm never interested in backstage stuff. But if I had to answer... Maybe Brian Kim and ask him for theme song? Or maybe the Adam McArthur to say "stop posting on Twitter and teasing/irritating everyone with it".
What SVTFOE merchandise would you love to see?
None. I'm too poor and too cheap for it. I think I have some Scottish roots (laugh).
You just got hired by Disney to work with the SVTFOE crew. What’s your job title?
One of the Tadpoles or Buff Frog's cousin VA. Or guy responsible for checking this sub/communicating between Disney and this sub.
If you somehow got the wand, what spell would you use?
The one that make me more smart and less lazy. If from the show: Spider with The Top Hat blast! This guy seems cool.
Favorite headcanon?
Do you think the show will continue being light and bright or will it take a much darker turn?
I hope for a darker turn. Make Mewni dictatorship! Overthrow the Monarchy!
Alright, the big one: Who is your OTP (one true pairing)?
JarCo and MoonFee.


Favorite Book(s)?
Favorite book? That's like asking mother for favorite kid! I love every book. There is no "favorite book". It can be "Le Petit Prince", "Dead Poets Society", "Harry Potter" everything. If I had to name "most influential" so far it would be "Percy Jackson and the Olympians" series. It started my "life" on internet on forum sites. (I was previously only on gaming sites.) Thanks to this I "started" writing my own fanfictions. I still had some ideas earlier, but here I was in forum RPG, I met my friends that helped me when I didn't had friends in real life and more.
Favorite Movie(s)?
I don't have favorite movie. But there are many I enjoy. No matter how many times, I can still watch Police Academy. I love Disney movies. I cried during Toy Story 3. I cry in most films produced by Denzel Washington.
Favorite song(s)? Favorite band(s)?
I listen to almost every genre. There's no way I have "favorite song". Most of the time I have two-three songs per band. Sometimes I have one-hit wonders, sometimes full albums. But if I had to name a few: Życie jak poemat (beautiful song with beautiful message), Perfect - Niepokonani (same), Budka Suflera - Jolka, Jolka (the best ballad), Ich Troje - Ci wielcy (my favorite song when I was 3-4 year old) [INTRO is still the best album out there featuring songs about rape (Jenny), abortion (Prawo) and much much more]. I can count more and more of these songs. Also I encourage You to look for the lyrics of the songs I've linked. They're really great. If I had to name one more song it would be REM - Losing My Religion. It was the only ringtone on my first ever phone - Sagem My301X.
For the favorite band it's still hard answer. There are so many great bands. I was on many concerts and I want to be on even more concerts. I mostly enjoy 80's, 90's music. Early 00's pop music. Rock. Alternative. These would be my favorite genres. My phone is walking radio capable of providing a music for almost everyone.
Favorite quote(s)?
Everything Vulkan says in this video is quite quote-worthy. Also Carpe Diem. And mine quote: "Live Your life the way You won't regret".
Favorite Video Game(s)?
My favorite genres are strategy games. Later RPGs. Also there is one racing game I own and really enjoy: Dethkarz from 98. The 3D graphics in it is so beautiful, the game has interesting concept and it's really challenging. From other titles I want to include: CIV series, Total War series, Dawn of War, Mount&Blade: Warband. Also Dungeon of the Endless is underrated game. Spelunky is also fun. Also everything from Pegasus Console). Unfortunately my console isn't working anymore. So many cartridges lost :(
Favorite actors/actresses? (you can also include voice actors)
Voice actors: Jarosław Boberek. 585 voice-overs and still counting. Every one sounds different and You have hard time recognizing Him. He is THE VOICE ACTOR. No-one come close.
Actors: Bogusław Linda (In the name of the rules, You son of a b*tch), Piotr Fronczewski (You need to hear His voice. It's so beautiful), Denzel Washington.
Actresses: Strangely enough, I never payed attention to actresses, so... Maybe Diane Keaton
Who’s your celebrity crush?
From females it would be Emma Watson. I wasn't even teenager (or was I? Depends how you count) when the Prisoner of Azkaban came out. And She made me feel things. If I was oldestarted watching wrestling earlier I could definitely say Lita. Dyed red-hair who loves tattoos and punk/rock music? Where do I sign up? Even now She looks great! (Note: I really need to buy colour hair spray or dye my hair.)
From men? Way too many. That's what You get from watching sport when half-naked men grapple each other. But here's the list: Bogusław Linda (actor mentioned earlier. I have this crush because of my mom), Christian 2, The Miz 2 (guess I'm attracted to confidence). Johnny Gargano is also handsome dude.
Who’s your fictional character crush?
I never thought that fictional-crush can be so hard to answer! On the one hand when You're younger You don't have "crush" yet and later You are only watching cartoons that don't help You with "crushes". And even later there is no crush anymore just the fact that You like the design/personality of this character but wouldn't go as far to call the character a crush. The only character I can recall as possible crush is Julie Makimoto from Bakugan. Pure fanservice. Earlier there was Sam from Totally Spies, Wuya from Xiaolin Showdown and Starfire from Teen Titans (another pure fanservice).
Later in life (where it was mostly design/personality choice) I would put three characters from my anime period. Holo from "Spice and Wolf" (great anime to chill. It's in medieval times and it's not mostly about magic, just about a simple merchant)... Okay now that I think about it, while there are many characters design I enjoyed I never had a crush on any of them here. I was way too old for that (16-17). (I came to that realization once I found all these screenshots from anime are just... ugly. It looked better in motion, on static screen it looks bad.)
Now back to the question. From male characters I definitely had a crush on Chase Young from "Xiaolin Showdown" now that I think about it. Guess there is a pattern because I like another cold-blooded lizard with possibly tragic past.


If you would like to be interviewed and have your profile (badly) drawn, just simply hit me up via PM's (make sure to say INTERVIEW ME in the subject bar)! And please refrain from answering any questions you've seen above in the pm's. If you are chosen to be the next interviewee, there are some details I need go over with you first before I can start asking the questions.
Names are being taken on a first-come-first-serve basis. SO ACT NOW!
Apologies!: As stated at the beginning, slots are currently filled. The sooner I can figure out how to make these faster, the sooner I'll open the slots again.
I hope you enjoyed this interview and I hoped you enjoyed learning a bit more about Anonim97
Any thoughts, opinions, questions, suggestions and criticisms are greatly appreciated! I want to improve and make each of these posts better than the last.
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2017.05.06 18:37 Fatalzyx 200-250 EUR upgrade

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
Playing games like Witcher 3, Dark Souls 3, Fallout 4, GTA V, Dishonored 2 (medium-ish settings at 40-60FPS 1080p.)
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
*I will be upgrading my current PC, so probably RAM, GPU, CPU
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.

Right now my build is:

Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
Extra info or particulars: I'm buying from this site (Language is in Latvian)
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2016.09.23 13:09 Augenis The story of Rimantas Matulis, the Lithuanian Yermalovich, and his quest to turn everyone into Balts

Hiii /badhistory~~
I've been lurking in this sub a little for the last few days, or weeks. Time passes quickly these days, huh? I was checking new waters, hoping to see if I can resettle here after pretty much died. is more commonly ("commonly") known as Forum of Lithuanian History - it is our own little comfy site where we can discuss Lithuanian history together. We do a lot of refuting badhistory just like you do, and we have inside jokes just like you - I even posted one in the title, it's comparing someone terrible at history, yet dangerously influential in their field to Mikola Yermalovich. Although, in this instance the term is not very accurate...
I was thinking that I could introduce myself by refuting a somewhat infamous Lithuanian historian, or pseudohistorian in this regard, follower of Česlovas Gelgaudas ( should gasp here, it's not a good sign) - Rimantas Matulis - and his... less than sane theories about the Balts. It's a bit of an older article, from 2003, posted in newspaper "Lietuvos aidas" ("Echo of Lithuania" - I have respect for it for being the only news source in Lithuania to actually take up on popularizing history, but ALL of their articles are filled with badhistory). There is no original source, it's been deleted along with Matulis's own site, but here is a link to the article I'll rip and tear today.
Notice a problem already? It's in Lithuanian. If any of you know it enough, you can try to follow, but for everyone else I will try to translate it to the best of my ability. Let's go.
I'll explain what is exactly wrong later down the line.
“Lietuvos aidas” 2003 12 03
A Collection of Theories of the Origin of the Lithuanian Nation
Rimantas Matulis
Throughout 2003 in "Lietuvos aidas" we have already published a few dozen articles about the origin of the Lithuanian nation. Since all these theories describe very different periods of history and are clearly different from one another, according to the wishes of the readers we have decided to put up a brief collection of all the theories of Lithuanian origin, organizing them by importance and likelihood: from Heruli (AN: In this article, Matulis refers to Heruli as "Geruliai" (Geruli), for reasons later described.), Aestii, Gitoni, Getae, Thracians, Dacians, Phrygians, Cimbri, Romans, Goths, Gepids, Venedi, Alans. The last four theories we categorize as "partially false" (AN: Keep in mind that origin from Romans do not fall into this category. This is what we are talking about.). We will start from the theory which the author (AN: It is common in Lithuanian non-fiction for the author to refer to himself in third person.) considers to be the most reliable/correct.
Sheesh... The first paragraph and we already enter badhistory territory. Keep in mind that Matulis here does not deny or argue against any of these theories - in fact, he gives stronger or weaker "arguments" for all of them. If this were correct, then everyone from Denmark to Bulgaria to Caucasus would be Balts. For those who can't immediately refute this bold claim, let me help - in this entire list, the only culture very likely to be Baltic in origin are the Aestii. Some researchers, like Alexander M. Schenker,[1] also deny the Venedi-Slavic connection and place them under Balts, but this is an another topic of discussion.
Oh, and you might have a question - where is the theory that Lithuanians originate from, well, BALTS? Well, this fellow is too cool for the establishment, just like the person he looks up to, Česlovas Gedgaudas - the same person who claimed that the Kievan Rus was a Baltic state and only later Slavicized.
This paragraph argues in favor of Lithuanians originating from the Heruli.
Simonas Daukantas, Jonas Basanavičius, Aleksandras M. Račkus and many other historians thought, that the Geruli had a big impact in the formation of the Lithuanian tribe/nation, and they were right.
He is correct in almost this entire sentence, minus the last four words. Indeed, all three of these scientists argued in favor of the Heruli Baltic hypothesis. Indeed, numerous historians thought the same. The catch? They are all from the 19th century or earlier. (Minus Račkus, but nobody cares about him) And 19th century historians didn't have access to modern methods like archeological cultures, genetic tests, language reconstruction, carbon dating and others. Hell, Basanavičius thought that Thracians are ancestors to Lithuanians because there is a city in Lithuania called "Trakai". The Germanic hypothesis was created in the 16th century and has been discredited numerous times.
So don't use it.
During the times of Rome, Heruli was the term for the inhabitants of the continuous forest massive from the banks of Vistula in the west, Smolensk-Moscow in the east, Finno-Ugric territory in the north and Ukrainian steppe in the south Just no. There is just no such thing. The closest term I can find is Tacitus using "Sarmatia" to refer to all territory east of the Vistula. However, that's not to say that the Heruli weren't somewhere close - in the writing of Pliny the Elder,[2] "Hirri" are mentioned to live beyond the Vistula along with Scirri/Scirii and Wends/Venedi.
In the fourth century, even earlier according to S. Daukantas, many of them moved south, fought alongside Dacians against Rome, in 476 - along with Scirii, whose name likely originates from the Scara (now Prieglius) river in Prussia, led by Odoacer, pillaged Rome and took down the last emperor of Rome.
Now we are told that the Balts destroyed Rome. As much of a patriotic feeling this gives to me, no.
I won't touch the Dacian part, because the Heruli indeed were somewhere there, and go to Odoacer. First of all, he's totally forgetting the Rugii who also fought under Odoacer. Next, there is no mention of Scara/Skara being the former name for Prieglius/Pregolya River. In the works of Claudius Ptolemy, the river is referred to as Chronos, though whether it is Pregolya or Nemunas is still disputed (not that it matters, anyway). "Scirii" is likely derived from the Germanic clean- or pure-blood, as opposed to the neighbouring Bastarnae tribe, probably derived from Germanic mixed-bloods (compare bastard).
The name for Heruli comes from the word "giria" (Lith. "forest"). Formerly they were called giriai, giruliai (Lith. "forest people"), later - "geruliai", "heruliai", "eruliai". After disagreements with the Byzantine emperor Justinian for their king, Heruli returned to the Eastern Baltic and, being literate, started all major Lithuanian nobility and dynastic lines.
What's the history equivalent of "fanfiction"?
There is no consensus on the etymology of the name of Heruli, but it is almost CERTAINLY not this. Some researchers point to the title of erilaz - an early version of earl.[4]
There were indeed some dealings between Justinian I and the Heruli, the former employed the latter in his campaigns, but there is no information on any major disagreements between them. Procopius mentioned that some of them moved north to Thule (likely Scandinavia, where their homeland is placed).
And how come if the Heruli, and thus by extension the Lithuanians, were literate, how come there are no written records from the pre-13th century Baltic territories?
Let's move on...
This theory originates Lithuanians from the Aestii.
There is currently an almost universal consensus that aestiorum gentes (Aestii, Estii - east people) mentioned by Tacitus are our ancestors Balts.
Tru dat.
For all intents and purposes, it's correct, but we have to mark the mention by Jordanus that Hermanaricus subjugated all Aestii "until the farthest reaches of the Baltic Sea", so Estonians. By the way, Estonia got it's name from Aestii (Germans called all inhabitants of the Eastern Baltic by this name). In the north, the Aestii could have reached as far as Finland. So many of Aestii were not Balts, but unrelated Finno-Ugric tribes.
It should be noted that past authors are not always correct in their location estimates - hell, the Baltics were called "Sarmatia" at many points in time, and we sure as hell aren't a steppe people near the Caspian Sea. Or are we... Matulis, get on it!
Indeed, it's quite possible that the term "Aestii" was less of a reference to a culture and more of a blanket term for Eastern Baltic coast inhabitants, but remember - the major characteristic that Tacitus, Cassiodorus and Jordanes all mention about the Aestii is their monopoly in collecting amber from the shore and thus being the end point of the Amber Road. The biggest source of amber in antiquity was the Sambian peninsula and the Curonian lagoon, deep into Baltic territory.
Despite the phonological similarity between Aesti and Estonia, there are no geographic connections between the two regions. One of the first Westerners to more permanently settle in the territory of Estonia were Danes, and Scandinavian sagas refer to a land called Eistland (which is also still the name for Estonia in modern Icelandic). A Baltic origin (compare Lithuanian aikštė (field)) is also possible.[5]
Also, it's unlikely that the Balts living in the upper basin of the Dniepr River - Heruli (called Drevlians in Slavic) fell under this category.
...Oh for fuck's sake.
According to current and past countries, our ancestors the Aestii would inhabit the territories of Prussia (AN: East Prussia, just called Prussia in Lithuania), Latvia and Lithuania.
This is correct.
But this paragraph is the most correct that this article will get.
This paragraph argues for Lithuanians originating from the Gitoni.
Claudius Ptolemy mentions Gitoni between the Eastern European tribes.
There is little information on the web on what the Gitoni are, but from what I can gather, it's Ptolemy's way to refer to the Goths.[6]
According to us, the old name for Žemaitija - Samogitia - exactly means "lower Gitoni", as lands by the coast - Sambia, Semigallia and probably Finland (AN: Suomija in Lithuanian) all mean "lower land". And the name for Gitoni, like Belorussians (AN: Gudai in Lithuanian), Goths, Hittites and others all originate from the ancestors of Indo-Europeans - Getae. If Samogitians are lower Gitoni, then Lithuanians are upper Gitoni.
wipes sweat
No. The foreign name for Žemaitija - Samogitia - does not mean "lower Gitoni", it is a twisted and translated name of Žemaitija.[7] The first foreign name for the region comes from Ruthenian - samotska sem(b)la, meaning "lower land", which later gave rise to the Middle High German Sameiten, Samaythen. Samogitia is the Latin transliteration of the term and thus was transported to other European languages, English included.
Also, know this equalization between PIE and Getae? No? Sounds completely insane? Well Matulis came up with it in an another article of his, titled "Getae, Heruli and the origins of Lithuanians". It's just as cringeworthy and using miniscule evidence - for example, Matulis thinks that we must have lived in the Middle East at some point, because Negev sounds a lot like negyva ("dead").
Moving on...
This theory originates Lithuanians from the Getae.
Among the variants of the name of Samogitia, I found a particular one - Samogetia. From this, one could make the conclusion that the Lithuanians were the Getae (the Indo-Europeans)
WOOHOO! Five paragraphs in and THE Indo-Europeans, ALL OF THEM, are Baltic! Or at least that's what I'm getting. I don't want to draw a strawman from this, it would be too easy.
Or I would be, if Č. Gelgaudas, and by extension Matulis, didn't already equalize the Getae to the ancestors of the Indo-Europeans.[8] Never mind that the first mention of them is in the 7th century BC and they are more modern than Ancient Greeks and Hittites, both also IE. Never mind that according to all sources, the Getae were pretty much limited to the Balkan peninsula and were likely closely related to the Dacians.
We are ALL Balts on this blessed day.
However, saying that would not be very accurate, as the real Getae were our southwest neighbours the Jotvingiai/Yatviagi (first Getae/Getai transformed to Getvae, then g changed to j, much like "gintaras" (AN: "amber" in Lithuanian) to "jantar'" (AN: "amber" in Russian)). The first chronicles called Jotvingiai Getae around a thousand years ago.
I have no words. You might think this makes sense, but it doesn't.
The name "Jotvingiai" comes from the land they lived in, "Jotva", which encompassed southern Lithuania (Dainava) and parts of Podlasie. "Jotva" comes from a hydronym - the river Jotva, name origin unknown.[9]
And no, the origin of "jantar'" is not correct, either. Both Lithuanian and Slavic names have the same origin, from Phoenician "jainitar", meaning "sea-resin", which is what it is.[10]
Our ancestors - the Corded Ware culture - likely called themselves Getae. The Balts that inhabited forests - Heruli - we can name northern Getae. This is why the Lithuanian language is the closest surviving language to Proto-Indo-European, and we are the closest successors of the Indo-Europeans.
Never mind that Corded Ware is a Neolithic culture that dissipated 3000 years ago and that the Getae don't even fall into the geographic distribution of this culture, sure. Also, you can see that he's bringing the Heruli back into this.
Poor Heruli. But hey, at least Matulis is correct that we are in fact Indo-Europeans... hehe...
I'm going to die, we have only analyzed 4 of his theories so far...
This theory originates Lithuanians from the Thracians.
Who doesn't know the famous theory by Jonas Basanavičius that Lithuanians originate from Thracians-Phrygians, who lived in the Balkans and Asia Minor?
Uh, hate to break it to you, but Basanavičius is a 19th century historian. Who had no idea about how the Indo-Europeans originated. There was no Gimbutienė in his time to give him an idea. In fact, his main argument is that he really has none.
There is no debate that Getae and Thracians were close nations ("relatives"), just that the latter lived more in the Balkans. The name for them could have been given by the inhabitants of Troy, who retreated into the lands of Getae after losing their war against the Greeks. Along the history of the Thracians our dear Herodotus adds Bithynians, who lived in Asia Minor.
I can't really say much here, this particular place is not my forte. I do remember that the Thracians were allied to Trojans in the Trojan War, but I don't think the name comes from there. If any of you have any sources to back me up here, be my guest.
Simonas Daukantas gives many historic sources, where Lithuanians and Latvians are named Thracians: the works of Jan Dlugosz, Marcin Kromer, Matthaus Pratorius. In "The writings of the Danish Kingdom", the Semigallians are named Thracians.
Never heard of that last part, so the translation is likely incorrect. I don't have the time to check if any of them named Lithuanians or Latvians as Thracians, but I'm doubtful, considering that all of them are from the Early Modern Era, over a thousand years after the destruction of Thrace.
Besides, they could have been referring to "the inhabitants of Trakai", which is a homonym of Thracians in Lithuanian.
Not only Basanavičius, but also a bunch of modern historians found a variety of place names and linguistic similarities between Thracian and Lithuanian languages. There are a number of locations in Lithuania named after Thracia: Trakų miestas, Trakininkai, Trakiškiai, Trakiškiemiai, Traksėdai, etc. But since Thracians are a part of the Indo-Europeans (Getae), these theories are closely related.
Okay, here's the deal.
In Lithuanian, the name for Thracians is "trakai", which is also the name of the former capital of Lithuania, among other names. Easy to be confused if you've never studied or spoke in Lithuanian before. All these names actually come from the plural or singular form of the word trakas, meaning "glade" or "burned forest".
Not fucking Thracia out of all things. I'm also not aware of the similarities between Thracian and Lithuanian, but considering both are Indo-European languages, it's to be expected. Latin and Lithuanian also have some similarities and common words, and nobody's originating Lithuanians from Romans...
...wait. Shit.
This theory originates Lithuanians from Dacians. The Dacians and Thracians might be in the Balto-Slavic branch according to some scholars,[11] but such a claim is less likely than Venedi being Balts.
According to Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa, who lived in the 1st century BC, the northern border of Dacian populated territories reached the Baltic Sea, so the Baltic populated Baltic coast must have belonged to Dacia.
Not sure on Agrippa's interpretation of the size of Dacia and whether this is correct, but Claudius Ptolemy clearly marks Dacia to be smaller than that. According to Hrushevskyi,[12] "Dacia, as described by Ptolemy, occupied the region between the Tisa, Danube, upper Dnister, and Seret, while the Black Sea coast — namely, the Greek colonies of Tyras, Olbia, and others — were included in Lower Moesia."
Basanavičius followed this opinion, using Detlefsen (?) as a source.
Who dat
Anyone has an idea?
Obviously, our ancestors warriors thus must've fought in the Dacian Wars against Trajan's Rome. Dacians, like Thracians, were close relatives to the Getae, and only named themselves Dacians a few centuries before Christ. In chronicles of the 11th century, Dacians and Getae are mentioned in numerous wars in Poland and outside it.
Balts vs. Rome - the greatest rivalry of antiquity. Balts won, they destroyed Rome.
Wait a second... aren't Dacians and Getae kinda... the same tribe? Just that one is a Roman name and the other is a Greek name? Pretty sure that the Ancient Greeks only used "Getae" to refer to them. It would be a better theory than them suddenly deciding "okay, we've been Getae, let's name ourselves with a different name from now on. Dacians! That'll confuse our enemies!"
And I have no idea where Matulis is taking that last bit from. Dacians as a nation were kinda destroyed by the Romans, and I'm pretty sure most of them had been assimilated into the Romanians by that time. Or whatever the predecessor to the Romanians were.
This theory talks about the Phrygians and shit.
Basanavičius, while living in Bulgaria, took attention that the oldest Phrygian scriptures, location names and people names really resemble Lithuanian, so, according to him, Lithuanians are at least partially descending from Phrygians. One again, the relation between Phrygians, Getae, Dacians and Thracians is undisputed, and through them - with Lithuanians.
ffs, Basanavičius.
Basanavičius isn't even a god damn historian. He studied medicine, he was a doctor. And a political activist campaigning for Lithuanian cultural rights in tsarist Russia, but still not a historian.
So stop using him.
Now, Phrygian language. Nope, not close to Baltic at all. Their classification is not known, but some people put them as relatives of Greek.[13] And how could they even get here, across an entire continent, when they migrated into a whole different direction, into god damn Asia Minor?
Oh, and that relation between Phrygians and your other names? Totally disputed, actually. In fact, most researchers don't even place these languages into a similar language group.
That was quick.
This paragraph talks about the Cimbri.
According to Herodotus, in about 8th century BC a group called the Cimmerians (Cimbrians, Cimbri) moved out of their homeland in the northern coasts of the Black Sea.
This is true. And according to him and Assyrian sources, they overran Anatolia only to be destroyed, and that's the last we ever heard of them.[14] Not related to Cimbri at all.
They participated in the conquest of Rome, and Romans saw their large abandoned camps in modern day Denmark. Obviously, before settling in modern day Denmark, they must've passed Lithuania and Prussia.
I'm not sure where he is getting that abandoned camps part, but it was common among Romans to believe that the Cimbri lived in Jutland, yes. Both Tacitus and Strabo wrote about that, but archaeological searches show no evidence of mass migrations in Jutland around that time.[15]
And the second part is complete bogus. Baltic territories aren't even in the way!
In the 6th century, the island of Gotland was called Cimbria, from where Widewuto, kicked out by the Goths, landed on the shores of Prussia with 46 000 Cimbrians.
The first part is just blatant lies. Matulis might have been referring to Jutland, which is sometimes called the Cimbrian Peninsula, but still, bad geography AND bad history.
Also, not to burst your bubble, bro, but the legend of Widewuto - totally fake. Made up by medieval German historians. You should know that by know. I know we're both Lithuanians and we should believe it's true, but this is not the 20th century anymore, we are not trying to prove that pagan Balts had a writing system here.
Uh, none of you get what I'm talking about?.. Basically, there was a legend created by Simon Grunau about a Germanic king named Widewuto and his brother Brutheni or something, who arrived to Prussia, settled there and gave the start to the Prussian civilization as we know it. This was supposed to be his banner, with the three Prussian chief deities and strange symbols depicted, which were believed to be a pagan Baltic script. Lithuanian researchers believed in this legend for three centuries, but nowadays it's pretty much universally agreed to be falsified, much like the depiction of Baltic polytheism as an organized religion with a "pagan Pope" by Peter von Dursburg.
Not to Matulis, of course.
It's probable that the old name for Wales also comes from the Cimbri.
No. NO.
One etymology[16] originates the name for Cimbri from PIE word tḱim-ro- "inhabitant" or from tḱoi-m- "home" (> English home), itself a derivation from tḱei- "live". Meanwhile, "Cymry", the word Matulis is referring to, is derived from Brittonic *kombrogik, meaning “compatriots”.[17] Despite the similarities, this is yet another Thracians-Trakai situation - correlation is not causation.
Okay, enough of Cimbri, let's get to the next one...
This theory originates the Lithuanians from Romans.
Remember that chart where Finland is depicted as the successor to the Roman Empire? Well we're here to take your spot, you fucks. You Estonian-loving fucks. Estonians are slow.
Our modern day researchers still laugh at the old Roman origin theory.
And for good reason.
For those who are not Lithuanian, the Roman origin theory comes all the way from the 16th century. At the time, Lithuanians wanted to prove that they are totally better than the Slavs they are in a personal union in and that they are no savages, so the Chronicles of Lithuania created a legend about a Roman duke called Palemon (of Pontus), relative of Nero, who escaped to Lithuania with 500 noble families on boat (how they actually got to the Baltic from Asia Minor in a single ship trip is left to the imagination of the reader) and were the ancestors to all Lithuanian nobles. Since we are Romans, we are better than all those Poles and Russians, right?
Everyone jumped on that circlejerk for a few centuries before finally forgetting it. It was a weird teenage phase that we had, it happens.
Many of them scratched their head, wondering who and when created this theory.
Bychowiec Chronicle, 16th century. I solved the mystery with a Google search!
Like we always do, we'll try to prove that this theory is not made up, we just have to know how to read it. This theory is written last between the correct theories in this list, but it could also be placed on the false ones. Why?
drumrolling ensues
Previously mentioned Heruli
bass drop
We went there! It's sexy Balt-on-Balt action, bros! Balts built Rome, Balts destroyed it!
traveled on the borders of the Roman Empire for about a century, lived next to the Danube and in the Empire itself for a few decades, fought in it, some of them christianized and became literate. Why can't we call them Romans?
I have no words.
I have no words, my confirmed-to-be-Baltic brothers.
The legend about the return of Heruli after the conquest of Rome in the oldest of times was obviously connected to Rome. So, whether the Lithuanian Roman origin theory is correct, is up to the reader.
You know, I'll stop here. The last four theories - Goths, Venedi, Gepids and Alans - are just repeats of the past. More Basanavičius, more Heruli, more Widewuto. So why bother?
Thank you for reading, I hope you learned about your Baltic origins today.
  1. Alexander M. Schenker, The Dawn of Slavic: An Introduction to Slavic Philology, Yale University Press, 1996
  2. "Nec minor opinione Eningia. Quidam haec habitari ad Vistulam a Sarmatis, Venedis, Sciris, Hirris, tradunt". Plinius, IV. 27.
  3. Armin E. Hepp, Völker und Stämme in Deutschland, Manfred Pawlak Verlag, 1986, p.268.
  4. Mees, B. "Runic 'erilaR'", North-Western European Language Evolution, 2003, 42:41-68.
  6. Endre Bojtar, Foreword to the Past: A Cultural History of the Baltic People, Central European University Press, 1999, p.107
  12. (couldn't find a more direct link)
  13. Brixhe, Cl. "Le Phrygien". In Fr. Bader (ed.), Langues indo-européennes, pp. 165-178, Paris: CNRS Editions
  14. Herodotus, Histories, Book 4, sections 11–12.
  15. Kaul, F. & Martens, J. Southeast European Influences in the Early Iron Age of Southern Scandinavia. Gundestrup and the Cimbri, Acta Archaeologica 66, 1995, 111-161.
  16. Max Vasmer, Russisches etymologisches Wörterbuch, 1958, vol. 3, p. 62
  17. C.T. Onions and R.W. Burchfield, eds. The Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology, 1966, s.v. Cymry
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2016.06.08 22:41 CSGOMatchThreads ESL One Cologne 2016 Main Qualifier - Schedule & Discussion

IRC Discussion

Note: If you see any mistakes in the thread, please PM us, or send us a tweet. We can't read every single comment, so it's easier for us to just check the mailbox.

Tournament Information

Date June 9 - June 12, 2016
Location Katowice, Poland
Venue ESL Studios
Teams 16

Quick Info

Map pool



  • Swiss System
  • 16 team - 5 Rounds - Best-of-one
  • Round 1
    • Division into 4 Pools
    • See Pools Section for team repartition
    • Teams from Pool 1 vs Pool 3
    • Teams from Pool 2 vs Pool 4
  • Round 2
    • Division into 2 groups
    • Group 1: Round 1 Winners - 8 teams
    • Group 2: Round 1 Losers - 8 teams
    • Each team faces a team from the same group they have not played yet
  • Round 3
    • Division into 3 groups
    • Group 1: Teams with a 2-0 score - 4 teams
    • Group 2: Teams with a 1-1 score - 8 teams
    • Group 3: Teams with a 0-2 score - 4 teams
    • Each team faces a team from the same group they have not played yet
    • Winners of Group 1 are qualified for ESL One Cologne 2016 (Cumulated score: 3-0) - 2 teams
    • Losers of Group 3 are eliminated (Cumulated score: 0-3) - 2 teams
  • Round 4
    • Division into 2 groups
    • Group 1: Teams with a 2-1 score - 6 teams
    • Group 2: Teams with a 1-2 score - 6 teams
    • Each team faces a team from the same group they have not played yet
    • Winners of Group 1 are qualified for ESL One Cologne 2016 (Cumulated score: 3-1) - 3 teams
    • Losers of Group 2 are eliminated (Cumulated score: 1-3) - 3 teams
  • Round 5
    • 6 teams remaining
    • Each team faces a team they have not played yet
    • Winners are qualified for ESL One Cologne 2016 (Cumulated score: 3-2) - 3 teams
    • Losers are eliminated (Cumulated score: 2-3) - 3 teams


  • Veto order is ABBAAB

Tie-breaker rules

  1. Win-Loss ratio
  2. Buchholz score system (the sum of wins of the team’s opponents)
  3. Head-to-head match result
  4. Initial seeding of the tournament




Language Stream Link
English ESL TV
Polish ESL Poland
French ESL France
Portuguese Moreira
Brazilian Pt BiDa
Russian RuHub
Hungarian Hungarian Esport TV
Bulgarian OgreCast
Ukrainian Strimok
Latvian GlitchGamer
Arabic ESMaroc
If we find more streams, this section will be updated. Don't hesitate to PM us more channels!



Talent Lineup


Desk Host





Qualified Teams

Columbus '16 Bottom 8
Gambit Gaming hooch Dosia mou AdreN spaze
FaZe Clan fox rain aizy jkaem kioShiMa
G2 Esports bodyy shox ScreaM RpK SmithZz
mousesports chrisJ nex Niko denis spiidi
Splyce arya abE jasonR Professor_Chaos DAVEY
Team EnVyUs NBK Happy kennyS Devil apEX
Flipsid3 Tactics B1ad3 Shara markeloff wayLander WorldEdit
Cloud9 stewie2k Slemmy n0thing shroud Skadoodle
NA Minor Qualifier
Optic Gaming daps NAF stanislaw RUSH mixwell
Immortals HEN1 lucas1 SHOOWTiME felps boltz
Asia Minor Qualifier
TyLoo Mo DD fancy1 somebody Attacker
Renegades SPUNJ AZR USTILO jks Yam
EU Minor Qualifier
Team Dignitas RUBINO tenzki k0nfig cajunb MSL
Hellraisers ANGE1 oskar bondik Zero STYKO
CIS Minor Qualifier
FLuffy Gangsters El Patron liTTle chopper ROBO roman
Team Empire CyberFocus spaz spiker electronic kUcheR


Pool 1 Pool 2
Gambit Gaming Columbus '16 Place 9-12 Splyce Columbus '16 Place 13-16
FaZe Clan Columbus '16 Place 9-12 Team EnVyUs Columbus '16 Place 13-16
G2 Esports Columbus '16 Place 9-12 Flipsid3 Tactics Columbus '16 Place 13-16
mousesports Columbus '16 Place 9-12 Cloud9 Columbus '16 Place 13-16
Pool 3 Pool 4
Optic Gaming NA Qualifier Winner Immortals NA Qualifier Runner-up
TyLoo Asian Qualifier Winner Renegades Asian Qualifier Runner-up
Team Dignitas EU Qualifier Winner Hellraisers EU Qualifier Runner-up
FLuffy Gangsters CIS Qualifier Winner Team Empire CIS Qualifier Runner-up



Los Angeles, USA Columbus, USA Brasília , Brazil - London, UK Katowice, Poland China Victoria, Australia


  • We are using a 24-hour clock
  • If a time is in italics it starts after the day specified
Full Liquipedia Results

Day 1 - Thursday, June 09 - Round 1

First match starts, then each match follows
Team 1 vs Team 2 Round Result PDT EDT UTC CEST CST AEST
Flipsid3 vs Renegades R1 16-09 04:00 07:00 11:00 13:00 19:00 21:00
Splyce vs Hellraisers R1 09-16 05:10 08:10 12:10 14:10 20:10 22:10
Cloud9 vs Empire R1 16-12 06:20 09:20 13:20 15:20 21:20 23:20
mouz vs FLuffy R1 19-16 07:30 10:30 14:30 16:30 22:30 00:30
EnVyUs vs Immortals R1 16-06 08:40 11:40 15:40 17:40 23:40 01:40
Gambit vs OpTic R1 16-14 09:50 12:50 16:50 18:50 00:50 02:50
Faze vs Dignitas R1 16-08 11:00 14:00 18:00 20:00 02:00 04:00
G2 vs TyLoo R1 16-09 12:10 15:10 19:10 21:10 03:10 05:10

Day 2 - Friday, June 10 - Round 2

First match starts, then each match follows
Team 1 vs Team 2 Round Result PDT EDT UTC CEST CST AEST
FLuffy vs OpTic R2 09-16 04:00 07:00 11:00 13:00 19:00 21:00
Renegades vs Splyce R2 14-16 05:10 08:10 12:10 14:10 20:10 22:10
Immortals vs TyLoo R2 11-16 06:20 09:20 13:20 15:20 21:20 23:20
Dignitas vs Empire R2 16-13 07:30 10:30 14:30 16:30 22:30 00:30
G2 vs Hellraisers R2 16-08 08:40 11:40 15:40 17:40 23:40 01:40
Faze vs Flipsid3 R2 16-05 09:50 12:50 16:50 18:50 00:50 02:50
mouz vs Cloud9 R2 16-12 11:00 14:00 18:00 20:00 02:00 04:00
Gambit vs EnVyUs R2 16-10 12:10 15:10 19:10 21:10 03:10 05:10

Day 3 - Saturday, June 11 - Round 3

First match starts, then each match follows
Team 1 vs Team 2 Round Result PDT EDT UTC CEST CST AEST
Renegades vs FLuffy R3 16-11 04:00 07:00 11:00 13:00 19:00 21:00
Immortals vs Empire R3 16-07 05:10 08:10 12:10 14:10 20:10 22:10
Hellraisers vs Dignitas R3 16-10 06:20 09:20 13:20 15:20 21:20 23:20
Flipsid3 vs OpTic R3 07-16 07:30 10:30 14:30 16:30 22:30 00:30
TyLoo vs Cloud9 R3 13-16 08:40 11:40 15:40 17:40 23:40 01:40
EnVyUs vs Splyce R3 16-04 09:50 12:50 16:50 18:50 00:50 02:50
G2 vs mouz R3 01-16 11:00 14:00 18:00 20:00 02:00 04:00
Gambit vs Faze R3 11-16 12:10 15:10 19:10 21:10 03:10 05:10

Day 4 - Sunday, June 12 - Round 4 & 5

First match starts, then each match follows
Team 1 vs Team 2 Round Result PDT EDT UTC CEST CST AEST
TyLoo vs Splyce R4 16-14 04:00 07:00 11:00 13:00 19:00 21:00
Dignitas vs Renegades R4 16-12 05:10 08:10 12:10 14:10 20:10 22:10
Flipsid3 vs Immortals R4 16-12 06:20 09:20 13:20 15:20 21:20 23:20
Hellraisers vs OpTic R4 14-16 07:30 10:30 14:30 16:30 22:30 00:30
EnVyUs vs Cloud9 R4 16-12 08:40 11:40 15:40 17:40 23:40 01:40
Gambit vs G2 R4 16-10 09:50 12:50 16:50 18:50 00:50 02:50
TyLoo vs Dignitas R5 03-16 11:00 14:00 18:00 20:00 02:00 04:00
Hellraisers vs Flipsid3 R5 09-16 12:10 15:10 19:10 21:10 03:10 05:10
Cloud9 vs G2 R5 08-16 13:20 16:20 20:20 22:20 04:20 06:20


Place W-L Spot for Cologne 2016 Team
1-2. 3-0 FaZe Clan
1-2. 3-0 mousesports
3-5. 3-1 OpTic
3-5. 3-1 Team EnVyUs
3-5. 3-1 Gambit Gaming
6-8. 3-2 Team Dignitas
6-8. 3-2 Flipsid3 Tactics
6-8. 3-2 G2 Esports
9-11. 2-3 X Cloud9
9-11. 2-3 X Hellraisers
9-11. 2-3 X Tyloo
12-14. 1-3 X Splyce
12-14. 1-3 X Renegades
12-14. 1-3 X Immortals
15-16. 0-3 X Team Empire
15-16. 0-3 X Fluffy Gangsters
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2016.05.26 17:03 WTFAnimations PC build for 320 euros.

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
I will be playing racing games (rFactor, NFS, F1, etc.), some Valve games (CS:GO, Dota, Garry's Mod, Team Fortress 2) and emulators (NDS, PS1, N64, GBA). I will also livesream and upload videos to YouTube (OBS for recording/broadcasting).
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
320 euros.
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
August to September of this year.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
I will only need the PC.
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
Latvia, but if parts are cheaper, I can ship from Germany.
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
I will be reusing a monitor, keyboard and mouse from a IBM computer. I will be replacing them over time, starting with a Phillips or Benq monitor. Though I don't know wether I should buy a Redragon mech keyboard and a Logitech G100s, or a CM Storm Devastator Combo.
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
I will not overclock off the bat, but I might do it down the line.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
*Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
As long as the case is not ugly (in my opinion).
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
Extra info or particulars:We do not have PCPartPicker supprot in Latvia, so I will link some sites where you can find parts. (Some are in Latvian, so I would reccomend using Google Translate in these sites)
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2016.03.16 22:27 GooblyLouie [CHW Concept - Defense] Philia


Real Name: Lilija Rubenis
Age: 26
Occupation: ???
Role: Defense (Ambush)
HP: 200 hp
Pros: Extremely high single-target damage; high situational awareness; excellent disruption
Cons: Rather low survivability, range, and mobility; difficult to utilize properly
Contributors: GooeyLouie (lead), Towercard, StingOfIntere, raabr


LMB – Rapture A blast of her single-shot sawed-off shotgun. She takes a short moment to aim her weapon dead ahead before firing, releasing a wide spread of bullets in a very short range, dealing a huge amount of damage if all hit—something in the realm of 200. The recoil pushes the weapon back up into holding position, but it doesn’t actually affect the crosshair. To reload, she flips the weapon open and manually inserts another shell with her off hand, then flips it closed, taking about 1 second
RMB – Fit to Burst Philia flips open her weapon and starts stuffing in extra shells at the rate of one every .7 seconds. Misusing the weapon in this manner lowers the damage of each ensuing shot to 100 if all shells connect, but when LMB is next used, every loaded shell is fired in quick succession, every .4 seconds. However, there is some crosshair recoil, requiring steady adjustment of aim to land all of the shots. Against fast characters, landing all shots is nigh impossible. A maximum of 5 shots can be loaded; if RMB is used again with 5 shots loaded, Philia’s attempt to shove the sixth shell in causes it to explode, stunning herself for 1 second and emptying the weapon.
Shift – Field of Dreams From a satchel Philia produces a handful of wire she then tosses in front of her. As soon as it’s tossed, it becomes a physics object that falls until it touches the ground, at which point it spreads into a patch of barbed wire stylized like thorny vines, in the rough shape of a circle and about as large as a payload objective. Enemies that walk into the wire take a little bit of damage over time and are slowed 75% as long as they’re inside. Furthermore, and indicator appears on screen when the trap catches someone, marking the spot where the wire was set. This ability has a 15 sec cooldown and only one can exist at once; placing a new one destroys the old. The wire is destroyed when she dies, but can also be destroyed by either 250 damage or three melee attacks.
E – Spring Flowers Pressing the button brings up a disk-shaped construct outline that can be laid out on either the floor or a wall. When pressed again, Philia leans forward and places a large bouqet on the floor or wall, setting up a spring trap. From that moment on, when she or an enemy (not an ally) gets close to the spring trap, it activates to send the hero flying vertically, if it’s placed on a floor, or horizontally, if it’s placed on a wall. The hero in question flies very far. To enemies, the trap appears sunken into the surface slightly to make it less noticeable; it can be destroyed, and up to 5 can exist at once. Philia can use this to reach new heights or to escape, or use it to fling enemies off objectives or cliffs. Once used, the trap disappears.
Q – Repulsion Shell Philia pulls out a special shotgun shell from…somewhere and looks at it for a half second, saying “This is for...” before loading it into her shotgun. Her next LMB fires the shell, as she says “ first love!” launching a streaming reddish-pink bolt that screams forward, passing through all shields. Whoever it hits gets stuck to the bolt, and flies along with it until it reaches an obstacle, whereupon the bolt explodes and everyone caught takes some damage and is sent flying in a random direction away from the impact site. Enemies can't move or use abilities when caught; they are pinned. If the shell hits a surface without sticking to anyone, it explodes anyway, launching nearby enemies away from the blast site. Using this ability empties the weapon, preventing interferance with her RMB, Fit to Burst
**Passive - ** When crouched, Philia moves her shotgun into firing position, eliminating the short moment it takes to aim it before firing with LMB. Additionally, her bullets have less spread, making for a more focused shot that makes getting full damage against a single target easier, but requires much stricter aim.


Nationality: Latvia
Philia is oddly cheery and talkative on the battlefield. Her energy and gushing friendliness thinly veil a fervent need to be wanted, valued, and loved. Though the very picture of sweetness and innocence, she is in truth something of a broken bird, with very little self-regard or even willpower. She is overly trusting and optimistic, never ignoring those who like her are lonely, and quickly attaches to guys who catch her fancy, but her clinginess drives most men away. Overall, it is clear that Philia is a paragon of neither sanity nor intellect.
Philia Standing at 5’5” Philia has pale skin, soft features, electric blue eyes, and long black hair clumped into three sections. Two of these frame her face on either side, and the largest clump forms a sort of ponytail down her back. She wears a plain pinkish-white dress (not unlike a wedding dress) with large cuffs, a collar, a red ribbon around her neck, and a sizeable bust window. The dress, tied with a pink cord, gains ruffles past her waste and splits down the middle into red sections. A thick red-leather belt with gray metal lies around her hips, and matching clasps adorn her arms just above the elbow. Thigh-high techno-boots of a flexible plastic polymer serve as shoes, and she wears a color-coordinated cap emblazoned with a horse insignia. Most often, she can be seen smiling.
Her weapon is a break-action, sawed-off, red, white, and gray shotgun of a straightforward, technical style. The slugs it fires are massive, and it only holds one at a time.
Tough love is a misfortune Lilija Rubenis knows all too well.
Then again, Lilija Rubenis is not the same woman who enters the battlefield in a wedding dress and carrying a shotgun. That is Philia, whose life began the day Lilija died, not as a hero or a soldier, but a casualty. When her boyfriend, an American by the name of James Chesterfield, asked her to marry him, she couldn’t have been more joyful. In the weeks leading up to their wedding, there existed no happier woman in the world, but she never imagined that the ceremony would be interrupted by the enigmatic and psychopathic cyber-enhanced Talon operative Juniper. Before Lilija's eyes, every attendee, including the entirety of James' friends from the Air Force, choked on Juniper's toxins, and a moment later Lilija collapsed as well. The aerosol serum, meant to wipe away the minds of every able-bodied person present to create a blank slate ideal for indoctrination, suffocated all those who didn’t make the cut. The guests not killed by the toxin were bagged and dragged away, leaving behind a chapel of corpses and only one survivor.
When Lilija awoke, bleary-eyed, she remembered nothing--not even her own name. All that remained to her was an empty spot in her heart and enough love to make it agonizing. She took in the entire scene, each flower and decoration and guest in eternal sleep, and they imprinted themselves on her mind. When Overwatch agents arrived hours later, they found Philia sitting on the altar, seemingly unmoved by anything around her. With her memory wiped and an obsession with love and apathy to violence in its place, Philia could not be returned to her old life, and was taken in. Over the course of months, she was brought up to date on events in the world, partially educated, treated to therapy, and even trained as a soldier of Overwatch. However, one of her comrades -a lonely man by the name of Diego- decided to take advantage of her obsession. Pretending that he loved her, he easily tricked Philia into an abusive relationship, and ultimately convinced her to 'elope' with him as they fled Overwatch, lying to her about the organization’s intentions with her as well. One night, after taking out his anger on Philia and calling it tough love, Diego went off and got himself killed in a barfight, leaving Philia his Winnebago, alone, mournful, and even more damaged.
Of course, Philia could not survive alone, and found sympathetic spirits in an organization called Talon, and in their care concluded that love is the same as pain.

Personal Effects

Philia’s melee attack has her slap the enemy with her bouquet of thorny roses. Her idle animation is her pulling out a rose and playing ‘loves me, loves me not’ with its petals.
Taunts -Overcome with elation, Philia jumps up and down excitedly, waving her arms.
-Aiming her shotgun forward with both hands, Philia closes an eye, sticks out her tongue to the side, and attempts to concentrate, only to break form and sigh.
-Philia loses herself in thought, clapping her hands together and holding them by her tilted head. Hearts appear and pop over her head.
Philia’s voice is high and bubbly, with a pronounced Latvian accent
(Game about to start): “Oh, I’m so excited!” “When this is over, we’re having a long talk about ‘us’!” “Fighting?...Kind of a strange first date, no?” “Omigosh, whatdoIdo, whatdoIdo!?”
(Hero switched to): “Philiaaa~! Looking for love!”
(Greeting): “Sveiki!”
(Respawn): “Aw, I’m so clumsy.” “No wonder I’m all alone.” “Once bitten, twice shy, yeah?” “This time will be different!” “My heart does not break so easily!”
(Resurrected): “My heart is beating again!”
(Killstreak): “Hahahaha...ahahahah!” “Thank you for a splendid time!” “I hope that was impressive!”
(Multikill): “Red like roses!” “Nothing like a little tough love.” “Do you have eyes for me?”
(Melee Kill): “What? You’re allergic...?” “I thought you’d like it…”
(Capturing Point): “Hey! I’m looking for a special someone to help me with this area!”
(Point Contested): “Omigosh, they’re on our point!? Break them up!”
(Payload Moving): ”I got the payload! Now comes the pushing.”
(About to win): “We’re gonna win! Who’s ready for champagne?”
(About to lose): “Ooh, we’re gonna wait and turn it around at the last second? I love it!.”
Common (Joy) - Philia’s dress is bright orange-yellow
Common (Tears) - Philia’s dress is blue
Common (Envy) - Philia’s dress is green
Rare (Mourning) - Philia’s dress, hat, and cord are black; her hair is white, and her boots and various ribbons are a dark purple
Rare (Untroubled) - a color scheme meant to approach what someone might wear normally. Her dress is thinly striped, white and black, while the cord and ribbons are brown. Her boots are a light brown, her belts black, and her cap brown.
Legendary (Femme Fatale) - Philia wears a scarlet cocktail dress, sunglasses, golden bracelets, and thick-heeled heels. Her hair is tied back in a long ponytail with a red rose ribbon.
Legendary (Platonic) - a dark blue nun outfit. It covers her completely except for her face and her hands, and while stylized does not depart too far from the original aesthetic. For instance, the lower part of the dress is only the front and the back to allow for free movement, but she’s wearing dark blue leggings beneath. Philia’s hair, which falls both down over her forehead and past her cowl in the back, is honey-colored
Legendary (Unbridled) - a rather everyday getup. She wears a red plaid jacket tied around her waist, creating a vague silhouette of a dress. In addition, she wears light-blue jeans, red track shoes, a stone-gray tank top with white lining, and a white baseball cap with a black L on it. Her hair is brown, and untied. A red bandanna hangs around her neck.
submitted by GooblyLouie to OverwatchHeroConcepts [link] [comments]

2015.11.02 00:11 LibrarianLibertarian I love to play superaggresive

[pgn] [Event "Live Chess"] [Site ""] [Date "2015.11.01"] [White "hommesauvage"] [Black "Kain_niaK"] [Result "0-1"] [WhiteElo "1395"] [BlackElo "1373"] [TimeControl "50"] [Termination "Kain_niaK won by resignation"]
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 f5 {I like playing the latvian gambit with black} 3.Bc4 Nf6 4.Nxe5 d6 {giving up my rook in exchange for a lot of movement on the board and hopefully a fast attack on the king side, Qe7 is way better but I like all the pieces I can get out by doing this} 5.Nf7 Qe7 6.Nxh8 fxe4 7.O-O d5 8.Bb3 {The bisschop can actually take the pawn here because if the knight takes it back there is an attack on the king with Qh5+} Bg4 {trying to get a lot of pieces on that side of the board so I can attack the king} 9.Qe1 Nbd7 10.d3 Ne5 11.dxe4 Bf3 12.exd5 Nfg4 {trying to get my Queen on the g file} 13.h3 Nf6 {have to go back, can't loose much more material} 14.Bf4 Ne4 {Only way not to loose the knight on e5 without being able to take back, if I move the other knight I loose my bisschop} 15.Bxe5 Qxe5 16.Nc3 Bd6 17.g3 O-O-O 18.Nf7 {seems like a good move right} Qh5 19.Nxd8 {white does not see the danger} Qxh3 {now the does and he resigns} 0-1 [/pgn]
All in all I should have lost this game big time because I am playing reckless and if the opponent just manage to defend properly and get his shit together he will be up in material in no time and my position will be a mess. However buy not caring about your pieces much, in a 5 minute game at this low level and constantly trying to find a way to put a hit out on the king you can have a lot of fun with these games.
submitted by LibrarianLibertarian to chess [link] [comments]

2015.09.19 19:30 ibumetiins Gaming pc. Budget of about 400-500 euros.

What will you be doing with this PC? Be as specific as possible, and include specific games or programs you will be using.
Need the computer for gaming. Mainly play cs:go. It would be cool if I could play GTA 5 on medium ( or even low ) graphics.
What is your maximum budget before rebates/shipping/taxes?
Absolutely maximum budget would probably be 600 euros. But the cheaper the better. If ti could be done for 400-500 euros that would be great.
When do you plan on building/buying the PC? Note: beyond a week or two from today means any build you receive will be out of date when you want to buy.
Next week.
What, exactly, do you need included in the budget? (ToweOS/monitokeyboard/mouse/etc)
tower is the only thing I need from the things asked above.
Which country (and state/province) will you be purchasing the parts in? If you're in US, do you have access to a Microcenter location?
I will be buying the parts in Latvia. There is a trusted and cheap website. You can buy the parts here The site is in Latvian but there are pictures so I don't think it should be a big problem.
If reusing any parts (including monitor(s)/keyboard/mouse/etc), what parts will you be reusing? Brands and models are appreciated.
I will be reusing my mouse (kobra), keyboard (acme), headset (steelseries) and monitor (philips, 24 inch 1920x1080)
Will you be overclocking? If yes, are you interested in overclocking right away, or down the line? CPU and/or GPU?
No, I won't.
Are there any specific features or items you want/need in the build? (ex: SSD, large amount of storage or a RAID setup, CUDA or OpenCL support, etc)
Well, 500 gb drive would be enough.
Do you have any specific case preferences (Size like ITX/microATX/mid-towefull-tower, styles, colors, window or not, LED lighting, etc), or a particular color theme preference for the components?
I don't care about the case, the cheaper the better. :)
Do you need a copy of Windows included in the budget? If you do need one included, do you have a preference?
No, I don't.
Thanks for your answers. :)
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